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Updated: Apr 27, 2023

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Company Overview

Capstonehelp is a rather strange writing service. The company goes out of its way to hide legit information, so you are unlikely to know who owns the brand. I spent a lot of time crafting this review as I encountered many unforeseen circumstances. At the same time, I saw many interesting things worth the attention of many students. Check out my Capstone Help review, and you will learn a lot of important aspects and the feasibility of ordering your papers from this website.

Student-friendly prices;
Good first-order discount;
Ugly website design;
No clear price charts;
Mid-low paper quality;

Prices and Discounts

I want to start this review with a pricing analysis. The minimum price per page is $10. But you will have to wait approximately 14 days. If you are not ready to wait more than four hours, then prices start at $33 per page. By the way, the services of advanced writers are 25% more expensive. If you are looking for ENL experts, get ready to pay 30% more. The starting discount depends on the support agents. Usually, they are willing to give you a 10% discount code. Paste your Capstonehelp promo code into the order form, and the price will automatically drop.

Services Quality

Unfortunately, the website looks like a broken WordPress template. I wouldn't say I liked that many pages were blank or didn't lead anywhere. But the order form worked fine, so I could place an order without force majeure. To write my Capstonehelp review, I ordered a 25-page college capstone project since this type of assignment is the top paper these guys can craft for you. My curiosity won, so I decided to spend a lot of money. Order Form

The expert had to write about the prospects of cloud computing. I asked the writer to describe thin client technology and the benefits of using such devices in African schools. The fact is that such devices are quite cheap and can connect to a single server. As a result, dozens of students can study in a classroom. I also asked the expert to describe the shortcomings of cloud computing and the nuances that should be considered when implementing a wide network of gadgets in educational institutions.

The part of my paper dealing with a general description of cloud technologies and thin clients was good. But when analyzing the application of such technologies in African schools, the writer decided to add subjective ideas. In addition, I wouldn't say I liked that the idea of ​​thin clients in the classes was not mentioned. Why describe such gadgets without further emphasis on their implementation in schools? In addition, I found about seven typos and quite a few unclear ideas.

Online Reputation

Since the company was established in 2021, I didn't expect to find thousands of reviews. At the same time, a lot of time has passed, and someone must have ordered papers. So I decided to find out what students think about this company. I chose the largest review aggregators and started searching.


Sitejabber knows nothing about this company. No one even left a short message about what papers this company can craft. I am extremely disappointed because I expected to see dozens of comments. Usually, people always visit Sitejabber and share their experiences. Unfortunately, this time I didn't find Capstonehelp reviews. But I decided not to lose heart and check other websites. Who knows, maybe Trustpilot will let me know more. doesn't have reviews on SiteJabber.


This website also didn't let me know anything about the company. I was hoping that at least someone would write Capstone Help reviews, but I was wrong. Moreover, I got the impression that the company was created in less than a week, and no one even knew about its existence. But I checked the domain, and the website became available to users in 2021. So is this a ghost company? doesn't have reviews on TrustPilot.


This time I was a little lucky. I didn't find many Reddit reviews, but now I know it's not a ghost company. At the time of writing this review, five people had left comments on Reddit. People's opinions were divided: only two felt the company could craft good papers. The other two comments were rather restrainedly negative. However, I can hardly form a Capstonehelp rating based on five comments.

Other Review Websites

I also checked, Quora,, and about five other forums. In total, I found ten more comments. Half of the comments were mixed. People were dissatisfied with the inconvenient website and slow support agents. Students also noted that the company does not offer any paper extras other than the ability to select advanced (or ENL) writers. I expected to see more comments, but even a couple dozen opinions are better than nothing.

Social Media Activity

I always analyze social media to understand the SMM strategy the brand has chosen. This time I also decided to be true to my principles and approaches. For about a day, I searched for all possible accounts, one way or another, related to the brand. Here's what I found.


Unfortunately, the company has not created a Facebook page or posted any messages on this website. I was very surprised by this situation because companies usually try to attract more new customers through Facebook.


As with Facebook, the company decided that creating a Twitter account was a waste of time. I do not know which marketers made such a brilliant decision, but the result is visible from afar. Twitter knows nothing about this company. I have been looking for at least a mention for a long time but to no avail.


YouTube also knows nothing about this company. I tried vainly to find any channels or videos related to this brand. But, unfortunately, the owners of this writing service are not in the mood to spend money. They think that the effect of network marketing will solve all their problems. It is their strategy, and I will not comment on it.

Customer Support

You can use the online chat if you have any questions for support agents. But get ready that you will have to formulate all the questions since support agents do not understand what is at stake the first time. Perhaps the person who interacted with me did not drink coffee and was sleepy. Otherwise, I don't understand why a simple question can take more than five minutes to answer.


As far as I understand, the company is ready for revisions and even refunds. But you'll have to accept that you won't find a "Terms & Conditions" page on the site. I don't understand who did the layout and testing of the pages, but they look terrible. I did not find any description of guarantees or other information in the footer.


As you can see, this is a rather strange writing service. I would not say that my paper was badly written. But, at the same time, the writer had to spend more than three days correcting the mistakes I noted. So I advise you to check as many alternatives as possible before choosing this company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Capstonehelp trustworthy? I'm not sure about this. Perhaps you should look for an alternative.
Is Capstonehelp a good service? No. I have seen companies that provide better service.
Is legit? I'm not sure about this since the company carefully hides legit information.
Is reliable? No. You better find another writing service.
Is a scam? I don't think so. But the company would do well to reconsider the approach to customer service.
Is cheating? No. But this fact does not affect the mediocre paper quality.

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Feb 27, 2023
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Feb 26, 2023
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