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Updated: Apr 20, 2023

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Company Overview

I have wanted to create this Writinguniverse review for a long time because this writing service interested me. This company was established in 2015 and provided academic services to English-speaking customers. At first glance, I liked the design of the website. But, at the same time, I realized that I couldn't judge a book by its cover, so I decided to analyze all the writer's nuances in detail. So, let's get started, and I'll tell you many interesting facts worth your attention.

User-friendly ordering process;
Good first-order discount;
Poor paper quality;
No refund policy;
No live chat to contact support agents;

Prices and Discounts

First, I want to talk about prices, as any student is initially looking for the most affordable writing services. Prices per page (275 words) start at $10.99. If you want to hire a premium writer, then the price of your order will increase by 25%. The services of an expert, included in the top 10 best writers, will increase the price of your paper by 35%. By the way, the originality report will cost you $30! You would unlikely expect to see such prices while reading the reviews. But the company decided to make money at any cost. Even a raw draft will cost you 20% of the total order value. If you apply the Writinguniverse promo code, you can save 10% on your order. However, such a bonus can hardly be called significant, given the company's pricing policy for extra services.

Services Quality

Surely you are tired of the monotonous Writing Universe reviews, so I will not waste your time on design features. And the ordering window is quite user-friendly. In any case, I had no problems when placing an order. All options are clear, and choosing services will not cause any hitches. But I don't want to dwell on the design aspects for too long, so let's get to the main part of my review. Here is my opinion about the professionalism of the company's experts.

I commissioned a 2-page college argumentative essay on the impact of sports on mass riots. The writer needed to focus on soccer as the main trigger for mass protests worldwide. So I asked a writer to describe why soccer fans expressed frustration at losing their favorite clubs through window smashing and car arson.

Order form on

Unfortunately, this Writing Universe review is unlikely to impress you as the writer failed to cope with the arguments. For example, I gave five key signs and triggers that are the root cause of massive fan protests, but the writer mentioned only two. Also, I did not find a direct relationship between sports competitions and riots. In addition, the writer copied some of the paragraphs from the free paper sample. I was also surprised by the lack of clear transitions. All paragraphs looked like molecules moving randomly toward each other.

Online Reputation

Because I wanted to know everything about the "Writinguniverse rating level," I checked out the most popular review websites and forums. My goal was to understand the emotions that this company evokes in students. Here are the results of my searches.


I didn't see many Writinguniverse reviews on Sitejabber. At the time of writing this review, I found only 12 comments, and they were all positive. At the same time, I understand that several such reviews are not a reliable springboard for a full-fledged verdict. That is why I decided to check other websites. reviews on SiteJabber.


Trustpilot also prevented me from learning more about this writing service. I found only 11 reviews here, and most of them were positive. That is why I realized that I need to visit Reddit. Somehow I realized that only there I would know the truth.


Here I found the first negative Reddit reviews. The opinions of the people were divided equally. Some students were satisfied with the services, while the rest negatively assessed the professionalism of the writers. Moreover, I found out that not only I received plagiarized papers. Writers don't hesitate to copy entire paragraphs from free samples.

Other Review Websites

To create this review, I checked dozens of blogs, forums, and sites like, Quora, and even Google reviews. Unfortunately, approximately 40% of all reviews on these sites were negative. However, I did not even doubt this result.

Social Media Activity

Many companies are obsessed with SMM activities and use social media as a springboard for promoting services. That is why I decided to check how effectively Writinguniverse uses the power of the Internet to promote academic services.


I quickly found the Facebook account for this company, but it looks abandoned. A total of 23 people follow the updates of the company. Most likely, these are academic writers who are employees of this writing service. It's strange for me to see such a blank page. Perhaps the company does not know where to hire account managers.


The company's Twitter account also appears to be stillborn. The writer service owners are trying to add new posts, but they look so ridiculous that even my grandmother could do better. Maybe these guys have decided that the era of social media is over. Then I have bad news for them.


I did not find a youtube channel owned by this company. The website owners have decided that their customers are not interested in video guides or educational content. In any case, this is not such an important aspect of wasting time looking for logic. Maby the owners of the company know what they are doing.

Customer Support

You will unlikely be happy to know that the company has not created an online chat to communicate with customers. The only way to contact support agents is through a hotline or email. These guys are a bit slow and take over a minute to figure out how to answer any question. It is unlikely that you expect such slowness and sluggishness from experts.


I wouldn't say I liked the refund policy or how to return the money. All the money you pay for assignments automatically turns into credits. These coins are non-refundable and can only be used for future orders. In other words, you have no chance of getting your money back, which looks like a scam. doesn't even have a refund policy


As you can see, this company cannot guarantee you high paper quality. Also, you will be forced to wait hours for answers to your questions due to the slowness of support agents. Forget about refunds and a clear revision policy. In other words, this company was created only to waste your time. I advise you to find an alternative as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Writinguniverse trustworthy? I would not say that this is a trustworthy company. You will only lose your time and money if you decide to order papers from this website.
Is Writinguniverse a good service? No, this is not a good writing service, as writers ignore guidelines and consider plagiarism acceptable.
Is legit? I'm unsure about this since I didn't find any information about the company's owners or the country of incorporation.
Is reliable? No. I don't think this is a reliable company. You better find an alternative!
Is a scam? It is not a total scam since you will receive your paper. But, simultaneously, you are unlikely to be satisfied with the results.
Is cheating? Given the credit system and non-refund policy, I believe the company's owners are cheaters.

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Thought I'd get a masterpiece; got a mess instead. Late delivery, sloppy work.

by Beatriz
Nov 23, 2023
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Paid big bucks for an essay that looked like it was written by a preschooler.

by Tonya Eve
Nov 14, 2023
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Tried and regretted every penny. My cat could've written a better paper in its sleep. Late delivery, zero quality. Don't fall for their flashy website.

by Harry L
Nov 14, 2023
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Poorly written mess. It's like they hired a toddler with a crayon.

by Derrick
Nov 9, 2023
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Although the customer service was helpful and friendly, I felt that the instructions were unclear.

by Hayden O.
Jan 18, 2023
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I am not sure if this is the best online essay writing service, but I am giving it a try. I need to find one that is affordable and can provide me with quality writing.

by Cathryn B.
Jan 14, 2023
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I don't know the product but this is a cool site.

by Elias T.
Dec 21, 2022
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I found this website to be unreliable and high-risk for my college essay. I was able to find a similar service that I was more satisfied with.

by Seth A.
Dec 13, 2022
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I had a terrible experience with this company! I ordered an essay and the first section was plagiarized! The second section was also plagiarized! I tried to contact the website to request a refund, but they refused to give me one.

by Wm B.
Dec 12, 2022
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