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Company Overview

Essay writing is one of the most complicated assignments for college students. Therefore, most of them are constantly searching for trustworthy and dependable online platforms that could deliver top-quality essays at reasonable costs and within the shortest while. Is Bookwormlab the company you have always been looking for? 

Reading Bookwormlab reviews on Trustpilot, I had dubious thoughts and could not make a single conclusion. Apart from positive comments about the high quality and excellent policies offered by the company, there were tons of negative reviews about the late paper submission, cases of plagiarism, and other issues. 

At that point, I decided to check it all independently. I went the whole way from placing an order up to requesting a refund, and I am ready to share the details of my experience in a comprehensive Bookwormlab review. Do you want to see the details? Just keep reading to have an opportunity to weigh all the pros and cons before you make the final choice. 

User-friendly website;
No hidden costs;
Controversial online reputation;
Low quality of papers;
Useless customer support;
Break deadlines sometimes;
A paper might be plagiarised;
The final work requires numerous revisions;

Prices and Discounts

Talking about the pricing policy, it is always complicated to make any judgments or conclusions, as every student has a personal point of view on what price is competitive and reasonable and what is not. However, reading numerous reviews, I realized that most customers agreed that the costs of the assignments were quite high. As for the Bookwormlab discount code, some learners, including me, have tried to find and apply, it is unavailable.

If you need to estimate the approximate cost of your assignment on, you can use the online calculator.

Using an online calculator, you can estimate the approximate cost of your assignment. It is inevitable to admit that the pricing policy is quite transparent here, so the final cost of the order will not differ a lot from the estimated one.

The cost of my 4-page college paper due in 7 days estimated on the online calculator was $80, and the price was confirmed during the ordering process. Nonetheless, irrespective of the honesty and absence of hidden costs, the prices here are quite high. Additionally, the inability to apply promo code or a discount coupon is a considerable disadvantage.

On price of paper depend on the deadline and academic level.

Services Quality

You can spend hours reading the information on the website, but the only way to learn the truth is by placing an order. That was exactly what I did. I requested an essay on Social Psychology titled “Is leadership an innate or acquired character trait?” The assignment seemed quite easy, as the writer’s task was to do a little research and make numerous conclusions about the nature of the leadership. Besides, I was convinced that seven days were more than enough for that type of writing.

On, you can see how the service work.

Striving to eliminate any issues, I mentioned as many details and requirements for the paper as possible. However, when I received the text, I was 100% disappointed. It seemed that the writer did not understand English at all.

First of all, the quality of the essay was low, ultimately low. I mean the content, which had no scientific appeal. Instead of mentioning some evidence and presenting the results of studies, the writer decided to write a creative essay on the topic of leadership. I could not find any sound ideas or valid facts, as the essay was filled with the author’s ideas. “I think,” “I am convinced,” and “I consider” were the phrases used literally in every sentence. Sorry, ordering an academic essay, I did not want to hear the writer's assumptions but reasonable conclusions of profound research.

I could not help but mention the poor formatting of the paper. Have you, guys, heard of APA or MLA formatting standards? What about the tense forms? Do you know what present simple is? How can a native English speaker say, “I am convinced that leadership are innate character trait”? There were tons of similar grammar mistakes in the text. Besides, the lack of punctuation affected the quality of the paper.

In fact, there was no way I could get a decent grade for that paper. Therefore, I contacted the support team, asking for a revision first and a refund later.

Customer Support

It was mentioned in one review that the representatives of the customer support were hard to contact. Besides, they could not provide the user with relevant and up-to-date information. However, surfing the company website, I found numerous ways to keep in touch with the team, so I decided to double-check the comment and make sure it is unbiased and true.

On, you can contact support agents via phone number and email.

Well, it did not take me longer than five minutes to get a reply (I used a live chat option), which let me conclude that the support team is accessible. Nonetheless, when I started talking about free revisions and asking questions about the money-back guarantee, I was informed that all the necessary information was presented in the FAQ section. But what if I wanted you to give me this data?

As specified in the review I told you earlier, the support team is truly non-professional and useless.


According to the information mentioned in the Refund Policy section, every customer can request a free revision within ten days after the submission of the assignment. As for the money-back guarantee, the students are supposed to get a refund if the quality of the paper is dissatisfactory. However, there is one important note you should mind: you will have to prove that the essay is low quality. has a tricky Refund Policy.

I could not get a refund, as the representatives of the support team considered all my explanations biased and irrelevant. Nonetheless, it was mentioned in one Bookwormlab review that the customer managed to get a partial refund, equal to 10% of the essay cost. 10%? Are you kidding?


Irrespective of numerous positive Bookwormlab reviews available online, the service seems to be irresponsible and irrelevant. Unfortunately, the quality of the delivered papers is low, while the cost is high. Therefore, the platform is not an option for those who want to pay money, order an essay and receive a well-written text.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is legit? According to the information available online, the company is officially registered in the USA, so it seems to be legit.
Is reliable? The quality of the delivered papers makes me doubt the dependability of the platform. Additionally, it is inevitable to mention tons of problems that may appear during the process.
Is scam? The company provides students with college assistance, that is true. However, the quality of that help is far from what learners expect to get.
Is cheating? Only a few claims made on the official website are true, while the rest of them are fake. Can it be considered cheating?

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Hooray! Finally, I found a really honest review that will help students make the right choice.

by Saima Kno.
May 22, 2022
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This writing service looks like a total scam. I will never order anything from here!

by Lucie Hu.
May 10, 2022
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Oh my god, finally someone said that these guys are amateurs. I agree that the final work requires numerous revisions. I would rather start writing from scratch than editing such assignments.

by Emmanuel Bur.
Apr 20, 2022
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I have ordered several papers from this site and cannot confirm the plagiarism claims. Perhaps it was some kind of mistake? My assignments were original.

by Mercy Ville.
Feb 25, 2022
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