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Updated: Apr 16, 2023

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Company Overview

Nursingcapstone is a writing service created in Gibraltar in 2014 by BrainUp Limited. The company positions itself as an academic leader and the best website for students to order a capstone project. I am always skeptical about such statements, as I am used to relying only on my experience and the quality of the received papers. So I decided to craft this review and tell you the truth. So let's get started, and I will reveal to you all the secrets of this company.

Affordable prices;
Free paper samples;
Lots of paper extras;
Less than OK paper quality;
Slow support agents;
Strange refund process;

Prices and Discounts

Surely you want to know about the pricing policy of the company. Well, prices start at $14.10 per page if you're willing to wait a month or two. But what if you are not ready for such deadlines? During my Nursingcapstone review, I learned that the minimum deadline is one hour. But it would help if you were immediately prepared that the minimum price would increase to $52.85 per page. In addition, the company offers only a limited list of papers for fans with short deadlines. By the way, I found an automatic Nursingcapstone promo code, which is automatically activated on the first order. You can get up to 20% off your first paper.

Services Quality

I would not say that I had to face any problems during the order placement. The order form is pretty standard, so this part of my review will be neutral. In addition, the company has provided an online calculator that can take you to a page with instructions and extra options. Since the company positions itself as the best place to order capstone papers, I decided to take a chance. I usually order essays or research papers, so I don't have to spend much money. But this time, I ordered a 24-page AND capstone project. Order Form

The expert had to analyze the impact of acid rain on plant growth. So I asked to describe how the growth of plants exposed to chemical burns due to acid rain is suppressed. I chose a 30-day deadline to spend less money, which is a record. I have never waited so long for my papers. But I didn't want to pay $300+ for a short deadline. In addition, I read many Reddit reviews and decided to take a chance.

Now let's talk about what project I got. I would not say that my assignment looked like a fiasco. The writer took into account my basic requirements specified in the submitted file. Also, my project complied with the academic norms chosen in advance. But some of the research and arguments were presented strangely. I also don't understand why the writer referred to studies carried out by third parties and not by scientific community members. As a result, some of the conclusions and the final idea were slightly distorted. While writing this Nursing Capstone review, I also found a lack of clear transitions.

Online Reputation

Finding real reviews is an important part of my job because I always want to know the truth about the companies I test. So I decided to understand what students think about this writing service. Here are the results of my searches.


Even though this company was created in 2014, I found only five Nursingcapstone reviews. All of them were positive, but several comments are hardly enough for an unbiased analysis. That is why I decided to continue my search. have positive reviews on SiteJabber.


Trustpilot disappointed me even more than Sitejabber because I only found two Nursing Capstone reviews. Have less than a dozen people ordered papers from this website and decided to share their impressions? I am extremely disappointed with this result because a small number of comments make an unbiased analysis impossible. However, I still have quite a few websites left, so let's continue. have positive reviews on TrustPilot.


My analysis of Reddit did not give any positive results. Looks like I won't be able to get my Nursingcapstone rating thanks to this site. This state of affairs disappointed me greatly. However, I still have a few websites that I can check.

Other Review Websites

Fortunately, I found about a dozen comments on, Quora,, and small academic forums. In general, the company has a neutral reputation. For example, some students note OK paper quality, while others are unsatisfied with the final results. At the same time, I have not seen comments pointing to a dishonest algorithm for providing services or cheating.

Social Media Activity

I usually check how companies organize SMM activities to attract new customers. That is why I have done a detailed analysis and am ready to tell you much about Nursingcapstone.


This company is not interested in attracting students through Facebook. I didn't find any pages related to this brand. This situation seems quite strange, given how many students use Facebook to search for academic companies.


Twitter also knows nothing about this company. How can you promote academic services since 2014 and not create a Twitter account? Have these guys come to us from Mars and tried to advertise their website using telepathy? If the answer is yes, then their repeaters are tuned to a false frequency!


The miracle did not happen, and I did not find any mention of this company on YouTube. Instead, the brand appears to use targeted ads and a main website to promote writing services. Well, that's their right, although I don't understand why the company ignores great SMM channels.

Customer Support

The company provides three ways to contact support agents: email, hotline, and online chat. I got all the answers to my questions while interacting with support agents. But these guys are pretty slow. It took them five minutes or more to answer each of my questions. Perhaps the company delegated work with customers to some outsourcing community.


The company offers refunds and revisions. All conditions are generally clear and transparent, except for refund nuances. If you have several claims to the experts, you will have to wait until the QA department completes the investigation. Typically, this process can take up to a month. If you are willing to wait that long, then this nuance will not negatively impact you. have a strange refund process.


I wouldn't say it's the best writing service in the world. But, at the same time, my paper was not very bad. Some of the nuances have been fixed after two revisions, so this company knows how to admit its mistakes. But are you willing to wait for writers to polish your papers again and again? I will leave the final choice to you. At the same time, I would not recommend ordering large papers like capstone projects or term papers. Be careful and try to send detailed instructions; otherwise, the writer may misinterpret your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Nursingcapstone trustworthy? Overall, this is a trustworthy company, although I am not completely satisfied with the results of my order.
Is Nursingcapstone a good service? I'm not ready to say this is a good writing service because my impressions are mixed.
Is legit? Yes. It is a legit writing service based in Gibraltar.
Is Nursingcapstone reliable? Maybe. Anyway, I have seen less reliable companies.
Is a scam? No. It is a company that tries to be honest.
Is cheating? No. I didn't see any cheating patterns.

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May 10, 2023
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They answered all my questions and gave great advice.

by Major Fi
May 2, 2023
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The customer service at nursingcapstone-net writing service is terrible. They never respond to emails or calls.

by Tessa F
Apr 7, 2023
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looks like a great resource

by Wes C
Mar 19, 2023
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many great options for nursing capstone

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Mar 14, 2023
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by Ida P
Mar 7, 2023
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great option for those who looking for a reliable and trustworthy writing service.

by Lea D
Mar 6, 2023
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1/5 takes too long to deliver orders and often miss deadlines.

by Sherman Martinez
Mar 2, 2023
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helpful service for nursing students who need help with their capstone projects.

by Jamie Herring
Mar 1, 2023
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Pretty neat service for nursing students!

by Carlene Pruitt
Feb 28, 2023
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