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Updated: Apr 20, 2023

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Company Overview is a writing service created in 2015. The company positions itself as a market leader and a brand that students can trust. But I'm used to checking such bold statements before placing an order. I created my review based on a detailed analysis of brand reputation, paper quality, and extra services. That is why I will tell you the smallest details, so get ready to hear the truth.

Free grammar-checking tool;
Paper samples;
Terrible paper quality;
Fake Greatassignmenthelp reviews;
No legit info about the owner;

Prices and Discounts

The pricing policy of the company is quite acceptable. If you are willing to wait more than ten days, you must pay $9 per page. The company can craft your assignment in 12 hours or less if you are in a hurry. But then the minimum price per page will be $22. By the way, the maximum price per page is $27. Newbies can also activate the Greatassignmenthelp discount code and save up to 10% on their first order.

If you need to estimate the approximate cost of your assignment on, you can use the price table.

Services Quality

I don't like the process of ordering papers. Although the site looks good, the order form is not informative. For example, you will not be able to select an academic level, and the item type is combined with the paper type. In addition, the company does not provide any paper extras. That is why I was slightly disappointed while crafting my Great Assignment Help review. But let's talk about the paper I ordered. The writer had to craft a 2-page college research paper on History. I asked the writer to describe the causes and consequences of the Korean War. order form.

Also, the expert should have mentioned the US intentions to attack the PRC with nuclear bombs and noted that President Truman decided to avoid nuclear confrontation. Unfortunately, my review will not appeal to fans of the brand. The writer briefly described the war's events and wrote almost nothing about the nuclear threat. Approximately 14% of my text was copied from the free paper sample. And the writer formulated the key ideas in the body paragraphs extremely poorly, forgetting about proper transitions.

Online Reputation

I always want to get to the bottom of whatever it takes. That is why I always study the online reputation of brands. I also decided to check reviews to see how the company handled other orders. By the way, I advise you to ignore the testimonials on the main website. The fact is that this company published fake comments that have absolutely nothing to do with reality.


To my great surprise, I didn't even find five Greatassignmenthelp reviews on Sitejabber. But even the comments posted on the site were mixed. Moreover, I found reviews criticizing the strange refund policy. In addition, students complained that the company committed financial fraud. By the way, Greatassignmenthelp customer feedback is another issue that several people have mentioned. This company doesn't seem to care about its online reputation. have negative reviews on SiteJabber.


When I visited Trustpilot, I saw only one comment. In addition, the overall rating was much lower than the one indicated in the site's footer. Greatassignmenthelp is deceiving new users by posting a fake rating. I don't understand how it works because anyone can visit these websites in a few seconds and see the truth. Does the company rely only on naive students who do not have time to double-check information? reviews on TrustPilot.


I also decided to check the Reddit reviews to understand more about the brand's overall online reputation. Unfortunately, Reddit knows almost nothing about this brand. And I found only a few references that even low Greatassignmenthelp prices are not a reason to order papers. The comments I found on the site were mixed, so I'm not surprised. The company failed not only in quality control but also in the recruiting policy. That is why complaints about the tricky refund procedure do not surprise me.

Other Review Websites

Since I have a lot of experience analyzing writing services, I decided to give the company a shot and check out more websites. For example, I visited, Quora,, and about seven other sites and mini-forums. Overall, the company has a mixed reputation. Many people complain about poor paper quality and tricky revisions. Most likely, I was not mistaken, and the company is not interested in improving quality control. The owners will not change or improve anything as long as this business is profitable.

Social Media Activity

Analyzing a company's social media activity is important for understanding the whole picture. That is why I analyzed how the pages advertising the company on different websites are created. So let's check out a few important aspects worth your attention. I'm sure you'll be interested in seeing some aspects.


When I checked the company's Facebook page, I found nothing unusual. The brand has just under two thousand followers and publishes exclusively commercial posts. I only saw posts about discounts, academic papers, and the company's value as an academic leader. I would not say that this strategy is wrong. At the same time, many writing services are trying to create an aura of expertise and friendliness, while these guys are only focused on the money!


The company's Twitter page is not much different from its Facebook profile. These guys are duplicating content in hopes of reaching a larger audience. I do not condemn such a strategy. However, at the same time, I think that the company uses too many hashtags. Sometimes I had to scroll through the page to figure out where the hashtags ended and the content began.


I understand that the company created a YouTube account in 2016, hoping to attract more customers. Brand representatives publish short promotional videos or mini guides. Unfortunately, their strategy didn't work, as they only had five followers when writing this review. I hope they didn't spend much money promoting this page since five followers in six years is a fiasco.

Customer Support

I can't say anything good or bad about support agents. The hotline is constantly busy. I contacted the team via email and got a response within an hour. It is not the fastest result. At the same time, the average response time online is 10 minutes. Such an indicator is more acceptable, given that the support agent connected to you will be online until you say "bye." Most of the support agents I contacted were polite and answered questions relatively accurately.


The company is ready for revisions and refunds if something goes wrong. In my experience, writers are ready for amendments, although they cannot polish papers properly. But it would help if you got ready for a long refund procedure because the QA team can analyze your order for months. In addition, there is no clear time limit on the site, so theoretically, you should not wait for your money back.


And now, let's summarize since I already know enough information. Greatassignmenthelp is not the best writing service that can't handle even a regular essay. Moreover, it would help if you did not count on paper extras or refunds. That is why I advise you to stay away from this company. Many alternatives are worthy of your attention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Greatassignmenthelp trustworthy? No. I would not recommend you trust this company.
Is Greatassignmenthelp a good service? No. It's a mediocre writing service that doesn't guarantee you good papers.
Is legit? I'm not sure about this. But, in any case, I did not find information about the license, brand registration anywhere, and any other legal nuances.
Is reliable? No. It is an unreliable company that does not guarantee compliance with the instructions.
Is a scam? No. It's just a terrible company that hires amateurs.
Is cheating? My answer is yes, given that the company positions itself as an academic leader and a group of top paper experts.

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