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I finally decided to try the highest-rated essay writing site, according to SiteJabber. With only two 1-star reviews out of 2,000+, it was supposed to be a sure thing. Unfortunately, this MyEssayGeeks review turned for the worse the moment I laid eyes on the outdated website. And the deeper I looked into the company, the less sure I became of their promises and experience. Upon reviewing the writing, I can think of two possible scenarios. Either I was unlucky to get the worst writer in their talent pool, or Reddit online reputation is heavily doctored. Read on to find out why I lean heavily towards the latter option.

Thousands of positive MyEssayGeeks reviews;
Overpriced writing without MyEssayGeeks discount code;
Unresponsive customer support agents;
No revisions or refunds;
Weak writing unsuitable for college submission;

Prices and Discounts

The rates seem reasonable at first glance, starting at $13.99 for high-schoolers and $17.99 for undergrads. However, these are the 4-week order prices. I have never managed to order a paper a month in advance, have you? The more realistic weeklong deadlines significantly boost the prices to $19.99 for high-schoolers and $21.99 for college students. Considering the above-average rates, getting a promo code as a new client would have been nice. Unfortunately, the renowned company is less than generous with discounts for new and returning customers. I found no mention of a loyalty program or any seasonal deals.

The cost of a paper on depends on the deadline and academic level.

Services Quality

Before writing this review, I paid $88 for a 4-page essay. The writer had a week to answer the question “Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait?” in an argumentative essay for my Business class. Considering the number of theories and sources available, it seemed like an easy task. 

The order process on is pretty standard.

The order process was pretty standard, with the fields for all the info they’d need to calculate the price and complete the assignment. The only downside was the outdated look and feel of the order form that brought me back to the early 2000s. In an ironic twist, the company accepts Bitcoin along with PayPal and credit card payments.

One look at the paper I got was enough to realize I wouldn’t be turning it in for grading. The writer started with a dictionary definition of leadership to make it a cliche. The introduction did not even mention the research question, and the rest of the essay was a one-sided take on the issue, persuading me that leadership is innate. The writer also cited a couple of psychological blogs instead of recent scientific research, which made the whole thing a complete waste of my money. 

To top off my MyEssayGeeks review, I should also mention that the writer I got was a fan of run-on sentences and passive voice, making the whole thing unreadable. And some words were straight out of a thesaurus to further complicate the mess.

Customer Support

I don’t have much to say about customer support without dropping a couple of f-bombs. For one, I didn’t manage to get a hold of a single support agent. And believe me, I tried! My queue position remained the same at ‘1’, but I never got a response because all operators were busy at that exact moment. They advised me to give them a call, but when I did, I could only leave a message. The same thing happened with my emails. Again, I did not receive a single response from this company.

Be ready to not receive a single response from the support team of

What makes me furious is that Helen B. had enough time to respond to good reviews on SiteJabber and dispute negative MyEssayGeeks Reddit reviews, but no one addressed any of my messages. Double standards much?


Revisions seem non-existent, as I couldn’t get one before posting this review. However, there’s a Cancellation Policy that promises a full refund, but only if you can prove that you haven’t submitted the paper (I wonder how that works) and that the piece does not meet your order requirements. The latter part of the policy is more straightforward, but it only works if you get any response from the company. I tried for a couple of weeks, but they ignored my messages, including the refund request. So I have to conclude the refunds aren’t actually an option. will ignore your refund request if they want to.


I did not expect my review to get this bad this fast. After all, the company has quite a reputation online, so I was hoping weak writing was a mistake or a miscommunication. Now I feel like MyEssayGeeks spends too much time and money breeding fake reviews instead of hiring professional writers or reliable round-the-clock support agents. Hopefully, you won’t trust this company after reading my post and warn your friends off.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is legit? The company is supposedly based out of Provo, Utah, though there's no mention of it on their website. There's also no information about the owner or years in operation. They don't even have Terms of Use! That's not the way legitimate online businesses operate.
Is reliable? Not at all. Ignore all those good reviews and take one close look at their website, and you'll realize MeEssayGeeks is nothing but a front to take your money without making any promises in return.
Is scam? It certainly seems like a fraud, as the company has no terms of use, provides no guarantees and doesn't respond to phone calls, emails, or live chat messages. Even if you get a paper out of them, you won't be able to submit it.

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I was not satisfied with this service, it did not have a good writing style and the quality of the paper was poor. I tried to contact them multiple times but they refused to give me a refund or make the changes that I requested.

by Sylvia
Nov 22, 2022
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Such a terrible website design, dont even surprised that their papers is so bad.

by RanD
Nov 13, 2022
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