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Company Overview

It is complicated, nearly impossible to find a college student who has never taken advantage of the essay writing services that provide learners with top-quality papers at reasonable costs. However, currently, when the demand keeps growing, the number of dedicated platforms is impressive. 

How is it possible to select the most reliable one? Online reputation is one of the most critical points I pay most attention to. Nonetheless, sometimes it is not enough. The last time I was looking for a professional service to help me succeed with college projects, I came across the Researchprospect page. The first impression was quite positive as the website is easy-to-navigate and convenient. Still, there were a few aspects that kept me suspicious. 

Anyway, I decided to place an order and find out the most critical features of the service. Do you want to read the details? Check out a comprehensive review depicting the service just how it is.

Numerous communication channels;
No online calculator;
Delayed submissions;
Poor quality papers;
No safety guarantees;
Fake reviews;

Prices and Discounts 

Irrespective of the service I review, the first thing I pay attention to is the transparency of the pricing policy. Talking about Researchprospect, it is complicated to say that the company cares for the customers. I spent over 20 minutes detecting any cost-related information, which later seemed to be irrelevant. Discounts

The absence of an online calculator was s huge disadvantage for me, as I could not even predict how much the completion of my project could cost. According to numerous Reddit reviews, the services were not cheap, so I needed to know the price. When I contacted the representatives of the support team to discuss the matter, I received a link to the ordering page. When you start filling in the information about the order, you get the price automatically calculated. 

What about the discount code? I found a few offers on the website but could not understand which ones expired and which ones were applicable. Occasionally, I failed to use any of them. Still, the company promises a 25% discount for the first order. 

Services Quality

Although the ordering process was quite tricky and complicated, I succeeded with it in less than an hour. My 3-page college-level essay on Psychology, titled “Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait?” delivered in 10 days, cost me around £70, which was quite a competitive cost. As it was already mentioned, none of the discounts seemed to be applicable, so I had to pay the full price. 

Ordering Process on

Reading one review before placing an order, I was a bit confused on learning about the restricted and inconvenient payment methods accepted. Believe me, it was all true. It also took me a while to find the payment method I was aware of. After I confirmed the order, I started waiting for the result.

Traditionally, as specified in most reviews, the paper was delivered late, but it was not the worst problem. When I opened the file and started reading the text, confusion was my only emotion. The paper was filled with typos. No one proofread it, it was obvious. To say that the writer had no clue about paper formatting was to say nothing. No structure, no citations, no infographics, no logic in the paper, nothing. Requiring a refund was the only way out, as none of my requirements were met.

Online Reputation 

Striving to provide readers with an unbiased Researchprospect review, I spent some time analyzing the online reputation of the company. It was not hard to detect the comments and feedback about the platform, but it turned out to be a true challenge to single out relevant and up-to-date comments. 


Believe it or not, but the service is highly rated on Sitejabber. Moreover, the overwhelming majority of Researchprospect reviews there emphasize its relevance and dependability. At the same time, there are a few comments that seem to be more realistic, as they highlight the details of the ordering process as it is. Unfortunately, it seems that most reviews are fake, aimed at increasing the reputation of the platform. 


Unfortunately, the service is not reviewed on Trustpilot. 


Dozens of Reddit discussions helped me understand how tricky and fake the service was. The users are frequently attracted by reasonable costs and attractive discounts but later deceived with the harsh reality. 

Other Review Websites 

Surfing the web, I managed to detect a variety of contraversial reviews about the platform. Some of them were confusing, others embarrassing, but I still could not understand how students could appreciate a scam platform. Finally, I made the conclusion that most reviews were fake and were not even worth reading.

Social Media Activity 

When I started looking for more information about the company, I was confused to discover that the service was represented on the most influential social media platforms. 

  • Facebook. The essay writing service is quite active on Facebook, having over 3.5 thousand subscribers. Regular updates, interesting facts about the company, and some other issues are regularly published there.  
  • Twitter. Finding a Twitter account for the service is not hard. Although the number of subscribers is quite limited, the tweets are posted once in a while. 
  • Youtube. Believe it or not, but the company even has a dedicated YouTube channel that has been functioning for two years. There are only 10-15 videos so far, but some of them are quite interesting. 

Customer Support

Analyzing the Research prospect reviews and just browsing the website, it seemed that the customer support service is the only advantageous point ever. There are numerous communication channels available here, so customers have an opportunity to stay in touch with the support team anytime they need it. 

As always, online chat and Whats App are the fastest ways to get a reply, but some clients still prefer to use the mobile phone and discuss issues directly. The response time may vary depending on the selected method and part of the day. However, the longest it took me to hear from the team was 15 minutes, which was quite good for such a service. 

You can contact the customer support managers on via WhatsApp, live chat, email address, and mobile phone.


Unfortunately, when it comes to safety, confidentiality, and anonymity, it is the worst service I have ever come across. As it has already been specified in the Research prospect review, the claims made on the website frequently have nothing to do with reality. 

As you could understand, I could not accept an essay of that bad quality, so I contacted the support agents asking for a refund. Did I get at least a partial one? Never. In fact, I am still waiting for it, but there is no hope to get one. 


If you do not want to waste your time and money to get a poor-quality paper not even worth attention, you should search for alternatives right away. From my personal experience, I can tell that it is one of the least reliable and dependable essay writing services ever. There is a huge difference between what is promised and what is offered, which makes the service look like a scam. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is legit? There is no information about the legal status of the service available on the website. Additionally, the lack of transparency and confidentiality guarantee makes me doubt the legitimacy and safety of the platform.
Is reliable? No. According to the reviews and the results of my personal experience, Researchprospect seems to be one of the least reliable essay writing services ever.
Is a scam? It seems so. Instead of a well-structured and coherent paper I was promised to get, I received a poor-quality essay filled with typos, mistakes, and inaccuracies. All the claims made on the website are fake. No guarantees.
Is cheating? Absolutely. Fake reviews, irrelevant information on the website, and no safety guarantees are only a few factors that make me conclude that the service is cheating. I should not mention the plagiarism that was detected in the paper.

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by Ray U.
Nov 1, 2022
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The writer didn't write the things that were linked to my orders that i told her

by Esraa M.
Oct 19, 2022
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