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  • Deadline: 3 hours
  • Discount: newprime10 - 10%
  • Refund policy: Yes
Updated: Apr 27, 2023

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Company Overview

Like most writing services, Prime Essays looks perfectly respectable and legit on the surface. But once you peek under the hood, weirdness starts to creep out. And the deeper I looked, the more reservations I got about using this website. Still, there were plenty of good reviews that looked genuine enough, and the 10% discount seemed too good to pass up. So I went through the painful order process and got my paper. This review is a story of my journey. Spoiler alert: it doesn't have a happy ending.

Pros reviews are mostly positive;
Generous discounts range from 10% to 18%;
The convoluted order process includes conflicting rates;
The company is based in Poland, and some writers are non-ENL;
Writing quality and word choice don't match the academic level;
Revision and refund terms are unfair;

Prices and Discounts

PrimeEssays tried very hard to convince me their services were a steal. But with rates starting at $11.99 for high schoolers on an 11-day deadline, that's not exactly true. Besides, the prices skyrocket as the deadlines grow shorter. For instance, I had to pay $20.99 per page as a college student with a 4-day deadline. pricing

The company tried to convince me it was worth the price, as every page included 300 words instead of 270, which would save me 10%. Considering I could easily find a cheaper offer, I didn't agree with this claim. discounts

On the bright side, getting a PrimeEssays promo code is super easy. First-time customers can get 10% off, while regulars can land a discount of up to 18% if they pay attention to the service's social media or newsletters. With 10% off, the rates did get affordable enough for me.

Services Quality

The order process was a mess that almost turned me away from using PrimeEssays for good. Even for a seasoned paper buyer like me, the number of fields and checkboxes was overwhelming. And although some of them were helpful (like the option to choose simple English for international students), others were contradictory and confusing. For example, the checkbox for the extended revision period listed the price of $2.04, while the big button below it proclaimed the fee of $2.00. Moreover, I could choose between Premium and Supreme writers (Top 30), but below was the option to get a Top 10 writer. At least, once the confusing mess was over, I didn't have to suffer a bidding process. Instead, the website assigned the writer automatically and notified me when the paper was ready.

Order form on

And now, for the most anticipated part of my review. I ordered a 4-page essay titled "Is leadership an innate or acquired trait?" on a 4-day deadline and paid around $75 with a 10% discount. 

I admit the writing wasn't all bad, but it was not on a college level. Some arguments were too weak even for high school, and the writer failed to support them with credible evidence, instead citing random blogs and even Wikipedia. In addition, the introduction lacked a clear thesis, and the conclusion was a one-sentence signoff that would leave any reader unsatisfied. 

Unfortunately, the writer refused to edit the essay when I explained my complaints in a revision request. They claimed my instructions weren't clear enough. They suggested I order a new paper, but I wasn't willing to waste time and risk more money.

Online Reputation 


There are only three PrimeEssays reviews on SiteJabber, though they are all good, cementing the company's rating at 4.67 stars. Still, I was suspicious about the review dates. All were posted in 2018, and there wasn't a single new post in the last four years. The service could be that unpopular, or it may have deleted all negative reviews posted in recent years.


Trustpilot holds 19 reviews that establish the PrimeEssays rating at 4.6/5.0 stars. And while most reviews looked genuine enough, they were all posted within the last two years (2021-2022). I wonder why the posts stopped on SiteJabber only to reappear on Trustpilot. reviews on TrustPilot


I'm sorry to say that Reddit was even less helpful than other platforms. I found no Reddit reviews or mentions of the company across college and homework help subreddits. This cemented my belief that the service didn't have many clients. 

Other Review Websites

I found the only realistic review on Best Custom Writing Services, which was mostly positive. However, I don't know how the author could award 6/10 for writing quality for a piece with a high similarity percentage to online sources. I guess we have different ideas of what constitutes a good paper.

Social Media Activity


Prime Essays posts only promotional banners with seasonal discounts on the Facebook page. At least, that's all I found posted within the last year. And although the deals are reasonable (around 17%), the company has barely over 100 followers, and the posts have zero activity. Besides, there are no Prime Essays reviews on the Facebook page. 


The Twitter account is a mirror image of the Facebook page. Only seasonal discount banners there, and no likes, comments, or retweets. The only difference I could find was a higher number of followers (over 1,000).


The Youtube channel holds four videos, dated between two and four years ago. All are simplistic animations promoting different services and the company's affiliate program. There are no subscribers and well under 100 views across all clips. I doubt Prime Essays will revive the channel, and I didn't see any video reviews of the service.

Customer Support

I talked to Stanley of the customer support center to make sense of the order form. He was fast to respond, though his messages were full of stock phrases that didn't actually answer my questions. The one thing that I hated about live chat was the annoying notification sound that grated on my nerves. Overall, my support experience didn't improve my opinion of the company, but it didn't negatively affect this PrimeEssays review either. It was just meh.


Here's where things got tricky. The first thing you need to know is that the free revision period is 48 hours upon paper delivery. After that, you'll need to place a new order and pay for editing. But you can also extend the free revision period to 14 days if you pay an extra $2 when placing the order. have a tricky refund policy.

I couldn't make sense of the refund terms before writing this Prime Essays review. As far as I can tell, the company only accepts full refund requests supported by Turnitin plagiarism reports. All other cases are unlikely to produce a refund unless it was a mistaken payment or order cancellation. Either the company is so sure of its quality or unwilling to appease unhappy clients.


If you're still considering this service after reading my review, I clearly can't stop you from making bad decisions. But be ready to face poor writing, unhelpful customer support, and vague guarantees. Even if discounts seem too good to be true, PrimeEssays is not worth it. So please don't say I didn't warn you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is PrimeEssays trustworthy? No. The terms of use are convoluted and confusing. They want you to pay extra for an extended period of free revisions. And the full refund seems highly unlikely.
Is PrimeEssays a good service? No. The writing quality doesn't match the academic level requested. So you won't get the grade you want.
Is legit? Yes. The website belongs to the Polish company Online Writing and Services with headquarters in Warsaw.
Is reliable? More or less. They can deliver orders on time, though I wouldn't trust them with critical and urgent assignments.
Is a scam? No. You will get a paper, but it may not be worth your money, especially if you don't get a discount or splurge on extra services.
Is cheating? No, though they are definitely not telling the whole truth about their writers, services, and guarantees.

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This is a pretty good service. I don't love it, but I don't hate it. It is just okay, and I don't really know how I feel about it. I would recommend this as a last resort when you are in a bind and need a last-minute paper.

by Milton D.
Jan 10, 2023
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I appreciate the customer service team for their prompt response to my queries. However, I felt the writing service could have been more organized.

by Asa O.
Dec 26, 2022
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The quality of my essay was not as good as I would have liked it.

by Vicky C.
Dec 23, 2022
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Primeessays was not willing to provide a refund for my order even though it did not meet my expectations

by Josef T.
Dec 20, 2022
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Overpriced for the quality of the paper I received!!

by Juanita C.
Dec 14, 2022
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