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Updated: Apr 20, 2023

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Company Overview

From the moment I laid eyes on this website, I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, it looked bland and basic, with numbers and promises that weren’t too convincing, though the copy was surprisingly good. On the other hand, I had serious doubts about the writer’s proficiency, considering the company was based in Bulgaria and made no claims about the writers’ origins or their command of English. 

Still, I decided to give the service a chance to change my mind, and you get the pleasure of learning the outcome from my review instead of wasting your own time and money.

Detailed writer profiles;
Bonus program;
Weak research and uninspired writing;
No StudyClerk reviews on social media;
Partial refunds only available in store credit;
Uncooperative support team;

Prices and Discounts

The pricing is extremely unclear due to the bidding process. When I checked the box for automatic writer choice, the paper cost went down to $15 per page, though the feature added another $10 to the order total. And when I went with the bidding process, the cheapest offer I got was $18 per page with a 10-day deadline. And choosing Gold or Platinum writers added 10% to 20% to the bottom line. So overall, I think StudyClerk is overpriced.

I wouldn’t share a StudyClerk promo code even if I’d found one, but the lack of a first-order discount convinced me the company didn’t care much about getting more business. Even the bonus program seemed half-hearted, considering the terms are so obscure I couldn’t understand how the bonuses were calculated.

Services Quality

Finally, we’re at the part of my review you’ve been waiting for. order form

So let’s begin with the order process. I loathe services that demand my email (or, better yet, my Facebook credentials) before even giving me a cost estimate. And I hated the bidding stage even more because I felt like the same person responded for every writer I tried chatting with. In the end, I settled on a mid-priced writer with a high rating to write me a short 3-page essay on the effect of the pandemic on foreign language learning classes in college.

Detailed writer profile on

Considering the volume of recent research, I expected it to be an easy task. Instead, the writer went with a Wikipedia article and a couple of blog posts as evidence to support the two obvious points. Everyone knows online classes are less efficient, but the writer failed to provide relevant evidence to support the claim. They were clearly unfamiliar with the subject and tried to mask it by using smart words that only made the paper unreadable. And some sentences made me doubt the writer was a native English speaker because I’d never heard anyone talk like that.

Online Reputation 


Not much to tell about SiteJabber reviews, as I found none. Although the company claimed the profile, there was no feedback for me to study.


The StudyClerk rating on Trustpilot remains at zero because there are no reviews. Considering the service has been around for four years, the lack of feedback seems suspicious.


Similarly, I didn’t find any Reddit reviews. Although the company posts occasional self-promotion, the page remains dead without a single comment or review.

Other Review Websites

If you think I’m being too harsh in my StudyClerk review, you should see what other independent bloggers have to say. The authors of PaperGraders, AllTopReviews, and TopWritersReview had the same concerns as me, including poor customer support, overpriced writing, and vague terms of service. 

Social Media Activity


I couldn’t find a Study Clerk Facebook page, though the company offered me a chance to share my use of their services on my feed. 


The Twitter account I unearthed was half-dead. Created in 2019, it held barely a dozen posts, with a handful of promotions published in 2022. Unsurprisingly, the profile only had five followers and zero comments or retweets. 


I’d be surprised if the company that couldn’t be bothered with Facebook or Twitter ran a successful Youtube channel. StudyClerk is absent from Youtube, and I didn’t find a single video review either.

Customer Support

I’m used to support agents being pushy and somewhat aggressive in their attempts to convince me to order a paper. But on StudyClerk, the support managers seemed bored with my questions and utterly uninterested in helping me. And my questions about refunds were summarily ignored.

The only upside of my customer support experience is that I’m not the only one to be ignored. According to the few reviews I found, the support team is often rude and passive-aggressive.


According to the Terms of Use, the only chance to get a full refund is if you provide a plagiarism report with over 10% similarity. Otherwise, only partial refunds are possible. For instance, you can claim up to 30% of the payment if you receive the paper late. However, you will only get partial refunds in store credit. So if you never plan on using the service again, you can kiss the refund goodbye. I wish I’d found more Study Clerk reviews to check if anyone ever managed to score a full refund. I doubt it.

Only partial refunds are possible on


This Study Clerk review got away from me because I found so many minor problems with this service I couldn’t leave out. The bidding process is a joke, the support team is a waste, and the writing quality is a disgrace. Add to this zero chance of getting your money back, and you have the prime candidate for the never-again list of writing companies. I’m not going back, and I suggest you steer clear, too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Studyclerk Trustworthy? No. Despite their claims of transparency and integrity, the terms of use will rob you of the chance to get a partial refund unless you agree to store credit. That’s not a sign of a trustworthy company in my books.
Is Studyclerk a Good Service? No. Some of their writers aren’t native English speakers, and they cannot deliver a college-appropriate level of research or writing.
Is Legit? It’s hard to tell. The website does not list the owner, but it operates under the governing law of Bulgaria, not the US or UK.
Is Reliable? The service can deliver papers on time, but I wouldn’t rely on them for critical assignments with short deadlines.
Is a Scam? No, it’s a generic essay mill with the same risks and rewards you’d get with any other subpar writing service.
Is Cheating? The service provides you with academic support and materials, and it’s up to you to use them without breaking your school’s code of conduct.

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