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Updated: Apr 14, 2023

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Company Overview

Browsing the online market in search of a reliable and trustworthy essay writing service, I occasionally came across a detailed review, which emphasized an unlimited number of advantages the customer may get dealing with the team. Although it was positive feedback, it sounded suspicious to me, so I decided to test the service and make my own conclusions about its quality. It did not take me long to find the website and understand its core specifications. Generally, the pleasant design and high usability of the platform contributed to the positive first impression, but I still felt like something was wrong. Well, I acknowledged the problem only after I had spent money and placed an order. Are you ready to read the details of my experience? Keep reading an extended review to stay warned of possible outcomes.

Nice website;
Numerous discounts;
High costs;
Paid extra services;
Limited revisions;
Communication issues;
Low-quality papers;

Prices and Discounts

Agree or not, but pricing is one of the fundamental factors that influence the customer's decisions. In the overwhelming majority of instances, college students, who are looking for professional assistance with their assignments, strive to get qualified help at a reasonable and competitive cost.

The cost of a paper on depends on the assignment type, deadline, and academic level.

Although Myadmissionsessay cannot be called a "cheap" platform, the availability of an attractive first-time user promo code, loyalty program, and some other discounts make customers interested in its services. Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you, not all these options can be easily applied. Instead, you will have to fight for every price-reduction option.

Generally, the costs of the academic papers are quite high and start at $14 per page in case the project is fulfilled in 20 days. Additionally, an extra 5% discount is offered for new customers. Irrespective of the alleged pricing transparency, the cost of my assignment was still a bit higher than expected. A 3-page college-level paper on Psychology, accomplished in 3 days, was supposed to cost $74, including a 5% discount, but for an unknown reason, the price increased to $80. When I contacted the representatives of the support team, they confirmed that the discount was applied but still could not explain why the price was higher than the calculated one. has discounts, but they are kinda useless.

Services Quality

The higher price, the better quality, is the principle I am used to. However, it did not go as planned with Myadmissionsessay. First of all, it is inevitable to mention that I did not get the paper done within the discussed deadline. Although the delay was not significant, the writer failed to meet the requirements. Besides, I had to pay extra for a plagiarism report just to learn that around 15% of my text was copied from a different work.

However, it was not the only surprise awaiting me. The paper titled "Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait" contained no information about any classification of the character traits and their peculiarities. Irrespective of the detailed outline I provided, the writer decided to follow his own plan, ignoring my requirements. Finally, what I received looked more like an opinion essay rather than a consistent and well-structured college-level paper.

When I noticed phrases like "Leadership is being known," "when talk for leadership " and "there is three main type of personality traits," I made two several conclusions. First, the paper was not written by a native English-speaking person. Second, the writer had no idea about English grammar, style, punctuation, and essay formatting. Third, a simple revision would not improve the quality of the text. And the last one was that the writer was completely incompetent in Psychology.

Customer Support

According to reviews, available online, the company features quick-to-respond, friendly and helpful support. The first time I decided to contact the representatives of the staff, I knew I should better not have problems with the quality of the paper.

You can contact the customer support managers on via phone number, email, and an online chat.

Irrespective of numerous ways to contact the team, none of them seem to be working well. I left an email, striving to learn the details of the pricing policy, but never got a reply. When I tried to call support, the line was constantly busy. Thus, the only way I could get a reply was through online chat. The responses were not fast, but at least something.

Did the agent help me solve the problem? He guided me through the ordering process, giving instructions and sharing useful links. Nonetheless, when I contacted the support group once again, asking for a refund, the agent was not that helpful and friendly. Instead, he sent me a link to the corresponding refund page on the website.


Even before I placed my order, I was truly impressed by one specific aspect mentioned in literally every Myadmissionsessay review. A money-back guarantee was the point I could not doubt, as the previous customers assured me that it worked really well.

However, when I received an ultimately low-quality paper with plagiarized passages, tons of grammar, style and punctuation mistakes, typos, and data inaccuracies, I realized that the team was not happy about me requesting a refund. Instead, I was offered three free revisions that obviously could not help that paper.

When I contacted the team a second time, requesting a refund, I was informed that I had to give solid arguments that the quality of the paper was dissatisfactory. It took me a few days to analyze the paper and get ready for the process, but occasionally, I learned that the time had expired, and I had a chance to get a refund.


If you take your time to read a comprehensive Myadmissionsessay review, you will have a chance to weigh all the advantages and downsides of the prospective experience, making your own conclusions.

From my personal experience, I can tell that the service is not the best option for college students who are looking for a 100% quality, reliable and safe platform that will help to deal with challenging college assignments fast and at reasonable costs. Fake promises and vague guarantees affect the reputation of Myadmissionsessay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Myadmissionsessay legit? Although it is impossible to deny the legitimacy of the service, the quality of the delivered papers makes me doubt its honesty and dependability.
Is Myadmissionsessay reliable? Can you call the service trustworthy if the claims it makes do not coincide with reality? An opportunity to get a 5% Myadmissionsessay discount code seemed to be the only positive aspect of my experience dealing with the company.
Is Myadmissionsessay scam? Unfortunately, over 15% of my paper was plagiarized. The parts of the essay were simply copied from other works. The low quality of the delivered text, its delayed submission, and the vague refund policy make me doubt the reliability of the platform. However, it is up to the customer to make any conclusions.
Is Myadmissionsessay cheating? I am dead sure that most Myadmissionsessay reviews are fake, as they do not coincide with reality. Additionally, it is critical to mention a tricky and obscure refund policy that creates a false feeling of safety.

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Medium quality, but its ok

by Earline Carr
Jan 8, 2023
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The website looks professional and there is a lot of information about their services.

by Wendy Carlson
Jan 4, 2023
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High cost does not match the quality of work

by Dennis D.
Nov 2, 2022
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Lots of discounts, which makes the price better for me. Despite this, my essay was too overppriced.

by Nami S.
Oct 7, 2022
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There were problems with support agents, but surprisingly, the essay turned out to be quite good

by Mike W
Sep 23, 2022
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I'm not sure if these guys provide limited revisions. Moreover, I ordered my research paper from them and they added the required data that I gave.

by Katey Jara.
Apr 29, 2022
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How can you provide writing services and not answer emails? Are these guys crazy?

by Hina Hanse
Feb 9, 2022
read more

I'm glad I found out the truth about this company. Maybe you saved me some time!

by Usmaan Sa.
Jan 20, 2022
read more

Their discounts are fake, so I agree with you. I also tried to activate this option but could not get a positive result. Perhaps they do not provide discounts and only deceive customers.

by Robyn Duar
Dec 15, 2021
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