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  • Updated: Aug 30, 2022
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Company Overview

When college students search for help with academic assignments, there are numerous factors they pay most attention to. The cost-quality correlation is probably the most significant aspect that may influence the choice. Nonetheless, it is inevitable to mind an array of other features that can either draw to the desired success or lead to a disaster. When it comes to a detailed Wr1ter.com review, it is the exact thing you may need to acknowledge all the potential advantages and downsides of the platform and specifications of work with it. Striving to estimate the service from different perspectives, I started searching for Wr1ter reviews and comments of previous users. Although I failed to find many, the ones I got explicitly pointed to the low quality of the delivered papers, delayed submissions, no assistance from the support staff, and a plethora of other issues. Keep reading to get more details.

Intuitive website;
High cost of the services;
Low-quality revision policy;
Fake information about the refund policy;
Delayed submission;

Prices and Discounts

There is no reason to deny that the low cost of the provided services attracted my attention and made me place an order at Wr1ter. As mentioned on the main page, the minimum price of a single page written from scratch is $10. In fact, it is an average cost offered by most essay writing platforms. Nonetheless, as I had already started learning information about the company at that time, I could not resist the temptation to use a Wr1ter discount code and order an assignment. Right, it was mentioned in numerous reviews that the Wr1ter.com promo code could considerably decrease the final cost of the project, but now I am convinced that those comments were fake and irrelevant.

You can find the minimum price of paper on the main page of Wr1ter.com.

Finally, after I spent almost an hour mentioning all the requirements for the essay on Psychology I needed, I found out that the final cost of my assignment was over $10 higher than expected. Hidden costs? Extra services? Neither I could find the reason for such a price increase, nor the team representatives could explain it to me.

Services Quality

After reading numerous reviews and comments of so-called previous customers, I had no doubts about the quality of the papers Wr1ter delivered. However, you can only imagine how great my disappointment was when I started getting into various pitfalls related to ordering, payment, revision, and a plethora of other processes.

Believe it or not, but I spent a lot of time reading the information mentioned on the website, but, as it later turned out, it was all fake and irrelevant.

Could you place an order in 10 minutes? Never! It took me over 30 minutes just to specify all the requirements for the work.

Could you rely on the prices mentioned on the website? Never! The cost of my assignment was $10 higher than initially specified.

Could you expect a high-quality assignment accomplished on time? Never! This is the point I should pay most attention to, as it may potentially help other students prevent the same mistakes I made.

Striving to challenge the team and leave an up-to-date Wr1ter review, I ordered a college-level essay. The topic of the project was quite easy, and the delivery time was 5 days, which is more than enough.

The first problem appeared during the ordering process when I noticed the final cost of the assignment was a bit higher than expected. However, later I realized that it was the most insignificant issue, as I didn’t get my project accomplished in 5 days. Right, the next day after the due date, the representatives of the team contacted me to notify me that my assignment was accomplished. No excuses, no regrets, no refunds. Nonetheless, the greatest disappointment was yet to come.

When I opened the file, I could barely say a word. What could you expect to see in the essay titled “Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait”? Five simple reasons why leadership can be considered innate or acquired, that was exactly what I needed! However, the only thing I found out was a straight text without a single bulleted point or paragraph. The final point that made me crazy was the abundance of grammar mistakes. How could a professional writer say “five reasons that makes” or “leadership skill are explained”? Should I mention plagiarized passages included in the essay? Disappointment and resentment were the outcomes of the experience.

Customer Support

As I have already told you, reading Wr1ter.com reviews is the fastest and the most effective way to acknowledge the quality of various services offered by the company. The question of communication with the staff is critical, as ordering a college paper, you always want to stay updated, adding some requirements or discussing specifications of the work. Since my project was unusual, I was constantly asking for short reports about its progress.

You can contact the customer support managers on Wr1ter.com via skype, email, and an online chat.

At this point, it is inevitable to mention that browsing the website, you will find information about at least three different ways to contact the representatives of the support team. However, forget about it, as you will barely have an opportunity to get a reply from the staff. Well, I have never received an answer to my email, while it took me over 30 minutes to start the conversation in a live chat. Was it successful? I contacted the team to learn that they could not help me, as they could only give instructions but not assist me in opening the dispute and getting a refund.


Safety and anonymity are undeniably some of the most important requirements of all college students, ordering their papers online. Additionally, most of them strive to be 100% sure that the company offers relevant revision and refund policies.

When it comes to Wr1ter, you should forget about these words, as none of the policies are offered here. To be honest and unbiased, I should mention a lot of information about these aspects mentioned on the company website. Nonetheless, it does not change the reality, as I was trying to get a refund for over two weeks but failed.

Wr1ter.com provides fake information about the refund policy.

Even if 20% of your project is plagiarized, you will have a hard time proving it and fighting for a refund. Have you found mistakes, typos, and inaccuracies in the paper? It will be faster and less stressful for you to correct them independently.


As more and more students are searching for quality essay writing services offering their assistance, the number of such platforms is continually growing. Thus, if you have been attentive reading a Wr1ter review, you should opt for a more reliable and trustworthy alternative.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Wr1ter.com legit? According to the information specified on the website, Wr1ter is a legit platform that provides students with the necessary assistance. Although the company meets legal requirements, the quality of its services is doubtful.
Is Wr1ter.com reliable? Have you been attentive reading a comprehensive Wr1ter.com review? The first impression from the platform and the information mentioned on the website are positive, but the reality is completely different. Poor-quality works, delayed submissions, tons of trivial mistakes in the papers, and irrelevant revision policy are only a few challenges you should be ready to, as you decide to place an order here.
Is Wr1ter.com scam? Browsing the web, you will not find information about Wr1ter as a scam platform, but the low quality of the provided services tells the opposite. The company is not the top choice for college and university students that require high-quality assistance from professional writers.
Is Wr1ter.com cheating? As mentioned in numerous reviews of previous customers and proven by my experience, most papers offered by Wr1ter contain plagiarism.

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Get ready to pay a high price for a low-quality product. I would never recommend this company to anyone and I am very disappointed with the experience.

by Garry
Oct 18, 2022
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I had such a bad experience with this company. The staff members are RUDE! I'm still waiting for a refund!

by Jed463
Sep 5, 2022
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