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  • Minimal price per page: $10
  • Deadline: 3 hours
  • Discount: FIRST5 - 5%
  • Refund policy: Yes
Updated: Apr 14, 2023

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Company Overview

I really wanted this review to be different. The homepage looked legit, and the Terms and Conditions did not have anything too suspicious or weird. I even chatted with a human support agent, which is always a nice touch in my books. 

I was so excited about this service and the chance to stay on my prof’s good side that I ignored all the bad vibes. Well, at least I only lost $75, and they did not wreck my GPA or chances of passing the class. That will teach me to listen to my gut feeling more closely and hopefully will prevent you from repeating my mistakes altogether.

Intuitive order form streamlines the order process;
Poor writing skills with no understanding of what a summary is;
Annoyingly overpriced services;
Barely a handful of reviews online;
Communication with the support team is prone to misunderstandings;

Prices and Discounts

Don’t get too excited when you see the price of $10 per page boldly declared on the homepage. That’s for high school kids with plenty of time on their hands. College-level writing is much more expensive, and I had to pay $25 per page for a summary of an online lecture. It cost me around $75 with a 14-day deadline.

On the bright side, there was an promo code for first-timers like me. The company was somewhat stingy and only cut 5% off the price. The offer may have improved since my order, so ask a support agent for a deal if you still decide to try this service after you read the next section. 

Services Quality

At first, I was excited because the order process went so smoothly. I filled in the form, delivered my payment, and kicked back. But then, the support team got in touch and asked for a lecture recording. Apparently, they could not use my credentials to attend the class in my place. I wish I’d known about this sooner and skipped this site. As it was, I decided to go through with the order and complete my EssayPay review.

If you need to estimate the approximate cost of your assignment on, you can use the online calculator.

How hard can it be to summarize an hour-long lecture into three pages of notes? For $75, I hoped the writer could at least transcribe and summarize the info correctly. Instead, I got an incomprehensible mess with a couple of glaring mistakes that undermined the whole lecture. When I pointed out those huge errors to the QA manager, they claimed the mistakes were nothing but typos when they clearly were not. After getting such a disappointing summary, I am glad I did not order a graded paper that could jeopardize my GPA.

Online Reputation 


There was a single 5-star review dated 03/20/2022 when I went looking for reviews. The post looked lonely, so I read it carefully. It seemed genuine enough, though some details made me suspicious. Why mention a warranty if the paper was so good? 


My suspicions doubled when I searched for Trustpilot reviews. There was a single 5-star review dated 03/26/2022, and while it wasn’t identical, the phrasing and key points were the same. The originality, warranty, and future plans for using the sample database gave away the fake posts. 

There is only one 5-star review about on TrustPilot.


I didn’t find any detailed Reddit reviews either. However, I stumbled across a couple of comments that listed this website as a solid option without any accounts of the redditors’ experiences. 

Other Review Websites

The only other reviews I could find were by Studydemic and Revieweal. Considering the lack of personal experience details and the wrong information provided, I guess those were written by either affiliated or rival academic services. 

Social Media Activity


There isn’t an EssayPay Facebook page. At least there wasn’t one when I used this service. 


Nothing on Twitter either. I guess, EssayPay didn’t have anything important to share with the world.


A search for #essaypay returned weird results, but none were relevant to this service. And the company did not bother with a YouTube channel of its own.

Customer Support

The first time I chatted with the support agent, I was sure my experience would be among the main pros of my review. I was wrong. Sure, Steve was quick to respond to my questions, but it was clear he hadn’t dealt with online class summaries too often. I took several repetitions and a better part of an hour to explain what I needed. I wonder if English is Steve’s first language because we couldn’t understand each other half the time.

Experience of contacting the support team may be a disappointment to you.

I liked one thing about the support team: they were never too pushy. They never tried to get me to pay before I was ready. Of course, they became scarce the moment I decided to claim a revision and then a refund. It took them up to 30 minutes to respond to my messages. I guess they were trying to annoy me into giving up.


I won’t repeat all the refund terms in my Essay Pay review. You can check them out on your own, so I’ll mention a couple of strange clauses that caught my eye. One, you can’t get a full refund if you request a revision, which a support team will always insist on. Two, if you order a complex assignment, the support team will solicit a quote from an expert, and you’ll have to pay extra. If you decline the bid, you will only get 70% of your initial payment back. Three, the QA team and dispute managers determine the refund amount, and they can refuse your claim if they choose to. has tricky refund terms.

BTW, I didn’t manage to get any of my money back. The company offered me 10% of the payment in store credit, but I refused because I had no intention to use this service again.


Overpriced services, poor quality, and fake EssayPay reviews should have driven me away from this site, so I can only blame myself for ignoring the red flags and wasting time and money on a service that’s incapable of completing the easiest of college tasks. I hope my failed experience in getting an online class summary will do some good for you. If I save at least one person from losing money and risking their grades with this site, it will make my experience worthwhile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is legit? It looks legit. The website has been around for at least three years, and it belongs to DDW Corp Limited. The company is based in Cyprus, so I doubt all their writers (and support agents) are native English speakers.
Is Essaypay reliable? At first glance, the refund policy implies so, but it is nearly impossible to get all your money back, and even partial refunds are unlikely, thanks to the wording of the refund terms.
Is a scam? Not really, though they fail to deliver quality academic writing and are unwilling to give your money back.
Is cheating? The quality of their writing implies there’s something not quite right with their writers. Either they don’t understand English well, or they do not have sufficient skills for handling college-level assignments.

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My experience with this service was a nightmare. I was told that I could have my paper delivered to me in a week. I had to wait over a month!!

by JO
Sep 27, 2022
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Terrible non-english speaking customer support team. The worst part is poor quality of essays.

by Angelia
Sep 24, 2022
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