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Updated: Apr 15, 2023

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Company Overview

With its sloppy website design, unclear pricing, and awkward support experience, it’s a wonder the company remains afloat. Hopefully, my review will help it go down sooner, and students like you will be safe from wasting their time and money on an unreliable company that only pretends to care about its clients. There are so many things wrong with this writing service; it took me a while to get this review together. Luckily, you don’t have to go through the same trouble I did. All you need to do is finish this post before making the final decision. 

STEM assignment help along with essay writing services;
Gade guarantee of 80% or above;
Plenty of negative reviews by students and writers;
Unclear pricing and slow customer support;
Overpriced, shoddy writing;

Prices and Discounts

One of the worst things about this site is its unwillingness to be honest and direct. You have to jump through the hoops to get a quote, only to learn you cannot afford their services. All they reveal is the minimum price, which is $10 per page, though I had to pay close to $30 per page in the end. And I still have no idea what could have lowered the cost for me.

Essay orders on

And don’t go looking for a first-order promo code; you won’t find any. Instead, a discount program promises 5% off orders over $500 and 10% off orders over $1,000. And once you spend $2,500, you get a lifetime 10% discount. Considering the excessive rates, landing the loyalty discount may happen sooner rather than later.

On you can find discount information that could make the price more attractive.

Services Quality

The order process was as outdated and awkward as everything else about this site. First, I had to fill in the order form that was pretty standard aside from the “Solution format” field, which I set to “Word Document” for my essay titled “Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait?”. I uploaded the essay prompt and included a few personal requirements to make the paper more suitable for my writing style. Then, I had to waste an hour talking to a support manager via live chat to specify extra details and learn the actual price ($120 for four pages on a weeklong deadline). I don’t understand why I had to go to all that trouble instead of filling a more detailed order form.

Order form on

This review would have been much less bitter if I’d gotten what I ordered. Instead, the writer summarily ignored the prompt requirements and additional instructions I provided and took the paper off-topic. They focused on the value of leadership skills rather than their origins. Moreover, some of the arguments were entirely unsupported by evidence, so the whole paper read more like a blog post than a college essay. And when I asked for a revision, I was told my instructions were not detailed enough. That’s when I realized I’d wasted time and money.

Online Reputation 


With 6 out of 25 HomeworkDoer reviews being negative, the company’s rating is still 4.1 stars. Of course, there was the usual host of complaints about late delivery and poor writing quality resulting in bad grades. However, one 2019 review caught my eye. The reviewer complained about being blackmailed, and the company rep clarified the blackmailer was a rogue employee. Although the company claimed to have taken legal action against the said employee, the whole situation made me highly uncomfortable about entrusting this essay mill with my personal details. After all, even if I used a fake name to register an account, I’d still have to provide credit card info with my real name.

Like every writing service, have both positive and negative reviews on SiteJabber.


Do you ever wonder how Trustpilot calculates company ratings? Take Homework Doer, for example. There are only two reviews, both 1-star, yet the company rating is 2.9 stars. Besides, one of those two reviews was by a writer who claimed the company did not pay its employees and never delivered refunds to the clients. All I’m saying is that you should always look beyond the stars at the top of the page if you want to stay out of trouble with essay mills.


I was surprised to find zero Reddit reviews. Usually, there are at least half a dozen questions about essay mills with a few dozen short comments about how bad or good the writing actually is. So I think the service is half-dead or it’s not as popular and well-known as the website wants you to believe.

Other Review Websites

Out of five independent reviews I skimmed, not a single one was positive. While some reviewers (Marvel Essay) got boring yet passable papers, others were disappointed. The ScamFighter review was a mirror of mine, with arguments against unclear pricing and refund terms, as well as writers incapable of following instructions. GlobaLearn review was the only one to highlight negotiable pricing, though the writing quality complaints were also present.

Social Media Activity


The Facebook page was created in 2017 and held barely a dozen posts spanning two years. Still, there are 16 followers and over a dozen likes. No Homework Doer reviews to see, though there were a couple of spam comments in the feed that no one bothered to clean up. I guess the company doesn’t feel it’s necessary to uphold its Facebook presence. 


Created on the same day as the Facebook page, the Twitter account was abandoned even sooner, the same year. So even if the Twitter account boasts 45 followers, it’s been dead for a long time.  


I found the Youtube channel created in 2017, but there were zero videos and subscribers. My search for Youtube reviews was equally fruitless. I guess the company decided to cover its bases but didn’t want to waste time and resources on making and uploading videos. 

Customer Support

There’s no way to place an order without contacting a support agent, so the support experience is an integral part of my Homework Doer review. I had to request a quote from a support agent, though the live chat only activated after I’d created an account. The manager took their time processing my order, so I had to wait around an hour to see the bottom line. While the manager was pleasant and not too pushy, the wait time was annoying.


The Money Back Guarantee includes refund clauses if your grade is below 80. But once I looked closer, I realized it was nothing but a trick. For instance, the service promised a full refund if my grade was 59 or below, meaning I had to fail the assignment to get my money back. And grades 60 to 69 only warranted 50% of the money back. But the most suspicious was the company’s attempt to persuade me to choose store credit instead of a direct refund. Apparently, receiving cash could take too long, while store credit could be used for new orders instantly. That’s not shady at all. has a tricky refund policy.


I should have blocked this website the moment I read the HomeworkDoer review claiming blackmail by the company employee, but I was too curious for my own good. So I wasted $100 and two weeks, most of which I spent frustrated and angry with myself. Feel free to use this service if that’s something you find enjoyable. But if you’d rather get good writing for a reasonable price, look elsewhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is legit? The site belongs to Ador Doers LTD, registered in Barcelona, Spain. And while all payments are in USD, the disputes are resolved according to the EU legislation.
Is reliable? Despite the grade guarantee, they are unwilling to revise or refund unsatisfied customers, including yours truly. That’s not a sign of a reliable writing service.
Is a scam? Not really, though their promises and guarantees are worthless. You will likely receive a paper, though I doubt it will be worth the expense.
Is cheating? They lie when they promise quality writing, and the refund terms are a joke. I felt cheated, and so will you.

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It wasn't bad, I got my work done.

by Ebony H
May 19, 2023
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HomeworkDoer-org was ok. It did what I needed it to do.

by Sanford A
May 12, 2023
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Pretty good service - got my essay done quickly!

by Dallas P
Apr 15, 2023
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This was the worst writing service I've ever used. The paper I got was terrible and the customer service was even worse. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone!

by Guadalupe Ri
Apr 12, 2023
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This service sucks! It took forever to get my paper and it was full of typos. Save your money and find a different writing service!

by Rosemary L
Apr 5, 2023
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I'm not sure if this is a scam or not. tbh I don't feel like this is the best essay service for me.

by Candy
Oct 20, 2022
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The writers don't seem to care about the quality of their work. My essay was late and not written well.

by O.T.
Sep 29, 2022
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The website is easy to use, but there is no information provided about the writer

by Bette Bette
Sep 23, 2022
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