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Updated: May 2, 2023

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Company Overview

Capstoneprojectwriter is a renowned writing service offering academic services to English-speaking students. The company was established in 2019 and specialized in papers of any academic level. I decided to craft this Capstoneprojectwriter review due to a lot of conflicting information. That is why I ordered my paper and am ready to share the results with you. So let's start this review because I have something interesting for you!

Low prices;
Ok paper quality;
Fast & friendly support agents;
No paper extras;
Weird testimonials;
Tricky refund procedure;

Prices and Discounts

The pricing policy of the company is quite friendly towards modern students. Prices start at $8 per page if you are willing to wait approximately 30 days. But what if you want to solve your academic problem as quickly as possible? The company can craft your papers in 12 hours. But in this case, you will have to pay from $34 and up. Newcomers can also use the welcome Capstoneprojectwriter promo code and save 5%. As you can see, the company's pricing policy is quite acceptable, and you will hardly find reviews criticizing the company in terms of price.

Services Quality

Based on the name, the company specializes in capstone projects. But I understand I'm not ready to order such assignments and spend a lot of money. I ordered a 2-page college argumentative essay on Sociology and chose "Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait?" topic. The expert was reported to describe why leadership qualities result from persistent self-development and not a genetic option available to people by default. order form

The writer sent me my paper on time. The opening paragraph was good. I liked the body paragraphs less, but the writer stuck to my plan. I only asked for editing the conclusion, as the final sentences were a little blurry. The writer also had to fix a couple of grammar mistakes. But after a quick revision, my essay looked good. That's why I want to move on to the next part of my review so you can find out more.

Online Reputation

I've wanted to know more about the Capstoneprojectwriter rating for a long time, so I can't wait to share some details with you. As an expert, I checked a lot of review aggregators and was extremely surprised. So here are the things you should know.


I was surprised when I visited Sitejabber. Why doesn't such a famous website have official Capstoneprojectwriter reviews? Why don't people say anything about this company? The website was created in 2019, which is not new to the academic market. However, students are still hesitant to write comments. That is why I decided to check other websites. doesn't have reviews on SiteJabber.


In the case of Trustpilot, I was also surprised. No one left even a short comment. Why don't people write Capstone Project Writer reviews? I know at least three students who choose this company to delegate assignments. Yet, for some reason unknown to me, no one dared to express any opinion about this brand. But I was not upset and continued my search. doesn't have reviews on Trustpilot.


Luckily for me, I found five Reddit reviews. At least someone dared to describe the experience of ordering papers. Comments were generally mixed, although half of the students liked the final paper's quality. I'm desperate to find out why people don't comment on their experience ordering papers. That's why I decided to check out the other websites I know.

Other Review Websites

Later, I checked,, Quora, and about five smaller forums. In total, I found about twenty comments. People generally like academic services, although I also found constructive criticism. My search was generally successful, as I realized that approximately 65% of the students were satisfied with the results. So, let's continue my Capstone Project Writer review and focus on other important things.

Social Media Activity

I also decided to check how the company integrates into social media. That is why I analyzed the number of accounts on popular sites owned by the brand. Here are the results I got. Surely you will be as surprised as I am.


The company has a Facebook page and even creates relevant content. As a rule, publications contain mentions of discounts and promotions, but I found posts with tips for students. But I'm extremely surprised since almost nothing follows the company on Facebook. Perhaps the brand owners have chosen the wrong SMM strategy or something like that. In any case, I decided not to stop and went on.


The company also has a Twitter account. This page looks more lively, although the total number of subscriptions does not exceed 20! Perhaps the brand owners created these pages recently or did not attach importance to the importance of the right SMM strategy. But this nuance is unimportant, so I plan to continue my review.


Unfortunately, I did not find a YouTube channel owned by the company. Apparently. the brand has not yet decided on a large-scale media expansion. However, the company may choose a different strategy for promoting writing services.

Customer Support

As a customer, you can use the hotline, email, or online chat to contact support agents. These guys are friendly and willing to answer tricky questions. But sometimes they take a long time to answer you. That is why you must be patient and wait 5-7 minutes until you respond.


This brand provides free revisions, which is the right solution. You can also count on refunds. But do not forget that the final verdict remains with the so-called QA team. That is why your claims should be solid enough. Describe the things you didn't like and the modifications you need. This strategy usually works well.


I wouldn't say it's the best writing service in the world. But, simultaneously, you can count on OK paper quality and timely delivery. Also, I did not notice plagiarism or any other fraud. In other words, this company is ready to craft assignments for you according to the instructions. But get ready for possible amendments, as the writer may need another iteration to complete your paper.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Capstoneprojectwriter trustworthy? All in all, this is a trustworthy company.
Is Capstoneprojectwriter a good service? It's not the best writing service, but you can expect well-written papers.
Is legit? Yes. It is a legit writing service.
Is reliable? I believe this is a reliable company.
Is a scam? No. This writing service is committed to students.
Is cheating? No. I didn't find any cheating signs.

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by Marcos Or
May 29, 2023
read more

I recently used capstoneprojectwriter-com as I was struggling with my own writing and essay. They got me good results, and my grade was improved.

by Matthew W
May 26, 2023
read more

Not bad

by Weldon F
May 23, 2023
read more

I've worked with capstoneprojectwriter-com multiple times and every single time it's been great. Quality writing, friendly service, and always fast delivery!

by Helena M
May 22, 2023
read more

The service at was wonderful! Their support team was very accommodating and the writers were experienced with the assignments I requested.

by Bernadette B
May 21, 2023
read more

The customer reviews speak for themselves - they seem to be a reliable and trustworthy writing service.

by Charlene Wolfe
Feb 8, 2023
read more

I'm impressed with the quality of the writing services that offers.

by Joshua Hicks
Feb 5, 2023
read more

I regret ever using for my project. The quality of the writing was terrible and it took them way too long to complete it. Do yourself a favor and find a better service!

by Laurie Gentry
Feb 4, 2023
read more