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Updated: Apr 20, 2023

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Company Overview is a British writing service created in 2013. The brand is owned by ALL SOLUTIONS LLC and is aimed at English-speaking students worldwide. At the same time, prices are in pounds, and the overall functionality is focused primarily on British users. But I intend to show you this review with attention to detail no matter what. It is important to me that every student can understand what to expect from this writing service. So let's skip the preamble and get down to business.

Free plagiarism checker;
Terrible paper quality;
Fake reviews;
Lack of extras;
Slow support agents;

Prices and Discounts

First, let's talk about the pricing policy. I wouldn't say I like that the company doesn't provide a clear price table for students. However, why should I search prices throughout the site? You will only know the price when placing an order as a customer. The minimum price is £‎17 if you are willing to wait two weeks. At the same time, the maximum price can go up to £70 in three hours, depending on the type of papers you need. You can activate the Research Prospect promo code, but the discount is limited to 5%.

Services Quality

I also decided to check the professionalism of the writers before announcing the verdict. The usability of the website and the order form is questionable as I didn't find any extras, and all the paper details are filled out in a non-obvious sequence. However, I ordered a 2-page college essay on leadership. The writer needed to describe leadership and whether it is an acquired personality trait. I have also provided details so that the writer does not go astray. order form.

Unfortunately, I can't give you any hope as this Researchprospect review is about total disappointment. The writer gave only a partial definition of leadership and did not give clear arguments for why it is an acquired personality trait. Also, I did not see at least some logical reasoning or hints at the causes of leadership. And I wouldn't say I liked that the writer edited my paper badly since I found twenty grammar mistakes and typos.

Online Reputation

I'm used to analyzing everything that ordinary customers say about writing services. That is why my review contains information I found on the Internet. Now I will tell you about students' comments and the company's overall reputation.


Even though the company has a lot of positive comments on Sitejabber, I found quite a few dissatisfied customers there. People complain that the company embezzles money and does not fulfill its declared obligations. Also, people don't like the final paper quality and plagiarism. As you can imagine, I found quite a few negative Researchprospect reviews there. reviews on SiteJabber.


And here is even more interesting information that I found on Trustpilot. For some reason, the company profile was blocked. I'm not sure what the reason was, but it is unlikely that this review aggregator blocked the company for positive Researchprospect reviews. This fact means that the brand's good reputation may turn out to be fake.'s profile on Trustpilot was blocked.


When I'm not sure about something, I visit this website. After checking a few dozen Reddit reviews, I realized why the company's reputation seemed dubious. When it comes to independent web platforms, people start telling the truth. Many people have encountered low paper quality and plagiarism. Also, people complain that this company doesn't meet deadlines.

Other Review Websites

I also checked websites like, Quora, and to find out all about the Researchprospect rating and why it's unreasonably high. Again, I found all the same complaints and claims against the company. No wonder I immediately felt something was wrong.

Social Media Activity

To complete my Researchprospect review, I decided to find out how the company interacts with the audience on social media. To do this, I checked the most popular websites, and this is what came out.


The company created a Facebook page long ago and published discounts and promotional materials. In general, this is a standard page with commercial information. But I did not find any subscribers. In total, less than twenty people subscribed to this page. In addition, the company uses irrelevant hashtags for promotion. It looks like a century-old grandma trying to shoot a Tik Tok video to find new friends (because the old ones are already dead).


The company's Twitter account also appears to be stillborn. I found here only marketing publications and attempts to joke about student life and the complexity of assignments ridiculously. In general, the company's attempts in the SMM sphere look pitiful, and I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel that would change everything.


Do not look for a company account on YouTube, as it does not exist. For some reason, the brand owners decided not to use YouTube as a place to promote academic services. Instead, the company likely decided to save money, since creating high-quality videos costs a lot. At the same time, such a decision could bring considerable profit to the owners in the future.

Customer Support

I am extremely dissatisfied with the support agents as they were very slow. Also, these guys thought for a long time before giving me an answer to various questions regarding the owner of the brand. And it seemed to me that the main goal of support agents was to create the appearance of friendliness and make multiple attempts to get me to pay.


The company offers a standard revision procedure. But when it comes to refunding aspects, the QA team comes into play. These guys should investigate within the time frame set by the company, up to several months. For me, this approach looks like an attempt to save money at all costs.


I will not list all the negative emotions I experienced when ordering papers from here. This company disappointed me as I received poor papers. That is why I believe you should find an alternative soon. Don't waste your time on this writing service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Researchprospect trustworthy? No. You should not trust this company if you want polished papers.
Is Researchprospect a good service? No. I don't see any reason to think so.
Is legit? Yes, it is a legal company registered in the UK.
Is reliable? No. I do not believe such a company can have a "reliable" status.
Is a scam? It is a scam company, so you should stay away from their website.
Is cheating? My answer is yes, since I received a terrible paper, despite the promises of an academic masterpiece.

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customer service from researchprospect-com was incredibly unhelpful and rude.

by Brandie G
Jun 10, 2023
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The customer service was quick

by Marcelino F
Jun 5, 2023
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Good writers

by Claudia V
May 30, 2023
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Researchprospect's online ordering process was frustrating. It was slow and cumbersome and I ended having to place multiple orders.

by Emerson G.
Nov 21, 2022
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Customer service was not professional and did not seem to know much about the services I was enquiring about.

by Johnson M.
Nov 5, 2022
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Cool so far I have no complaints about researchprospect besides these 50 characters your having me type to get through this thing here

by Ray U.
Nov 1, 2022
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It took me too long to finish my research project. After waiting for weeks, I was disappointed with what I received.

by Brant D.
Oct 30, 2022
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The writer didn't write the things that were linked to my orders that i told her

by Esraa M.
Oct 19, 2022
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