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  • Refund policy: Yes
Updated: Apr 20, 2023

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Company Overview

Assignmenthelppro is a writing service aimed at crafting academic papers for English-speaking students. Unfortunately, the company looks mysterious, if only because you will not find at least any mention of the owners or the country of registration. I spent a few days looking for legit information, but all was in vain. But I intend to take this review to the end and tell you the truth, so get ready for an honest story.

Free plagiarism report;
Unreasonably high prices;
Late delivery;
Poor paper quality;
No paper extras;
Unclear refund procedure;

Prices and Discounts

Let's start this Assignmenthelppro review with the most important information. The cost per page is $47.3 if you are willing to wait 30-40 days! I will have time to see how my grandchildren grow during this time! But the company also provides shorter deadlines. For example, you can ask for your paper to be crafted within 1-6 hours. But then the base price will rise to $97.2. The maximum cost per page is $136.9, which looks like a joke. At the same time, the company provides an automatic Assignmenthelppro promo code that helps you cut the price by 50% on your first order.

If you need to estimate the approximate cost of your assignment on, you can use the price table.

Services Quality

The website looks user-friendly, although I wouldn't say I liked the order form. You won't be able to list many paper details here, so get ready for a detailed description of your order in a DOC file that you need to attach to the site. In preparation for my Assignment Help Pro review, I was surprised that the order form does not have a paper extras item. But I decided to take a chance and ordered a 2-page college argumentative essay on Nursing. The expert's task was to describe a typical procedure for compiling care plans and a protocol for emergency care for a patient with a nervous breakdown. order form.

At this stage, I realized that my review would not be positive, and here's why. The so-called expert has no idea how nurses work and what care plans they make. Also, I did not see a clear description of the procedure for providing emergency care for a nervous breakdown. The writer only partially described the approaches of some hospitals. In addition, I found four typos, three grammar mistakes, and five unclear sentences without proper transitions between body paragraphs.

Online Reputation

I believe the Assignmenthelppro rating is very important for understanding the reasons for providing low-quality service to the table. That is why I spent a lot of time analyzing the comments on the Internet. Moreover, I checked about twenty reviews of aggregators and forums before writing my final verdict. That's what I found on the world wide web!


When checking Sitejabber, I was hoping I would find many comments, but I was wrong. Here I found only two reviews. Surely you understand that these are not the statistics I was counting on. This company was created in 2017, so I thought I would find at least a couple hundred comments. But I did not despair and checked other websites. reviews on SiteJabber.


When I visited Trustpilot, my fears were confirmed. Here I also found only a couple of Assignmenthelppro reviews. However, all the comments were negative, so I could see what people thought about this company. As it turned out, brand representatives do not fulfill their obligations to customers and, in every possible way, prevent the return of money. This position in the company is unacceptable, given that the English-language writing market is quite extensive, and a student can find thousands of companies in a couple of clicks. reviews on TrustPilot.


My attempt to find Reddit reviews was also unsuccessful. The company is not popular. Otherwise, I don't know why nobody wants to leave comments on the Internet. Perhaps the company somehow removes reviews or prevents them from being written. In any case, I decided to check other websites before posting the final verdict.

Other Review Websites

I checked about ten other websites, like, Quora, and This strategy allowed me to find about ten Assignment Help Pro reviews. Most comments are mixed, and quite a few students criticize the company for high prices and an unclear refund procedure.

Social Media Activity

Social media is a great source of information to help determine how popular a company is and its marketing strategy. So, I checked out the biggest websites and social media to find out more. Here are the results that I am ready to share with you.


Thanks to the site's footer, I quickly found their Facebook account. It is a classic company page with links to free samples, paper ideas, marketing posts, and discounts. I can't say that this is a bad approach since most writing services do the same. However, despite the low number of subscribers, the page looks OK. That's why I decided to check other social media to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.


The company's Twitter account also looks fine. These guys post major updates, discounts, and news. However, I did not see any activity of subscribers or readers. No one comments on publications, and no one asks questions. That is why this page looks abandoned. But let me not be so dogmatical and check other websites.


To my surprise, I found the company's YouTube account. These guys posted just two short marketing videos without any detailed descriptions. Perhaps the company plans to use YouTube later for marketing purposes. At the moment, this account looks useless to me as a customer.

Customer Support

You can use the hotline, online chat, or email if you need to contact support agents. But the last option is unlikely to please you because you must wait a couple of days for an answer. Support agents answered questions honestly, although I had to wait a long time. In my opinion, the company should reconsider its communication policy with customers.


The company states that it is ready to provide revisions and refunds. But the last option looks more like a bad joke. The fact is that the refund procedure is described very vaguely, which means that you are unlikely to be able to get your money back. The company can cite any reason or endlessly conduct a QA investigation. Get ready because your money will not be returned if you receive a bad paper.


As you can see, this is a rather strange writing service that is not worth your attention. I don't understand why these guys offer such expensive services. The final paper quality is quite low, so I don't advise you to order anything from here. Also, forget about the paper extras or the straightforward refund procedure! This company is not worth your attention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Assignmenthelppro trustworthy? No. I'm not sure if this company is to be trusted.
Is Assignmenthelppro a good service? No. With a high degree of probability, you risk getting poor-quality paper.
Is legit? I'm not sure about this. The company keeps all legal information confidential.
Is reliable? No. It is an unreliable company that is not worth your attention.
Is a scam? No. It's just a mediocre writing service with a dubious reputation.
Is cheating? Assignmenthelppro is like a company that loves cheating. In any case, you may encounter a tricky refund or revision procedure.

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