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  • Minimal price per page: $15
  • Deadline: 4 hours
  • Discount: 1PAGEFREE - up to 33%
  • Refund policy: Yes
Updated: May 2, 2023

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Company Overview

Hi everyone! Today you’ll see the Advancedwriters review. Spoiler: this service isn’t good. But do you wanna know why? Continue to read this feedback! After exploring it, you’ll also learn how to detect a bad service. So let’s dive in!

Nice design;
Lots of discounts;
Ignoring support team;
Late delivery;
Lots of mistakes;

Prices and Discounts

The minimum price per page is $15. It’s higher than average. For instance, popular writing services offer $9, $11 per page. Okay, if prices are higher, maybe the quality of papers will also be better than usual? We’ll talk about it below in my review.

Prices on depend on the deadline and academic level.

Of course, when students order assignments with a 10-day deadline, it’s okay, and the price isn’t high. But when it comes to one day? As a rule, students remember their papers only when there is only one day before the deadline. And when I turned to this company, there was the same situation. I ordered a 1000 word essay with a 24-hour deadline. And it cost me $132. Breathe out, maybe we’ll receive high quality.

And it’s necessary to pay attention to the thing that I don’t like in all writing services. When I want to choose an ENL writer, I have to overpay. In this service, the cost increases by 30%.

If you need an ENL writer from, you have to overpay.

What about the Advancedwriters discount code? This service doesn’t have it. You can get only one free page if your first order is more than three pages. It's an interesting bonus system, I think.

Okay, but does this company have bonuses for returning customers? You can’t read about it on the website. A manager told me that returning users get the promo code ‘from time to time.’ And the more orders you place, the more coupons you receive. However, I don’t know who’ll want to ask this service for assistance again.

Services Quality

So we’ve moved to the most important part of my feedback. Service quality. The order form is clear. There are all necessary fields where a customer has to write proper information. But there is a nuance that made me rage. stands out for its usability, especially in the order form.

Let’s see at the second part of the order form. I’ve said above that I have to overpay 30% to choose a native writer. But that isn't all. Moreover, if it’s necessary for me to pick out a top 10 writer, I have to overpay again — 10% in this case. So the piece of my work increases by several times!

You can choose writers on

However, the good news is that you can single out a certain writer. So on the website, you can look at all writers and see some information about them. To choose a certain writer, contact the support team and write a specialist's ID.

On, you can look at all writers and see some information about them.

So I’ve ordered a 3-page essay on Literature. The topic was Elements of Modernism in The Love Song by J. Alfred Prufrock. To be honest, I was unsatisfied with its quality. Firstly, my paper was late. Secondly, my assignment had grammar mistakes. Not tons, but still. Okay, I can correct them, but in fact, such errors aren’t acceptable for people who know English well, even when it’s an ESL writer.

Thirdly, it had incorrect moments in the citation. For instance, it wasn’t my last name near pages’ numbers. I think that formatting a paper isn’t as difficult a task as it seems. All you need is to have certain guidelines before your eyes and follow the instructions.

And the last moment in my review. Structure! Writing doesn’t flow. The author switches from one thought to another without gliding transitions. A badly structured paper is worse than an assignment with grammar mistakes, as when errors are fixed quickly, you have to rewrite your essay to structure it. The good news is that my paper isn't plagiarized! I checked it in Turnitin and was satisfied.

Customer Support

The quality of the support team determines the quality of the service as if managers ignore you or are rude to you, it means that the company doesn’t care about its customers. There were no negative reviews, so it’s impossible to compare my experience with the support team with other students' experience. But in my case, communicating with managers, I was unsatisfied with their work. For example, when I asked about the mother company, managers started ignoring me.

Also, I didn’t know my support manager’s name when communicating. I think it’s important to know who you talk with. I saw only ‘Agent’ instead of the name of the specialist.

But, apart from using live chat and making a call, you can contact the support team in Facebook Messenger. It’s convenient. Like.


I read revision and refund policies and was surprised. In my Advancedwriters review, I’ll demonstrate how they work based on my own experience. The writer missed the deadline; as a result, I’ve received my paper after twenty-six hours instead of one. But I didn’t get the full sum of my money. I got the difference between the 24 and 26-hour deadlines. I think when the service has such a refund policy, it means that it wants to squeeze money from customers. Likewise, high-quality writing services don’t try to keep customers’ money; they make refunds when they make mistakes.

You can request revisions within seven days after getting an assignment. This company guarantees unlimited revisions for free. But when my writer delivered my essay after correcting mistakes, I understood that there wasn’t any change.


So is this service worth it? I can say no. I was shocked reading only positive Advancedwriters reviews on Sitejabber while Trustpilot and Reddit were empty. So I understood that it’s necessary to write feedback on this company as it’s better to avoid this organization. So stay away from this company and choose another writing one. It's better to avoid services like advancedwriters and edugenie.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is legit? No, because it hides its origin.
Is reliable? No! Because it doesn't have reviews anywhere apart from Sitejabber.
Is a scam? No, as it delivers you a paper.
Is cheating? No, as its papers aren't plagiarized.

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They promise to deliver high quality papers but all I got was a pile of crap.

by Allie D
Mar 27, 2023
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Their customer service reps are so rude and unhelpful.

by Vickie S
Mar 19, 2023
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1/5 is the worst writing service ever! Don't bother with them, they are just a rip-off.

by Wilfredo M
Mar 16, 2023
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The quality of their writing is so bad, it's like reading a 5th grader's paper.

by Samantha K
Mar 11, 2023
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Am I the only one who thinks they’re trying to compensate for their incompetence with discounts and good looking website?

by Bea
Nov 13, 2022
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This is not a good service because it is so expensive for such low-quality work

by Ophelia
Oct 21, 2022
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I feel like they are always trying to add on more features and services which is why the pricing is so obscure.

by Kev
Sep 26, 2022
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