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This company gives me a lot of negative emotions. First, I couldn't find anything about the owners or the parent company. Secondly, I am disappointed with the quality of the papers. It seems to me that I have not seen such a terrible website for a long time. However, now you will find out everything because I am ready to start this AceYourPaper review and tell you about this company's dark secrets.

Writing tutorials;
Fake reviews;
Poor paper samples;
The writer ignored half of my requirements;

Prices and Discounts

To begin with, I would like to talk about the company's pricing policy. The point is that you can buy a monthly subscription and get access to the sample library or order your paper. A seven-day trial period will cost you $6.99. After that, if you are ready to pay for a monthly subscription, the price will go up to $18.86. But what if you don't want to download samples? Then it would help if you chose the assignment type and the deadline.

On, you can buy a monthly subscription and get access to the sample library or order your paper.

If you're not in a rush, local writers can finish your assignment in 15 days. In such a case, the price per page will be $18. However, the so-called experts can cope with some assignments in 2-3 hours. Keep in mind, the price per page will be $50. In addition, the company invites beginners to activate the AceYourPaper discount code. provides Pricing Plans, where you can choose your deadline and page limit.

The company is also ready to offer an additional set of services. For example, you can order a 1-page summary for $18 or priority support for $5.45. The company also offers paper storage for $3.85. It means that your essay or research paper will be stored for a couple of years on the company's server. Unfortunately, even the promo code won't cut the price very much, especially if you decide to opt for a lot of additional services.

Services Quality

To begin with, I decided to test the local database and signed up for a trial subscription. It is worth noting that all samples are not original, so you will have to rewrite them from scratch. In addition, I was very surprised at the presence of grammatical and punctuation errors. Another problem is that most papers are pretty much the same type, and you can hardly find anything that matches your topic.

You can choose some optional add-ons in your Order Summary on

Now let's get to the main part of my AceYourPaper review. The point is that students can order a paper from scratch and not waste time on samples. I decided to choose a 2-page college admission essay. The writer's main task was to describe my goals, ambitions, and desire to become a professor. In addition, I asked to focus on my empathy and desire for self-development.

Unfortunately, the writer ignored some of my requirements. In particular, I have not found a description of my ambitions and aspirations to become a professor. Another problem is illogically structured paragraphs. It seems to me that the writer doesn't even know what an outline is. Why are there no transition words in my paper? Many sentences look like quotes that have been randomly generated. That is why I believe that the company falsified positive AceYourPaper reviews. Any student would be extremely outraged by such a paper.

Customer Support

Get ready for the fact that there is no online chat on the site. You can only use the hotline and email. But the problem is that the support agents respond very slowly. I wrote a letter to these guys and waited for an answer for about two hours. What if I need to receive my paper in 3 hours and I am in a rush? The second problem is that the hotline is constantly busy. Can't site owners hire more support agents if their company is so popular.

Perhaps my claims seem biased, but I'm used to the fact that support agents always respond quickly and are extremely professional. But my review will be full of words of praise because I did not receive the proper quality of service. When I spend a lot of money on papers, I want to know that everything is in order and the experts can handle my assignment. But, most likely, the company owners are not interested in providing the proper quality of service.


The company's main problem lies in vague wording. I found the "Guarantees" page and was very disappointed. The first problem is that the refund procedure is illogical, and the company reserves the right to refuse you without any detailed explanation. But the most serious problem lies in paragraph 19. The company disclaims responsibility for poorly provided services and all the consequences to which this may lead. disclaims responsibility for poorly provided services and all the consequences.

In other words, all people involved in this company are not responsible for wasting your time and money in vain. It is unheard-of arrogance! I have a very negative attitude towards companies that try to avoid responsibility in any way. So you should not order anything from here.


All I can say is that this is a very strange writing service that did everything possible not to lose money. So you should be very careful if you want to order anything from here. Besides, support agents are not interested in telling the truth. So, to sum up my review, think twice before choosing this company. There are many more profitable options. That is why you shouldn't risk it. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is legit? I'm not sure if this is a legit site. The thing is, I couldn't find anything about the owners or the parent company. That is why you should find an alternative site and not risk it.
Is reliable? Unfortunately, this is an unreliable site. All samples are unoriginal and local writers are extremely unprofessional. I think you should find a more reliable company.
Is a scam? It is very similar to a scam. In any case, this company is not responsible for the quality of the papers, so you should find an alternative and not waste your time.
Is cheating? The owners of the company are real cheaters, so you shouldn't order anything from here. Most likely, you will not be able to request a revision or refund. Find an alternative company.

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There is hardly any other service that provides learners with such poor-quality assistance.

by Solomon F.
Jan 22, 2022
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Irrespective of the negative comments about the service, I found some advantages on the website. It is true that some samples are not original, but students should not use them in the papers anyway. Additionally, reading the review, I noticed too many inaccuracies, so that it seems biased.

by Tomas List.
Oct 13, 2021
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