Global Hack is not a luxury, it is a necessity, as the platform helps learners find comprehensive essay writing company reviews and avoid devastating mistakes that can affect their academic success. Acknowledging the significance of similar services for college students, I have decided to use my experience and expertise in the right direction. As a former ghostwriter and IT specialist, and freelancer of UvoCorp, WritersBay, and similar platforms, I know how to write essay reviews and how to analyze the most critical aspects and features of the services that create them.

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Davy Jones

Qualified essay writer, IT specialist, and participant of numerous hackathons who made an effort to simplify your life.


My mission is to show the true face of the essay mill industry. In my reviews, I explain the pitfalls that most customers of essay writing services fall into. You'll know the inside story of this business and how to detect a scam service at a glance. I want to collect the real customers' feedback about the services so that every new one who wants to try essay help won't become a victim of scammers. Join me in this mission, and together, we'll show the true colors of essay writing services.