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  • Minimal price per page: $199
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  • Discount: N/A
  • Refund policy: Yes
Updated: May 2, 2023

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Company Overview

Hi everyone. I know how difficult it is to choose a reliable writing service. There are many websites where you can find feedback, but is it true? So it’s important to read comments from real customers, and that’s who I am. Therefore, today, you’ll read my Projectsdeal review and dot the i’s and cross the t’s. So let’s start.

A 20%-discount on the first order;
Unclear website design;
Awful papers quality;
The website doesn’t contain proper information;
Service has only one writer;

Prices and Discounts

There is no price list on the website. Also, it’s impossible to learn the minimum price per page as there is no information about it and a manager didn’t answer this question. He only said, ‘Please send me the guidelines now.’ 

When I clicked ‘View Pricing’, the webpage with the order form opened. has tricky pricing: costs don’t depend on the deadline, you can receive your paper in two days or two months, but you must pay the same price.

I noticed a shocking thing. The deal is that costs don’t depend on the deadline. Do you want to order a paper with a two-day deadline or do you want to receive your essay after a month? It doesn’t matter. It will be the same price for all papers. 

Also, prices are sky-high. For instance, when I ordered a four-page essay on Environment with a two-day deadline, I saw that I had to pay ~$276 (£199). has sky-high prices, so if you dont have a discount get ready to break the bank.

The good news is that you have a 20% discount on your first order. To get the Projectsdeal discount code, it’s necessary to write to the support. 

Also, the website always has ‘the deal of the day.’ It means that you get a discount on a certain day. And the fact is that this ‘deal’ has been continuing for multiple months after I’ve ordered a paper here. To order an assignment with this discount, you don’t have the promo code, as when filling in the order form, you’ll see the cost with it.  I highly recommend JustDoMyEssay for those who are looking for a reliable writing service.

Services Quality

It’s important to talk about the order form. The fact is that you have to write the date when you were born. Why? I don’t know to be honest. Also, the website didn’t load for some time when I clicked the ‘Calculate’ button. I waited more than an hour, and I updated the webpage multiple times. And guess what? Three points that the page was loading. I drew the conclusion that it was for a reason as the only writer couldn’t accept the new order because of tons of them. Yes, the only writer. I’ll talk about it below. 

After filling out the order form, you will have to face a long waiting because the service takes tons of orders while lacking of writers.

But now let’s explore the quality of my paper. Notice that I’ve ordered a four-page essay on the topic Major Sources of Water Pollution Nowadays. The first thing that I have to say about in my Projectsdeal review is tons of grammar mistakes. And the fact is that there were errors that an ENL writer can’t make, for example, start think, it is writed. So I drew the conclusion that my writer was an ESL and he didn’t know English well enough to write assignments. 

The second problem was that my essay wasn’t deep. There were lots of obvious sentences. For instance: Water pollution is an important problem nowadays. Really? I didn’t know about it, seriously. 

And the third problem was late delivery. I wrote to the support manager when the deadline was missed, but he asked me to wait. So I had to wait one more day. Cool. 

Customer Support

The support is annoying. A manager offered me to ‘study my work’ each time. He asked me about my essay although I hadn’t ordered anything! 

When I placed an order, I realized that the manager was the only writer in this service as when I asked him, he answered that he would answer me two hours later. Later, a support manager said that there were a lot of assignments. Maybe it is, but how does it impact a manager who has to answer customers’ questions? So I’m sure that he was a writer at the same time. And it’s the main thing you should remember when exploring my review. use its writers as support managers, so it seems like they try to straddle both worlds while providing doubtful assistance in both writing and supporting.

Also, looking at the photo of this specialist, I understood that he is an Indian. As I’ve noticed, Indians are people who almost always create scam or low-quality writing services. So my trust in this service has reduced to zero, and I didn’t expect a top-notch paper. 

To contact a manager and a writer concurrently, you can: 

  • Wite via WhatsApp;
  • Write an email;
  • Make a call. 

But you can’t get answers 24/7. A support manager is available only from 9 AM to 6 PM according to UK time. The good news is he’s available each day. 


What about guarantees in my review? 

So the only thing that this service guarantees is the high quality of papers. When it comes to revision and refund policy, Projectdeals is silent. So there are no pages where you can read about cases when a refund is possible. To learn that the company provides you with unlimited revisions for free, I had to contact the support team. 

I sent my essay for revision. And when I read it, I understood that my writer didn’t touch any sentences. 

Okay, what about the money back? I didn’t see my money. When I claimed a refund, the support manager started ignoring me. I repeated my request multiple times but didn’t receive an answer. Likewise, there is no refund policy on the website. So when a writing company hides it, it’s a scam or a low-quality for sure. 

And according to Projectsdeal reviews on the Internet, many users faced this problem. Pay attention that most comments are positive, and only few ones are negative. I think that testimonials are fake. 


This company is one of the worst ones that I’ve seen in my life. My impression is bad. This company lies to you and delivers low-quality papers. Moreover, it places fake reviews on the Internet. So I don’t recommend it to anybody. I had to rewrite my paper because even revisions that a ‘writer’ did were useless. You won’t see your money again. The service is just a waste of money. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is legit? Actually, no, as it hides its origin and doesn’t follow its money-back guarantee.
Is reliable? No, because it lies to you and doesn’t contain information about revision and refund policies.
Is a scam? No, as it delivers a paper for you without disappearing with your money.
Is cheating? Yes, it is as a support manager lies to you.

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The quality of the paper I received was awful - it was full of mistakes and didn't match the initial brief.

by Romeo S
Apr 6, 2023
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The customer service was terrible - I was completely ignored when I reached out for help with my order.

by Lenora T
Apr 3, 2023
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Such a crappy website.

by Nota mett
Oct 19, 2022
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My paper was plagiarized and I never received any help.

by Lo
Sep 17, 2022
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