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Company Overview

What do you think of when you hear about EssayWriting? In most instances, people imagine an essay writing service, professional writers, reasonable costs, and successful completion of the assignments. Do you want to know my association with the name of this platform? Disappointment and failure, these are the words that describe my experience dealing with the service. How else can you react if you pay money to professionals who are supposed to help you with college assignments but provide you with a low-quality text? Are you ready to hear the details of my experience? Keep reading the review to get more information about the platform and specifications of its functioning.

The quick response of the customer support team;
Low costs;
Irrelevant information on the website;
Friendly but helpless staff members;
Poor-quality papers;
Delayed delivery;
Weird revision policy;

Prices and Discounts

The first impression is not always true, especially when it comes to essay writing services. Therefore, every time I am getting ready to place an order, I spend some time searching for extra information about the platform. It didn’t take me long to find numerous reviews, but they were of little help. Most comments are general and mention no specification of the experience. Nonetheless, most users mentioned reasonable and highly competitive costs provided by the service. Is it true? Let me explain something to you.

If you need to estimate the approximate cost of your assignment on, you can use the online calculator.

In fact, surfing the company website, I have found a lot of useful data about the provided services, their costs, terms, and conditions. When it comes to essay writing, the company offers a standard $10-rate for its accomplishment, which is supposed to include an extra 10% discount for the first order (which I have never received). However, it is inevitable to mention a few price-related points that seem weird to me.

First of all, the company offers a special rating of the writers, which means that your task will automatically be accomplished by a basic-level specialist. If you want to hire a more professional writer, you will have to pay more. Does it mean that the quality of the texts written by “basic pros” will be low?

Services Quality

As you could have already understood, the pricing policy at EssayWriting is strange. Do you want to get an EssaysWriting discount code? Forget about it. Talking to the staff representatives, I was informed that it was not an option with their service, and I had to be satisfied with the excellent cost offered on the website. Well, the surprises didn’t finish there.

Striving to test the competence of the writers and make sure they can succeed with the most different types of assignments, I ordered a trivial essay on Social Psychology. A 3-page work accomplished in 3 days was supposed to cost $75.6, but when I proceeded to the ordering form, I realized that the first-time user discount was not applied. When I contacted the representatives of the staff, I got no explanations or excuses, just bare information. Why don’t you mention it somewhere on the main page?

However, that was not the end of my adventures. The most interesting part of my EssaysWriting review was yet to come. From the $75.6 I was supposed to pay, the cost of the assignment increased to $132.72, as I chose a top writer. I did not require much formatting or similar things, as the only thing I wanted was to receive relevant information on the topic.

That paper was exceptionally important for me, as I wanted to test the professional writers offered by the company. Nonetheless, I can barely find words to describe how bad the quality of the delivered assignment was. You do not have to be a top writer or a specialist in Psychology to know that some traits of character are innate while others are acquired. There was a whole bunch of similar nonsense sentences that drew me to a complete failure. How could a professional writer deny the existence of the opposing point of view without giving sufficient evidence? Are you sure you can claim that leadership is an innate trait of character because most people you know could not develop that trait for years? What about the scientific proofs of the statements you make?

Besides, talking about no formatting required, I could not expect to obtain a standard Microsoft Word file with straight written text. Have you ever heard about standard paragraphs, numbered or bulleted lists? Complete disappointment and resentment are the feelings I had.

How do works?

Customer Support

Although the platform seems to have a few years of experience on the market, it took me a while to find relevant EssaysWriting reviews. Most of them were positive, while the negative ones seemed to be more real. Communication issues were the most common problems, as it took a lot of time to contact the staff and discuss the challenges.

A live chat is the only way to reach the team, so you should be ready to wait for a long time to get a response. It took me over 30 minutes to get the reply and over two hours to discuss the problem and get the first free revision.


Privacy policy, money-back guarantee, dispute policy, and confidentiality are the questions the company pays ultimate attention to. Do you really think so? Considering other aspects mentioned in the EssaysWriting review, it will not be surprising to hear about tons of emails from random senders I received in less than an hour after placing an order here.

As for the revision and refund policy? Just forget about it. Free revisions are superficial, as the team does everything possible for you to order the 4th one, which is not free.

Ordering paper on, you can forget about the revision and refund policy.


From the variety of essay writing services available on the market, EssayWriting seems to be the least influential, effective, and beneficial. The lack of relevant information mentioned on the website, a complete absence of pricing policy transparency, and a fake confidentiality guarantee are only a few issues you will face dealing with the platform. Do you expect to get the promo code many people are talking about? Forget about it, as the company does not offer any discounts or price reductions, while the available ones are illusions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is legit? Irrespective of all the downsides and issues I faced during my experience ordering a college assignment from, the company seems to be 100% legal. It is owned by Coreforce Ltd. and functions pursuant to the corresponding regulations.
Is reliable? While high-school learners may ignore some minor grammar and formatting issues, paying no attention to the sentence structure and use of the gerund grammar form, college, and university students will never get a positive grade for such a paper. Besides, dealing with EssayWriting, you may not be sure about the deadlines, as, in most instances, users receive their papers delayed. Thus, it is another mediocre essay writing service that can boast neither high quality of works nor services.
Is scam? From my personal experience ordering papers from I can tell that the service is not a scam, but it is surely one of the worst platforms you can choose for the accomplishment of your projects. Poor reasoning, shallow research, tons of grammar and punctuation mistakes are the issues you will have to deal with.
Is cheating? Can I call it cheating when over 30% of my paper was just copied from a different work? Well, yes, the service is not as reliable and trustworthy as specified on the website.

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The price is low, but is it worth the overdue deadline? I think no.

by Brandon D.
Nov 4, 2022
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Support team made a good impression on me. The price meets quality, so my essay was quite good.

by Lewis M.
Oct 31, 2022
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What can be worse than unuseful support team? Only low paper quality. Pleased that the price is quite low.

by Dakota G.
Oct 24, 2022
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In general, I do not agree that support agents are useless. These guys are quite friendly and respond quickly to messages. In any case, I did not notice any obvious problems during the chatting process.

by Ricardo_Co.
May 3, 2022
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Well, I feel your pain as I received my paper four hours after the deadline! These guys did not even apologize and referred to the fact that the provider made a mistake and they had nothing to do with it!

by Rabia Je.
Mar 30, 2022
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This site isn’t the bang for the buck! Poor job, guys!

by AsGreen
Mar 9, 2022
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I finally found an honest review! Thanks for delving deeper into details and desire to reveal the truth.

by Ralph21W.
Feb 2, 2022
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