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Why hackathons?

As societal issues evolve, we need to create new ways and methods for solving real-world problems. Technology can be a powerful tool for bridging the gap, by leveraging efficiencies, transparency, and connectedness for outdated systems and institutions. By combining cross-sector talent in a fun, competitive environment, we can move past these obstacles and build towards working, sustainable solutions.

Our hackathons bring together software engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, technologists, and citizens for weekend-long software competitions. Small teams work around the clock to build innovative technology solutions that solve real-world problems. Their final prototypes are then presented to a panel of industry experts and prizes are awarded to the top teams.

Hackathon FAQ

What is 'hacking'?

Not used in reference to illegal computer or online activity, our definition of “hacking” refers to the act of solving problems with limited resources.

What is a typical hackathon format?

Most traditional technology-based hackathons last 48-hours over the course of a weekend (Friday evening through Sunday afternoon). Starting Friday, teams form (either prior to or at the event itself) and assemble for our Opening Ceremony. At this time, teams are given the details of the specific challenge they will be solving during the hackathon. Trading work time for sleep, these small teams work throughout the weekend to build working prototypes. On Sunday, groups prepare demonstrations of their solution for a panel of judges. To close out the event, community sponsors and partners are thanked, and prizes are awarded to the top teams.

Why should I participate in a hackathon?
  • Networking: Hackathons attract individuals and organizations who are passionate about software and technology. Participants are able to actively network both within and outside their team, especially with the event sponsors, many of which are looking to recruit technical talent at the event. If you’re looking for a new job or career opportunity in tech, you’ll likely find one (or several) at a hackathon.
  • Improve Your Skills: Hackathons are a great way to put your skills to the test in a friendly environment by solving real-world problems. These events provide individuals with a platform to work together as a team to transform an idea into a viable, working prototype.
  • Perks & Prizes: Outside of an event t-shirt and other sponsor giveaways, many hackathons put up serious prizes for the top teams, including wearables, computer monitors, hosting credits, scholarships, and even cash.
  • Make an Impact: Our hackathons are intentionally designed to have a positive social impact in the community, usually through a partnership with one or more public-facing entities that need help solving a technological issue. Through these events, GlobalHack participants can make an impact in their community by building software that matters.

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