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Company Overview

The number of academic essay writing services available on the market is continuously growing, so it may be exceptionally difficult for a college student to make the right choice. Do you prefer to use reputable and well-known services or new companies with ambitious teams? As for me, I love dealing with comparatively new platforms, as they frequently seem to be more responsible, attentive, and reliable. Thus, when I first came across the review, I was ready to proceed to its website and place an order. The first impression from the service was neutral, as the website design was usual and the provided services seemed to be trivial. However, when I started placing an order, a lot of interesting and unexpected things popped up. Are you ready to read the details of my experience? Check out a comprehensive Geeklyhub review and make no mistakes.

Direct communication with the writer;
Shady pricing scheme;
Low-quality papers;
No guarantees;
Obscure refund policy;
Poor communication with customer support;

Prices and Discounts

When it comes to the dependability of the essay writing service, the transparency of its pricing policy is the fundamental point taken into account. Therefore, every time I want to understand whether the company is worth attention, I head directly to the pricing section.

The cost of paper on depends on how many hours it would take the writer to deal with the project.

This time the situation was 100% different, as reading numerous reviews, I realized that I would not find the corresponding page on the platform. The only reason was the exclusive system employed on the website. According to it, the type of the assignment, its academic level, number of pages, and other specifications were not taken into account. Instead, the price depended mainly on how many hours it would take the writer to deal with the project.

The scheme was really weird, as I could learn the total cost of the order only after I placed it and made a 30% deposit. Additionally, forget about the Geeklyhub discount code, or loyalty program, as these are not the options here.

The order form was quite standard, and it took me around 20 minutes to fill it in, mentioning the core peculiarities on my paper. Then, finally, I discovered that a 3-page, college-level essay on Psychology with a 3-day deadline would cost me $110. What? Are you kidding me? It was a trivial essay without any specific requirements. How much would I have to pay if I ordered a dissertation?

How does calculate the final price?

I was truly confused and disappointed but could not give up the idea. So, I submitted an order and expected to get a 100% plagiarism-free, quality, coherent and well-structured paper.

Services Quality

A college-level paper titled "Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait" featured a three-day deadline. However, after I did not get my paper delivered in three days, I was a bit concerned and nervous. Would I get nothing? No one contacted me that day, asking for the deadline prolongation or something similar. I decided to wait a bit longer as well, just to check what they would do. The next morning, the writer sent me the paper. Did he apologize for the delay? He did not say a word about it.

When I finally opened the paper, I could not keep my anger. Did I pay $110 to get a poor-quality essay without any formatting? Was I supposed to proofread and edit the paper? How could a native English-speaking writer make so many typos and mistakes? I had too many questions and only a few answers.

An individual approach and a lot of nice things were mentioned on the website, tempting me to place an order. However, none of those promises were fulfilled. Instead of a scholarly, well-structured, and consistent paper, I received a middle school-level text filled with tons of inaccuracies and errors. I did not even imagine how a professional writer could write "leedership," "treite," "responsibiliteness."

At some point, I acknowledged that an array of punctuation and style mistakes were nothing compared to the issues with the paper content. While the main idea of the paper was supposed to be leadership and its classification, the writer decided to discuss the discrepancy between innate and acquired character traits. He even made a complementary scheme, illustrating the number of different characteristics a man could have. Still, what about leadership? What category does it belong to? It seemed that the writer had just ignored the instructions and decided to simplify his task. No research on the topic, no relevant information, no results of studies, no sound arguments were mentioned in the paper.

How does work?

Customer Support

When I realized that the quality of the paper was not even mediocre, I decided to contact the customer support service asking for a revision. It was mentioned in numerous Geeklyhub reviews that the staff representatives are ultimately friendly and helpful, but something went wrong this time.

The only way to contact the support team on is by email.

First of all, while surfing the website, I could not find any other way to keep in touch with the support team except for an email. Do you, guys, think that it is the fastest and the most effective way to keep in touch with customers? I had no alternatives, so I left an email and started waiting for a reply. It took almost an hour to hear from the team and understand that no help was coming. It seemed that the company was not interested in the comfort and success of their customers, as their only desire was to get your money and forget about you forever (at least, I felt that way)


Will I be mistaken in claiming that they offer no guarantees? Unfortunately, that happened to me, as I could not even get a free revision. The refund policy is another concern worth attention, as the whole process is exceptionally difficult. You have 60 days to request a refund, but remember that the team will do everything possible for you to waste that time.

It was mentioned in one review I found online that the company will provide you with unlimited revisions the moment they hear about your refund request. Anyway, you should be ready to "fight" for your money, giving dead solid proof of you being wronged.


From the unlimited number of essay writing services available on the up-to-date market, Geeklyhub does not seem to be the most reliable. College students who value their time, money, and reputation should definitely look for more trustworthy alternatives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Geeklyhub legit? It is impossible to tell if the platform is illegal or a scam, as it provides college students with the papers they order. However, as it was mentioned in the Geeklyhub review, the quality of the essays and the reliability of services are suspicious.
Is Geeklyhub reliable? Poor-quality papers, high costs, no promo code, lack of transparency, and reliability are the core characteristics of the service, which affect its reputation and safety.
Is Geeklyhub scam? Although the service is not a 100% scam, customers may never be sure to get high-quality, well-written, structured, and formatted papers.
Is Geeklyhub cheating? Absolutely, yes. Delayed order submission, vague pricing policy, tons of mistakes, and inaccuracies in the paper are the issues the customer may encounter.

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The papers were low-quality, the refund policy was unclear and there were no guarantees. The customer service was also poor and they were not able to answer all of my questions.

by DD
Nov 8, 2022
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I ended up not getting my refund and all of my money was lost. Avoid this company at all costs.

by Terrence
Oct 2, 2022
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