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  • Updated: Feb 12, 2023
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Company Overview

On the surface, TutorEye looks too good to be true, with its free webinars on EdTech, its global presence, and its impressive array of STEM tutoring services. But the ugly truth comes out when you look beyond the shiny exterior. With a roster full of Indian tutors, a useless chatbot, and no way to get a refund, I'd have never used this service if not for a request for a Tutoreye.com review from one of my readers. 

Disclaimer: This review focuses on the company's writing service, not tutoring assistance, so you may have better luck with it, though you'll still face most of the drawbacks I cover in this post.

Tutoring and writing services in one;
STEM assignment help;
Unqualified writers who can't follow instructions;
Unclear pricing for writing services;
No human customer support is available;
Lots of negative TutorEye reviews;

Prices and Discounts

Although the tutoring pricing is pretty straightforward, the writing help isn't clear. Instead of sharing the rates, the company let me set the budget. The dropdown menu had four options: under $20, from $20 to $50, from $50 to $100, and over $100. The offers from tutors would appear much later. However, I got zero offers when I set a budget in a lower range, and only when I increased it to $100+, I got a response. That put the pricing for my essay at $25+ per page, which seemed excessive.

And if you were hoping for a TutorEye promo code, you'll be disappointed, as I couldn't find any mention of special offers for new or returning customers.

If you need to estimate the approximate cost of your assignment on Tutoreye.com, you can use the price table.

Services Quality

Before we get to the juiciest part of my Tutor Eye review, let me explain how the order process works. First, I needed to find the writing assistance option. Then, I explained the assignment, uploaded my files, set the deadline and budget, and settled in to wait for offers. Although the dashboard promised it would take under five minutes, I got the first bids at least 12 hours later. By that point, I was too annoyed and rushed to be too picky, so I settled for the first offer that seemed reasonable.

Tutoreye.com order form

I ordered a 4-page essay devoted to the differences and similarities between homeschooling and attending a traditional school from a psychological point of view. I explicitly stated that I wanted at least five credible and recent sources and highlighted the need for proper APA formatting.

Now for the writing. It wasn't bad. It was terrible. I noticed too late that most of the tutors in their chat windows had Indian names. And while I have nothing against the beautiful subcontinent or its population, the writer I got was a high school dropout. Their English was atrocious, and the reasoning was so weak a middle schooler could have poked holes in it. Besides, the writer ignored half of my instructions. The paper went off-topic into the educational benefits of homeschooling instead of focusing on the psychological implications. And I only got three sources, all published in the 1990s. No amount of editing could have made this piece of junk suitable for submission in college.

Online Reputation 


I wouldn't put much stock in SiteJabber Tutoreye.com reviews. I only found eight, but the five positive posts seemed doctored, while the three negative reviews blatantly promoted other online tutoring services, so I couldn't take them seriously either.

Tutoreye.com reviews on SiteJabber.


The TutorEye rating on Trustpilot didn't give me hope either, with only 3.8 stars. It wasn't surprising, considering every third review was a 1-star post complaining about late delivery, inability to follow instructions, and rude tutors. There was even one angry post by a tutor who couldn't get paid for their work. That's not what you expect to see from a reliable tutoring company.


Unfortunately, I didn't find any Tutoreye.com Reddit reviews I could trust. Although the company runs a subreddit, it's pretty much dead, with no comments or discussions. So the company is either that unpopular or that thorough in reporting and blocking potential negative feedback on Reddit.

Other Review Websites

There aren't all that many reviews about TutorEye services across independent blogs. I suppose, like me, most were turned away by vague terms and absent support. Those who decided to try their luck (TopTenReviews, RatedbyStudents, BestWritersOnline, and TopWritersReview) were just as disappointed as I was. Our complaints align regarding the tutor's credentials, unclear pricing, and all the other issues I mention in my TutorEye review.

Social Media Activity


TutorEye has been the most active on Facebook among all social media platforms. The feed is full of promotions and some helpful content. There are even a few positive reviews, though they are primarily from users of Indian descent. And the page has around 2,000 likes and followers. But unfortunately, it was abandoned in December 2021. 


TutorEye couldn't be bothered to uphold a Twitter presence for more than a few months. The account was registered in April 2021 and abandoned in July of the same year. In that time, the service posted a dozen promotional posts and only gained a single follower and a handful of likes. The account has been abandoned since then.


It's clear TutorEye attempted to develop a Youtube presence about a year ago. The company hosted a couple of webinars and talks, flooding the channel with moderately helpful content. Unfortunately, that streak ended long ago, and the channel has been dormant ever since.

Customer Support

I never managed to get ahold of a human support agent. Every time I tried live chat, I ran into a chatbot that offered no help and annoyed me with its poorly constructed responses. And no one ever got back to me to address my questions, so I doubt the support team's existence. 

Interestingly, at some point in 2022, the company representatives took the time to respond to Tutor Eye reviews on Trustpilot, even if their responses were pretty useless.

Experience of contacting the support team may be a disappointment to you.


Considering TutorEye specializes in tutoring services, it's not surprising that the refund clauses of the Terms of Service are mainly dedicated to tutoring refunds. However, I expected to see at least some mention of the writing assistance revision and money-back options—no such luck. And as you already know, the support chat wasn't of any help either.

All I can tell you is that you only get 72 hours to request a refund. After that, your claims will be ignored.

Refund clauses of the Terms of Service on Tutoreye.com are mainly dedicated to tutoring refunds.


This Tutoreye.com review might have turned out differently had I used the tutoring service. However, I'd still be angry about the non-existent support and vague refund terms. As I wanted an essay, I was extra disappointed by the research and writing quality, as well as overpriced services and unavailable revisions. Hopefully, you realize by now why TutorEye is a bad writing service, but just in case, let me emphasize I won't ever use it again, and I recommend you skip it, too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is TutorEye Trustworthy? No. The service makes plenty of bold promises, but the tutors are nowhere near professional enough to provide quality writing help.
Is TutorEye a Good Service? No. It offers mediocre writing for an astronomical price, and there's no way to get your money back if you're unhappy with the service.
Is Tutoreye.com Legit? The company is supposedly based in Poway, California, though I doubt most of its tutors are American.
Is Tutoreye.com Reliable? No. There's always a risk the paper you order will arrive late, won’t follow instructions, or will be plagiarized. Skip this company to keep your school record straight.
Is Tutoreye.com a Scam? Not really, as they do provide services for the money you pay, even if their services are incredibly overpriced.
Is Tutoreye.com Cheating? You'll be safe if you follow the Terms of Service and only use TutorEye as an academic support service. Otherwise, check your school's honor code to ensure you're in the clear.

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The writers are unexperienced

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Feb 20, 2023
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To my mind, the prices at Tutoreye.com are way too high for most people.

by Felipe Irwin
Feb 18, 2023
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Its a great resource for those looking for help with writing projects.

by Marcie Grimes
Feb 17, 2023
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Friendly customer service

by Darren Bradshaw
Feb 17, 2023
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Support team is available 24/7, thats nice

by Vaughn Conrad
Feb 15, 2023
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I had a really bad experience with Tutoreye.com. The writing service was very slow and the quality of the paper I received was not up to standard.

by Brian Gremgen
Feb 14, 2023
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This service provides a convenient way to access quality help with your projects

by Nick Whitney
Feb 14, 2023
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Great selection of writing services.

by Horace Blake
Feb 13, 2023
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Very responsive customer service

by Madge Pugh
Feb 13, 2023
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