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Refund policy Yes

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Company Overview

This writing service caused me a lot of controversial emotions. On the one hand, I am an adherent of modern website design and mobile applications. But this is a Ukrainian company. LLC "DIGITALWAY" is registered in Kyiv and is the owner of the site. In addition, I am not happy with many aspects related to the professionalism of writers. Most likely, this company does not employ native speakers. However, let me not get ahead of myself and tell you about everything in order. Check my PaperHacker review!

Low prices;
Paper samples;
Missed deadlines;
Some of my requirements were ignored;
Poor paper quality;
No transition words in paragraphs;

Prices and Discounts

The pricing policy of these guys is pretty weird. I've read many reviews, and people have complained that the site owners are deliberately giving false information. Initially, the site states that the minimum cost per page is $8.5. However, if you start filling out the order form, you will see that the price starts at $9 for 275 words. It’s weird. This price is relevant if you are willing to wait more than two weeks. The minimum deadline is 24 hours. In this case, the price will increase to $20.6 per page.

Making an order on, you can choose the academic level, number of pages, and deadline for your paper.

The most interesting aspect is the discount policy. Let's say you want to activate the promo code. You have three options then. The first one is trivial since you have to ask the support agents to send you a code. You can also save money if you invite a friend. It’s very simple. Each user you invite will increase your deposit by $10. The third and final method allows students to receive a 10% discount. Anyway, you will have to leave a positive PaperHacker review on Trustpilot in advance. Now you will better understand why no-name sites have such a high rating.

You have three options to activate the promo code, but not all seem honest.

Services Quality

Now it's time to talk about the professionalism of local writers. Since I had a bad feeling, I ordered a 2-page college essay on Art and chose "When and how did photography become art?" topic. The writer's main task was to describe the stages of popularization of photography and the general principles that make photographers similar to artists.

Plus, I sent in a file with instructions, so the so-called expert had two weeks not to fail. Unfortunately, I didn't receive my paper on time. I could forgive these guys because I didn't get the PaperHacker discount code, but why did it take the writer more than half an hour to send me the paper? Unfortunately, I have no answer to this question. However, this is far from the only problem.

You can send some requirements for your paper to, but you can’t be sure that the writer will not ignore them.

The writer ignored some of my requirements. In particular, I have not seen a description of the key features that explain the general principles of composition and the top elements of photography as contemporary art. Also, the writer wrote extremely poor body paragraphs, forgetting about transition words. I was quite surprised to see a bunch of incoherent sentences when I wrote this review. This is why I am extremely unhappy with the quality of my paper.

Customer Support

I cannot say that I am dissatisfied with how the support agents work. These guys answer quickly and are pretty polite. Anyway, I got a discount code that didn't work. Now I will try to explain my problem. The thing is, my discount didn't work. I tried to activate it, but there was a bug on the site. In any case, the price has not changed. It is worth noting that I received the correct code. Perhaps this is a coincidence. Let's continue this review, and I will tell you about other aspects.

You can contact a support agent and get a promo code on your first order, but the discount may didn't work.


Now let's talk about outright lies. If you go to the "Guarantees" page, you will see that all customers can expect refunds 14 days after the final deadline. But when I tried to get my money back, I was told that this procedure is possible only after a special QA team analyzes my paper. I understand that this is a standard procedure. Besides, these guys could point out the whole truth on the site, and no one would be outraged. Maybe that's why I've seen so many irate PaperHacker reviews lately. says that they have flexible Credit and Refund Policy, but, in fact, it's tricky and more confusing than it may seem.


So it's time to say the final words. I do not recommend that you order anything from here. The main reason is rather commonplace and lies in the lack of professionalism of the writers. It seems to me that there are no native speakers in this company who could write papers well. Plus, be prepared for the company not meeting deadlines. 

The cherry on top is poor paper quality and a notorious marketing gimmick with a 100% refund to all customers. Moreover, local writers don't even know what transition words are. Finally, I want to remind you that I ordered a small essay and not a capstone project. This is why you should look for alternatives and not waste your time. Many other companies can handle your order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is legit? Yes, this is a legit company. However, it would help if you didn't rejoice in advance, as this is a Ukrainian company. If you are an American, Canadian, European, or Australian student, it won't be easy to defend your rights in court.
Is reliable? No. I think this is an unreliable company because writers don't meet deadlines. In addition, some of my requirements were ignored. It is unlikely that you want your paper to be unfinished. Find another writing service.
Is a scam? I would not say that this is a scam site since I still received my paper. Besides, I am completely dissatisfied with the result and believe that the company cannot provide all customers with the declared quality level.
Is cheating? I would not say that this is a company of cheaters. Anyway, these guys are more interested in making money than writing assignments. This is why you shouldn't count on high quality. Instead, find alternative options so as not to waste your money.

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I tried this service a few times, but they never produced a quality paper. I found their prices to be high and their service to be poor. This service is not worth the money.

by Mo
Nov 9, 2022
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They were so disorganized. I ended up having to write my paper on my own, and I cannot recommend them at all.

by Nispelenn
Oct 12, 2022
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