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Updated: Apr 16, 2023

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Company Overview

Stateofwriting is a writing service created in 2017 in the UK. The head office of the company is located in London, although I have not been able to find out where. Also, these guys are very secretive about the owner, so that I couldn't find any legal information. At the same time, the brand positions itself as a top academic solution for English-speaking students. That's why I want to start my review as soon as possible and tell you about some interesting details I found.

Free paper samples;
Terrible paper quality;
No loyalty program;
Unfair refund procedure;

Prices and Discounts

Before discussing the Stateofwriting rating, let's discuss the company's pricing policy. You will have to pay a minimum of $13.83 per page if you are willing to wait 14+ days. If you only have three hours, one page will cost you at least $47.09. By the way, the services of a US writer cost 10% more, and you should not forget about it. Also, students can choose a standard writer, a premium expert (+25%), and one of the "top 10 academic gods" (+30).

Additional services on

The originality report will set you back $36.10, which is quite expensive. Surely you will be surprised, but you will have to pay $12.03 if you want the company to find an expert to fulfill your order as quickly as possible. And get ready to pay 20% more for your paper if you need a raw draft. In addition, these guys are not shy about asking for more money for advanced and premium support services. I'm not ready to pay $12.03 for ordinary support agents to be called dedicated QA experts! But let's move on to the next part of this review, as I have quite a few more interesting facts for you. 20% discount

Services Quality

Now let's get down to business! I liked the order form, which contains enough options for today's students. The ordering process went well, and I did not experience any problems. I chose a 2-page college essay on Sociology. The writer had to describe leadership and explain why it is an acquired personality trait. I even attached a two-page file where I described the sequence of actions in detail and gave links to relevant studies. order form.

Unfortunately, my Stateofwriting review is unlikely to please fans of the brand because I am disappointed with the result. The first problem is the overall paper quality. The first paragraph was OK. I saw a good thesis statement and a solid hook to draw attention to the key idea of the essay. But the subsequent paragraphs were chaotic and poorly structured. I didn't see any logical premises to understand why leadership is an acquired personality trait.

Even the Stateofwriting promo code couldn't reduce my outrage when I discovered that half of the second paragraph was copied from a free sample. Why did the writer choose to do this? Is paraphrasing banned in the UK? This situation looks very strange. But given that I found five grammar mistakes and six typos, the writer wasn't interested in polishing my paper.

Online Reputation

I spent a lot of time analyzing reviews. Unfortunately, the company is little known, and almost no one on the Internet knows about it. That is why I visited even those review sites and forums that contained only a few comments. Here are the results of my work. I hope I can help you understand this company's online reputation.


I usually always start my analysis of the reputation of writing services with this website. But, unfortunately, Sitejabber didn't help me find many State of Writing reviews. Only two people decided to leave comments here. By the way, one review was negative. The student complained about late delivery, problems with writers, and tricky refund options. In general, it seems that people do not even reach the stage of writing comments, as they are shocked by the terrible quality of the paper. But I decided to continue looking for reviews and switched to the next website.


In the case of Trustpilot, I found 18 reviews. Some of the comments were negative. For example, I found a person who complained about late delivery. The writer sent the order 17 days late. In addition, this poor student could not get a refund for a couple of months. Is this level of service realistic in today's world? I'm becoming increasingly convinced that this is a scam company with nothing to do with real writing services. But let's check more websites. reviews on Trustpilot.


I managed to find less than ten Reddit reviews. This company has a mixed reputation. By the way, many complain that writers ignore instructions. This aspect didn't surprise me, but I still don't understand why I found so few reviews. Perhaps the company is not popular, and only desperate students order something from there.

Other Review Websites

I also checked about ten companies like,, and Quora. About half complained about plagiarism, late delivery, and terrible paper quality. This situation is very strange, considering that the company allegedly hired more than 300 writers. Is it possible that such a large number of academic experts cannot cope with typical assignments?

Social Media Activity

According to my old tradition, I analyze all brands in the context of their SMM strategy. I am also interested in how companies interact with audiences on social media. Therefore, I decided to check all the top websites before reaching the final verdict.


To my surprise, I did not find any Facebook pages belonging to this company. So why did the brand decide not to create an FB profile? I don't have an answer to this question. The company may be using alternative platforms to promote writing services. In any case, I decided not to give up and checked out other social media platforms.


As with Facebook, I didn't find any Twitter page owned by this company. It looks like I was right, and Stateofwriting is a writing service with an alternative SMM strategy. These guys decided not to spend a single cent on a Twitter account and generate new posts. Why would such an obscure company need new customers who are easy to find on Twitter? It is much better to be content with a small number of orders and lost profits.


I hoped I could find at least the YouTube page of the company, but the miracle did not happen. I only found a few links to this website in the description of random YouTube videos. The company's owners have decided to say no to any SMM strategy and attract people online.

Customer Support

Now let's move on to the neutral part of my State of Writing review. As a customer, you can contact support agents via online chat or hotline. These guys respond quickly and are quite polite. I spent about ten minutes learning all the basic nuances. The only question they couldn't answer was about the brand's owner. Support agents said their competence level does not allow them to answer this question.


According to the information I found, the company does provide free revisions. Unfortunately, the refund procedure is associated with some difficulties. First, your low grade is not a reason to ask the company to return your money. In addition, plagiarism claims are ignored by the company until you send them a Turnitin report. The money will remain with the company if you do not have money for such an option.

In addition, the QA team may reject your return request if it considers that your claims are not solid enough. By the way, if you choose a 3-hour or 6-hour deadline, your request may be declined. The company sees no problem demanding three times as much money but will not return them because "a rush order may be compromised because of the small time frames." That is why I believe this company is not worthy of your attention!


As you can see, this is a terrible company that is not worth your attention. I'm not ready to recommend this writing service even if someone puts a gun to my head. Don't try to find positive Stateofwriting reviews as they have nothing to do with reality. Stay away from this company and find an alternative!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Stateofwriting trustworthy? No. It is not a trustworthy company, so you should be careful. I advise you to find an alternative.
Is Stateofwriting a good service? No. It is a company that is not interested in providing quality academic services.
Is legit? I'm not sure about this. The fact is that I did not find legit information about this writing service.
Is reliable? No. It is not a reliable company so you should find an alternative soon.
Is a scam? No. It's just a company that hires amateurs, not paper experts.
Is cheating? Yes. Given the tricky refund procedure, this company loves cheating activities.

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