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Updated: Apr 19, 2023

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Company Overview

The number of essay writing services available on the market is continuously growing, as well as their demand among college students. Is it easy to find a platform worth attention? Browsing the web, I recently came across a review that attracted my attention. The convenience of the website use and its efficiency were the key advantages specified by the author.

However, when I opened the page, I had so many reasons to disagree. But, it gave me extra reasons to analyze the platform and come up with an unbiased and comprehensive review that would probably help other learners make a choice they will not regret.

An extensive database of sample papers;
Easy-to-navigate website;
Direct communication with the writer;
Vague policies;
Confusing website;
Complicated communication with the support representatives;
Poor-quality papers;

Prices and Discounts 

As you could have already understood, the analysis of the main page was not really informative. Instead of getting answers to bothersome questions, I got even more questions. However, as I was determined to come up with a comprehensive review, I needed to discover the details. advantages

I spent almost an hour browsing the website and still could not find any information about the prices of the delivered services. Was there any Happyessays discount available for the new users? Who knows! I did not understand the way the prices work here, so I doubt the company offers any price-related perks.

Well, after a challenging and confusing ordering process, I realized that a 3-page undergraduate-level essay on Psychology delivered in 5 days would cost me around $130. I was not ready for that price, but I accepted it as I wanted to see the result. By the way, I had an opportunity to choose the writer for $9.99. Well, I skipped this option and got the one automatically.

Services Quality

To tell the truth, everything about the service seemed frustrating. Working on the Happyessays review and analyzing the specifications of the experience, I realized that there were too many ambiguities. If you do not need a free sample and you choose to get custom paper help, you are redirected to a different website. Isn’t that suspicious? statistics

The ordering process was quite ordinary, but I had a few tricky questions. It took me around 30 minutes to deal with it. I was offered to choose the level of the writer’s expertise that would influence the cost of the assignment.

“Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait” was the topic of the paper I ordered. I did not specify any extraordinary requirements, so the writer had to keep it academic and well-structured. After I confirmed the order and covered its cost, I had to wait for the project to be accomplished.

First of all, it is critical to mention that it was delivered without delays. However, that seemed to be the only advantage. I cannot say the quality of the paper was extremely low, but let me remind you that I paid $130 for it and the paper was not even close worth the price. Instead of a coherent and consistent paper, I got plain text with weird formatting. It seemed to be a mix of MLA and APA styles. As for the content of the paper, it was not any better. Vague statements, like “leadership can be obtained, but it is frequently innate,” drove me crazy. Besides, tons of other inaccuracies, mistakes, and typos were confusing.

Online Reputation 

When I started looking for more reviews, I realized the main mistake I had made. I did not pay due attention to the online reputation of the service beforehand. As a new platform, it is not really reviewed, so finding any comments about the quality of the provided services was challenging. Did I manage to find any?


Was Happyessays rated on Sitejabber? Not a single piece of feedback was there.


No reviews were mentioned on Trustpilot, as well.


It was unexpected for me to acknowledge that the service was not reviewed on Reddit, even though the users discuss all types of questions there.

Other Review Websites

When all my attempts to use the most reputable review platforms as a source of information failed, I started searching for any feedback right on Google. It was not really effective, but I detected multiple sentences about the vague legal status of the service.

Social Media Activity

To be honest, it was so weird to check different social media platforms in search of the Happyessays pages, but I had to do it. The platform is comparatively new and is still unknown.

  • Facebook. It is not really active on Facebook, as it does not even have an account there.
  • Twitter. Searching for a Twitter account does not make any sense either. 
  • YouTube. The company does not post videos on YouTube.

Customer Support

If you read a Happyessays review attentively, you could notice the absence of any information about the company and its services. Trying to get critical details from the representatives of the support team, I realized that the only way to talk to the agent was through the contact form. Are you, guys, kidding me? No phone, no email, no live chat. Nothing.

Well, when I proceeded to the ordering page, I noticed an online assistant, which seemed to be available only for the customers ready to purchase the assignment. Was it helpful? Not at all.

You can contact the customer support managers on through the contact form.


If you are looking for Happyessays reviews trying to find any safety or quality guarantees, forget about it. According to the information offered on the website, the service does offer free revisions and partial/full refunds, but in fact, they are hard (read as impossible) to receive.


Even though the company is new and there are no Happyessays reviews that could either prove or deny certain information, the service is hard to be called reliable. Too many inaccuracies and ambiguities make me doubt its relevance. Moreover, the mediocre quality of the delivered essays is another proof of the problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Happyessays trustworthy? Not really. Well, it may depend, but from my personal experience, I should say it is not the service I can recommend.
Is Happyessays a good service? The company is new, but it does not seem to be rapidly growing and developing. Instead, it seems to be a trivial service that does not care for its customers.
Is legit? Maybe yes, maybe no. Browsing the web, I did not find any information about the legal status of the company. The representatives of the support team are also not too informative here.
Is reliable? No, it can hardly be called a reliable service, as you never know what results you are likely to get.
Is a scam? Who knows. I paid a lot of money for the shallow-quality paper, but I did get my project done on time.
Is cheating? No plagiarism was detected in my paper. However, the company charges its customers prices that do not correspond to the quality of the provided papers.

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Pretty website

by Lizzie L
Mar 17, 2023
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quite good quality

by Willard H
Mar 15, 2023
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I appreciate the fact that takes the time to go over the details of the project.

by Maribel M
Mar 9, 2023
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The turnaround time for my project was very efficient.

by Mandy H
Mar 5, 2023
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The paper quality was adequate, but there was still room for improvement.

by Jude V.
Jan 18, 2023
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Overall, the experience was good. However, I struggled to understand some of the instructions.

by Gwen R.
Jan 9, 2023
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I'm not sure about this service. There are a lot of reviews that speak positively about this service, but there are also some negative reviews. I'm not sure who would use this service, so I'm not sure if it's worth it.

by Linwood B.
Jan 4, 2023
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