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Updated: Apr 20, 2023

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Company Overview

Theassignmenthelp is a rather strange writing service. The brand was created in mid-2021 in New Zealand. At the same time, the company does not provide any legit information or offer clear terms and conditions. That is why I decided to write this review to find out the truth.

Free plagiarism report;
Free Grammarly report;
No clear terms and conditions;
Unclear refunds;
No paper extras;

Prices and Discounts

In preparation for this Theassignmenthelp review, I was surprised that all prices are in pounds. New Zealand switched to New Zealand dollars in 1967, so the choice of currency looks strange. The minimum price is £26 if you are willing to wait more than 15 days. If you're in a hurry, the company can handle your assignment in 24 hours, but the minimum price is £32.50. The company also offers an automatic Theassignmenthelp promo code that allows you to save 10%.

Services Quality

I don't understand people who write positive reviews. The fact is that the process of ordering papers is not very convenient. In the upper right corner, there are two similar buttons that are easy to confuse. They perform the same function but may cause delays. So why was it necessary to create two identical "Order" buttons? But let's not get sidetracked and continue this review. order form

I ordered a 3-page undergraduate essay on Art. The writer's task was to evaluate graffiti as a modern art form. At the same time, I asked an expert to describe situations where graffiti is an act of vandalism. As you can see, the writer had simple instructions and partially coped with the task. I saw a clear argument why street paintings on walls and fences can be art. The expert also cited three situations where graffiti is nothing more than vandalism.

But my "The Assignment Help review" could not do without criticism. Despite maintaining a neutral tone, the expert denounced the graffiti even though I didn't ask for it. I also think that the intro and conclusion should have contained clearer messages. Finally, some of the transitions were blurry, which affected my grade. As a result, I would rate the expert's work at 6 out of 10.

Online Reputation

As an expert, I understand that I cannot get past such a parameter as the Theassignmenthelp rating. Any student wants to see as many opinions about the company as possible before delegating any papers. So I checked dozens of websites to see what people think of this company. Now I'm ready to share the results with you.


I was a bit discouraged when I didn't find at least a few "The Assignment Help reviews" on Sitejabber. For some unknown reason, no one left comments on this site. Is this writing service not popular with students? For me, this state of affairs was a surprise. However, let's not stop at one site and check out others. doesn't have reviews on SiteJabber.


In the case of Trustpilot, I was also a bit discouraged. I also did not find Theassignmenthelp reviews, although I hoped I would be lucky. For some reason, this company is not popular among students. In any case, the two largest reviews of the aggregator do not know anything about it. But I decided not to lose hope and switched to Reddit. doesn't have reviews on Trustpilot.


My last hope was Reddit reviews. Unfortunately, even here, I found only one comment. Unfortunately, I'm unsure if this person was describing exactly the company I'm thinking of. However, even this comment suggests that no one knows about the company. Maybe the students don't have time to craft big reviews, or they don't know about this option. Anyway, I decided to check other websites too. review on Reddit.

Other Review Websites

I had to dig at the bottom of the Internet, visiting forums, blogs, and social media pages. Unfortunately for me, I found practically nothing. Those five comments I have collected do not deserve to be considered official statistics. It will probably be a mystery why people do not write anything about this company. Perhaps the analysis of social media activity will allow me to learn more about this company.

Social Media Activity

It's time to talk about how this company positions itself on the Internet. I checked the main websites and social media platforms. Here are the results of my searches. I hope that after that, you will be able to learn more about this company and make decisions based on the information received.


The first thing I found was their Facebook page. In general, it looks ok. The company follows a standard marketing strategy by publishing information about discounts, promotions, and other commercial information. I would not say that such a strategy is exceptionally correct. In addition, the company has less than 800 subscribers. However, this is the brand's prerogative, so I will not give them any advice or condemn their strategy.


I also found the company's Twitter account. This page looks good: the company publishes paper guides, discounts, and useful information for students. Unfortunately, the company does not rely on popularizing the Twitter account, which is strange. In total, I counted less than 500 subscribers. However, I think the brand needs this profile only for linking, so let's not pay attention to it.


The brand does not count on YouTube as a source of attracting new customers. Anyway, I didn't find their account or videos related to Theassignmenthelp. The brand does not have enough money or motivation to occupy this market segment. I would not say this strategy is correct, but let's move on to more interesting nuances.

Customer Support

You can use the hotline, online chat, or email to contact support agents. I decided to use the online chat and ask a couple of questions to the company representatives. In general, I cannot say anything bad about the brand. Support agents respond with an interval of 5-10 minutes. Therefore, I can't say that this is a very good result. At the same time, they were quite honest, although they did not say anything about the owners of the brand. According to them, support agents have no information about the brand's owner or legal aspects. This statement sounds strange because many other companies do not hide such information.


As a customer, you can count on free revisions and refunds. But in both cases, you should provide solid proof for the QA team to investigate. The company proceeded with the amendments two days after my request. But get ready that the refund procedure can take at least a month, which may be unacceptable for many students.


Overall, I'm going to take a neutral stance. I'm not very happy with how the writer crafted my paper. After two revisions, I got a relatively normal paper. If you (for some reason) have no alternative, then you can delegate a simple paper or homework assignment. But I wouldn't trust these guys regarding research papers or coursework. Be careful and try to find an alternative if you do not want to face any force majeure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Theassignmenthelp trustworthy? I'm not sure about this. But, in any case, I would look for an alternative if I were a student.
Is Theassignmenthelp a good service? It is not the worst academic company. But, simultaneously, you can hardly count on polished papers.
Is legit? I cannot answer this question as I have not found any legit information about this brand. However, for some reason, the company is unwilling to deanonymize legal information.
Is reliable? No. I would look for other companies so as not to worry about the final paper quality.
Is a scam? No, this is not a scam company. But get ready because you may not like the final draft.
Is cheating? No. This company does not resort to any manipulation. At the same time, I do not guarantee you perfect papers if you choose this brand.

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Not recommend due to high prices and bad quality

by Shari Little
Feb 17, 2023
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convenient and simple

by Robby Alvarado
Feb 15, 2023
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I haven't tried yet, but they offer a writing service so I'm sure it's worth a look.

by Lea Maher
Feb 12, 2023
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3/5 offers a great writing service - I'm sure they'll be able to help out with any writing needs you have.

by Ralph Shepard
Feb 11, 2023
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1/5 is a scam! They take your money and give you sub-par work.

by Kerry Padilla
Feb 5, 2023
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They have clear guidelines and instructions for successful completion of assignments.

by Asa Nixon
Feb 4, 2023
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