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Company Overview

It is impossible to deny that the list of academic essay writing services is continuously growing, which means college students have no problems getting their papers accomplished on time. However, it is still complicated to find a trusted and reputable platform to deal with challenging math homework. When I recently came across the review, I was truly impressed by the professional approach and the specifications of the offered assistance. To tell the truth, the website can make you doubt the company's dependability, as it is too simple and completely non-user-friendly. Nonetheless, I still wanted to test the service and make sure whether it was worth attention or not. So, keep reading a comprehensive review to find out the details of my experience and make conclusions.

Math solutions only;
Daunting ordering process;
High costs;
Low quality;
No discounts;
Lots of mistakes;
Poor communication with the customer support;

Prices and Discounts

Are you interested in how much your homework will cost? Do you want to know about the availability of the Mymathgenius discount code? Unfortunately, none of these details are mentioned on the website. Instead, the customers are notified that the prices are individual and depend on numerous factors, including the complexity of the assignment, academic level, urgency, and the number of questions. As an online calculator would not help you count the price, it is recommended to place an order to see the final cost of the math homework.

On, the price of a paper depends on numerous factors, including the complexity of the assignment, academic level, urgency, and the number of questions.

However, if you look at some samples available on the platform, you will see that a comparatively simple assignment an average student can accomplish in a few hours will cost at least $50-60. Plus, it is inevitable to mention that I am not really good at Math, but I am pretty sure I can deal with similar tasks. At this point, I can only imagine how much a student will have to pay for complicated homework.

The only hope was for a promo code that could decrease the final price to a certain extent. Nonetheless, I failed to get one, so I had to cover the full price. Finally, after I placed an order, I knew that a typical 3-page college-level Algebra homework accomplished in 7 days would cost $120. That was pretty much, wasn’t it? Hopefully, the quality of the work would correspond to its price.

Services Quality

Although it was mentioned in several reviews that the quality of delivered papers was as high as the cost, it was not true with my homework. First of all, it is critical to emphasize that the assignment was accomplished and delivered only in 8 days, even though the deadline was shorter. At that point, I was ready to forgive the mistake, if only the quality of the work would have been worth it.

Unfortunately, when I started checking the tasks, I found a lot of mistakes and inaccuracies. Some answers were just copied from other works, while the multiple-choice answers were mainly incorrect. How could a qualified and experienced math professor make so many errors in an ordinary assignment? Now I can make a conclusion that the tasks are accomplished by freelance students or inexperienced writers.

I could not agree to accept such work, so I decided to contact the representatives of the customer support service and request a refund. Are you ready to read more about it? Proceed to the next section of my Mymathgenius review and make sure that is the service you want to deal with.

Customer Support

As there was little information about the money-back guarantee on the website, I decided to contact the support team and get the answers to all the questions that bothered me. Unfortunately, the service offered only two ways to contact staff, including telephone and email. No live chat?

On, you can contact the support team via telephone and email.

Well, as I did not have my choice, I just followed the recommendations specified in several Mymathgenius reviews and sent an email. In their comments, previous clients mentioned that the telephone line was always busy so that it could take up to an hour to get a reply.

To tell the truth, the communication through email was not faster, as the fastest answer I received was in 25 minutes. The representative of the team was polite but useless. No help, no guidelines, just excuses, and general phrases.

After I explained the situation, the agent offered me a 10% discount for the next order. Did you guys think there would be the next order? At that point, I was 100% dissatisfied not only with the high cost of my order and its ultimately low quality, but also with the communication with the customer support.


You could have already understood that after I received low-quality Math homework at a hilarious price, I was offered a 10% discount for the next order. Do you, guys, think that is how a money-back guarantee works?

The reality does not coincide with the promises about the money-back guarantee makes.

As a matter of fact, it seems that the company knows what the refund policy should look like, as if you browse the corresponding page, you will see detailed and reasonable money-back terms and conditions. However, unfortunately, the reality does not coincide with the promises the company makes.


No matter if you are a high school student or a graduate, who is looking for fast and quality assistance with Math homework, Mymathgenius is not the service you need. I can assume that most positive reviews about the service are fake, as the quality of the paper the writers provide is extremely low.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is legit? Although the quality of the math homework the company provides is critically low, the service seems to be legit.
Is reliable? If you read the Mymathgenius review carefully, you will have an opportunity to estimate the quality of the delivered papers, costs of the assignments, and dependability of the provided services. It is impossible to call the service reliable, as you may not be sure to get correct answers even to simple questions on math.
Is scam? Absolutely, yes! Lots of mistakes and wrong answers, even in the simple tasks, prove the low quality of the provided services. Additionally, the vague and obscure money-back guarantee may only contribute to the customer's doubts about the company's reliability.
Is cheating? From my personal experience, I can tell that some answers in your work may be simply copied from other papers.

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Unjustifiably high price for such low quality. Unfortunately, when looking for a service related to mathematics, only this option comes to mind.

by Jessica G.
Oct 18, 2022
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To my mind, ordering process was too hard, and support agents couldn`t help there.

by Andrew T.
Oct 12, 2022
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For a long time I was looking for a writing service related to mathematics, and was not disappointed.

by Tim G.
Oct 4, 2022
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Are you ready to waste your time, money, and effort? Then, MyMathGenius is the option for you to consider.

by Sabah Mcke.
May 19, 2022
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I ordered a three-page paper here several months ago but came across the review only yesterday. Well, it sounded like I was its author, as my experience with the essay writing service was the same.

by Marshall Hu.
May 12, 2022
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MyMathGenius review describes the most different services and aspects of the website functioning but does not mention the excellent math solutions the team offers. It is impossible to deny that the pricing, revision, and refund policies are confusing, but there are also positive characteristics that should be specified.

by Tanvir Arc.
Apr 28, 2022
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