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Have you always been looking for an academic essay writing service that offers high-quality assistance at a low cost? Browsing the 99papers website, I believed that it was not a myth but a reality. Then, surfing the web, I came across a comprehensive 99papers.com review that made me even more certain, so I did not wait long to place an order. At some point, I started thinking that everything seemed too perfect to be real, and my worst fears came true. Have you ever considered 99papers to be a reliable service? Did you add the website to favorites in your browser? Take your time to read a review that will help you avoid mistakes I have made.

Easy ordering process;
Several ways to contact the support team;
No transparency;
Fake information on the website;
Biased reviews and irrelevant customers’ feedback;
High costs;
Delayed delivery;
Helpless customer support;

Prices and Discounts

Working on the 99 papers review, I wanted to start with the pricing policy of the company. As you could have already noticed, the service employs an aggressive marketing strategy that emphasizes the convenience, quality, and affordability of academic assistance. The rate is claimed to be as low as $9.95 per page. Additionally, customers should never forget about a 99papers.com promo code, exclusive offers, and discounts available on the website. Besides, it is inevitable to mind the premium features you may get.

On 99papers.com, it's easy to calculate the price of an assignment.

In fact, all these features are trivial tricks aimed at getting the attention of potential customers. What do people get in reality? Hidden costs, lack of transparency, and no discounts.

Services Quality

The information provided on the website, 99papers.com reviews on Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and some other platforms, and a plethora of marketing tricks made me place an order. At that point, I was convinced that I would deal with a reputable and time-tested essay writing service that offers high-quality, safe, and affordable assistance. Those illusions faded away right when I proceeded to the order placing process.

As mentioned on the main page, $9.95 was the cost of a single essay page. Attractive, wasn't it? Fortunately, with the help of the online calculator, I acknowledged that the cost of my 3-page essay would not be lower than $48. Then, I noticed the information about the 99papers discount code, but I had to contact the support team to get detailed information.

Although I followed all the specified instructions, I failed to activate the code, so I could not use the discount. Well, that was not a big deal for me, but that was definitely the point worth attention. It is critical to mention that the ordering process was quite fast and easy, as I only had to specify the basic characteristics and requirements of the essay.

Are you ready to read about the paper I got?

As for the price, a 3-page college essay on Social Psychology, delivered in 7 days, cost me $55. No one could explain to me how the price was calculated and why the final cost of the assignment increased from $48 to $55. Besides, I never got a promised discount.

Nonetheless, the greatest disappointment was yet to come. The topic of the essay was “Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait?” and the writer's task was to mention five factors that could help readers understand the true nature of leadership. What was my reaction when I opened the delivered file? I could not say a word because I had never seen an academic essay without paragraphs, chapters, spaces, citations, and formatting. Was that the worst part? No, as I started reading the paper then.

Has anyone ever heard about the transitory character traits? The writers at 99papers definitely know more than anyone else. What about the innate characteristics, such as time-management and goal-orientation? After reading two paragraphs of the text, I knew I would request a refund. 

The situation aggravated when I found tons of grammar, style, and punctuation mistakes in the paper. Do you think a native English speaker can say “all the character traits can to be divide into two categories,” or “people may develop some peculiarities for the full life”? Do these phrases make any sense? The last point that made me lose any hope was the high percentage of plagiarism in the paper. 

Customer Support

The moment I realized that the quality of the paper I received was not even close to what I expected to get, I knew I would not succeed without the assistance of the support team. However, it did not bother me at all since I had read a lot of comments about the quick response and ultimate assistance of the representatives of the customer support. 

On 99papers.com, you can contact the support team via the phone number, email, and live chat.

Generally, browsing the website, I found several ways to contact the team, including the phone number, email, and live chat. The last one seemed to be the fastest, so I started with it. Do you, guys, consider a half an hour response to be fast? I was patiently waiting for the first five minutes, but then I could not hide the mix of confusion and anger I had. 

99papers.com also have FB Messenger and WhatsUp to contact with support team.

Did the staff help me get an effective solution to the problem? Absolutely not. Instead of giving me instructions on how to get a refund, I only heard tons of recommendations and tips on how I could improve the quality of the essay. What? I paid a lot for the work to be done, I was not going to edit the text.


Confidentiality policy, money-back guarantee, and revision policy are the factors that help me decide whether I place an order or not. Browsing the web, I have come across an unlimited number of 99papers reviews emphasizing how perfect and consistent the above-mentioned options are. Some learners talked about the unlimited revisions they have got, while others shared some stories about full refunds they received because of the poor quality of the delivered texts.

Statistics on 99papers.com seem perfect, but let's find the truth.

At this point, I have got two significant questions to consider. First, if only professional and experienced writers work in the company, why do so many people ask for a refund? Second, how can the company have so many positive reviews and feedback if the vast majority of customers requested revisions and refunds?

Well, after considering these issues, fact-checking was unavoidable, so I contacted the representatives of the support service asking for a refund. Here comes the truth: you will not get a partial or full refund even if your paper is 100% plagiarized. Have you got a poor-quality essay? Prove it. Does it contain plagiarized passages? Prove it. Are there tons of mistakes? Prove it. Believe it or not, but the time you will spend explaining the reasons for the refund is not worth the money you may get.


Most college students, who read a 99papers review attentively, realize that the company is about claims and promises only. The information claimed on the website is impressive, but the reality is confusing and disappointing. Slow and helpless customer support is the core issue that affects the dependability and reputability of the service. Additionally, it is critical to mention the fake claims that have nothing to do with reality. In fact, shallow research, plagiarized paragraphs, tons of grammar, punctuation, and style mistakes, combined with poor revision and dubious refund policies, are the services students are likely to get.

Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is 99papers.com legit? Though 99papers seems legit, there are too many dubious policies that can make students concerned about the quality of the services they offer. The lack of information about the refund policy and fake promises make people doubt the dependability of the company.
Is 99papers.com reliable? As mentioned in the 99papers.com review, the company claims to be a reliable and trustworthy essay writing service. However, an array of problems and inconsistencies that appear during the ordering process prove the opposite. Unfortunately, you may never be sure of the safety and quality of the written papers.
Is 99papers.com scam? According to dozens of customer reviews and my personal experience, I can tell that 99papers is a scam platform. The lack of data transparency, poor communication with customer support, and low quality of the provided texts are not the only issues most customers face.
Is 99papers.com cheating? Absolutely. Aggressive marketing is one of the peculiar features of the company that makes people excited at first but disappointed at the end. Most promises are never fulfilled.

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It is complicated to imagine a person who would order an essay from a custom paper writing service right after reading a negative review, but I was the one. I spent some time reading the information on the website and comparing it to other comments about the service. I decided to give it a try. I cannot say it was the best experience in my life, but not the worst.

by Weronika Ba.
May 15, 2022
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I wish more people could read the review before they come across the service. My experience of purchasing an essay from the service coincides with the author’s except for several points. In general, the claims made on the main page have nothing to do with what writers provide.

by Mercy Co.
Apr 5, 2022
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A complete waste of money. High school students may view it as an option, but not college students.

by Natalia Per.
Mar 17, 2022
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