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Company Overview

This time, I strive to share a detailed review, as the service has attracted my attention at first glance. The company is highly ranked online, which means that most customers are satisfied with the quality of the delivered papers, or most comments are fake. Simple design and excellent website usability, combined with positive reviews, made the service look too good to be true. Thus, I could not wait to place an order and test the platform and make certain conclusions. Are you ready to read the details of my experience? Keep reading to learn interesting facts about the essay writing service that may help you succeed with your college assignments without any risks and concerns.

Free revisions;
Quick-to-respond customer support;
Poor quality of the papers;
High costs;
Fake customer reviews;
No transparency on policies and guarantees;
Delayed submission of assignments;

Prices and Discounts

There is an online calculator on the main page, so it is easy to estimate the approximate cost of the assignment. The prices at Customwritings may seem average at first, but when you proceed to the ordering process, you may notice a considerable increase. Why does it happen? Let's start with $15 per page of a college-level essay accomplished in 14 days. The cost may vary a bit, depending on the urgency, academic level, and type of paper. But, what will you get for the price? A trivial essay written by a non-native English-speaking writer. I truly doubt the quality of such a project.

If you need to estimate the approximate cost of your assignment on, you can use the online calculator.

Before I moved to the ordering page, I decided to find any information about Customwritings discount code, as I read a lot about it in reviews of previous customers. I failed to detect the corresponding data, but occasionally, during the ordering process, a special offer popped up on my screen, claiming that I could get one page for free. When I tried to apply the code, I failed because it was inactive. Unfortunately, the representatives of the support group could not help me with the issue, so I had to pay the full price. has discounts, but they are kinda useless.

When I proceeded with the ordering process, I noticed extra features, like writer preference. If I wanted an advanced writer to work on my assignment, I had to pay an extra 25% to the cost, while the help of the top writer cost +40%. Moreover, there were additional services, such as a copy of sources, writer samples, smart paper, and native speakers, that cost from $5 and could reach up to 30% of the assignment cost.

Do you, guys, want to say that by ordering a standard-quality essay, students are likely to receive poor-quality paper created by an inexperienced writer? That seemed the most confusing factor, so I decided to dispel my doubts, ordering a usual paper without extra features and services.

Services Quality

As always, I started my inspection by reading various Customwritings reviews. Obviously, testimonials on the website were fake, as none of the customers even mentioned expensive extra features or non-native English-speaking writers working on the tasks. Only generalized phrases about excellent service and outstanding papers. The company rating on Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and similar platforms was a bit more realistic, even though most comments were still positive. However, I did not give up and continued searching for neutral or negative reviews.

It took me over an hour to find a few sentences about the poor quality of the delivered papers and considerable order completion delays. At that point, I realized that the provided services were not as good as promised, and I could not help but check it all.

The paper I ordered was a college-level essay on Social Psychology, due in 7 days. As I failed to use a promo code, the final cost of my assignment was $85. To tell the truth, the final price was a bit higher than average, so I expected to get a corresponding quality.

First of all, I should mention that I received the paper in 8 days instead of 7, which made me worried. Then, I checked the text with a plagiarism-detecting tool and learned that 15% of my essay was just copied from a different work. Nonetheless, those were not the most critical points that bothered me.

When I started reading the paper, I acknowledged that it had nothing to do with the topic. At least, I could barely find a link between excellent time management, hard work, diligence, goal orientation, and leadership. Sure, those might have been the inevitable components of the character trait, but the theme of the essay was different. The purpose of the text, titled "Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait?" presupposed an explanation of core discrepancies between innate and acquired traits. Besides, I expected to find some sound explanations or evidence of the writer's perspective on the question but could not detect any.

I was not even surprised to see tons of spelling and grammar mistakes, as I read a lot about them in one Customwritings review. The assignment was not accomplished by a native English-speaking writer, which explained the situation. But anyway, the essay writing services that claim to be professional should not deliver papers with such weird and trivial mistakes. There are no excuses for writers who say "perfect time-managemend skills is necessary for an leadership development" or "innated and acquired personality traites." Have you ever heard of essay proofreading?

The quality of the paper was 100% dissatisfactory. The text was filled with mistakes and typos, not mentioning the abundance of style and formatting issues. I was ready to get a full refund.

Customer Support

It is impossible to deny that customer support works really fast. There are numerous ways customers can contact the team's representatives, including live chat, mobile phone, and email.

You can contact the customer support managers on via phone number, email, and an online chat.

Irrespective of the instant reaction and ultimate friendliness, considerable problems appear the moment you start asking complicated questions. No one could explain the problems with the discount code or give instructions on how to get a refund. Instead, I was offered unlimited revisions that were supposed to improve the quality of my project.


Like most essay writing platforms, Customwritings offers free revisions for customers who are dissatisfied with the quality of the delivered papers. Additionally, browsing the company website, I found information about the money-back guarantee, but it does not seem to be relevant.

If you read my Customwritings review attentively, you will understand that a few revisions were everything I received. Unfortunately, you will have to spend much time and effort to get at least a partial refund, and you, actually, do not know whether you will surely receive it.


Taking into account the information mentioned on the website and the specifications of my review, I should say that the service is not as reliable as it claims to be. Poor essay quality, high costs, inexperienced and non-professional writers, vague policies, and an array of other factors affect its reputability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Customwritings legit? Customwritings is a legit custom essay writing service that has been offering its platform for many years. However, this factor has nothing to do with the quality of the provided projects and the excellence of the services.
Is Customwritings reliable? Unfortunately, it is challenging to say that the service is trustworthy. It may be a good option for high-school students, but the cost of such assignments is still a bit high.
Is Customwritings scam? The paper I received was filled with typos, inaccuracies, and mistakes, which contradicted their claims about the ultimate quality of the assignments. Additionally, I could not get a refund, which bothered me a lot.
Is Customwritings cheating? Browsing the company website, the customer can be tempted by appealing promises. However, the reality may be completely different, so what you get is a complete disappointment.

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Support agents are literally saving this website. But, despite this fact, high cost for quite poor quality - excuse me.. Its bad

by Ray M.
Nov 6, 2022
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The guys were on time. But the quality of paper leaves much to be desired.

by Eugene S.
Oct 28, 2022
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Thanks to the support agents, quickly decided on the order. The work is done at an average level, but for this price it is normal

by Marin T.
Oct 5, 2022
read more

Thanks to the support agents, quickly decided on the order. The work is done at an average level, but for this price it is normal

by Marin T.
Oct 5, 2022
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Good review! Thanks for the detailed description of the ordering procedure.

by Kadie Macke
Apr 12, 2022
read more

God, these guys don't provide transparent policies and guarantees! Are there really crazy people who trust them?

by Sadiyah_Ki
Mar 18, 2022
read more

Their prices are like some kind of scam! I paid $15 more for my research paper even though I could have contacted other guys. Their level of writing is clearly not worth my money.

by Fred_Finch
Feb 16, 2022
read more

I know these guys are not the best writers in the world. At the same time they always send me my papers quickly. I don't think they should be criticized for meeting deadlines.

by Caprice Poole
Jan 11, 2022
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