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  • Updated: Aug 30, 2022
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Company Overview

This time, surfing the web in search of a high-quality college essay writing service, I noticed several comments about a comparatively new platform. One Homework-Lab.com review was very detailed and ultimately positive, highlighting the advantages of the company and mentioning none of its downsides. That looked a bit suspicious to me, so I decided to find more data about the service. Well, it is necessary to admit that I could not find any negative feedback about the company. However, after I spent some time browsing the website, I knew something was wrong. So, I placed an order to get a chance to estimate the quality of the provided services and the dependability of policies. Do you want to hear the truth about Homework-Lab? Keep reading the Homework-Lab review to find out the details of my experience.

Free paper samples;
High costs;
Low quality of the delivered texts;
No guarantees;
Vague information about refund and revision policy;
Poor communication with the customer support;

Prices and Discounts

First of all, it is inevitable to mention that the first impression from the company website was positive. The main page seemed to be informative and easy to navigate. Nonetheless, those feelings did not last long, as it took me over 15 minutes to find any information about the privacy policy or money-back guarantee. Thus, it is indispensable to mention that the website design is much better than its functionality.

As for the prices offered by the company, you will never know them unless you place an order. Are you surprised? I was. No online calculator, no pricing table, nothing. What do you think happened when I started looking for a Homework-Lab discount code? Right, a complete failure. Therefore, as a customer, I had two options, either to give up the idea of placing an order or proceed to the next stage, testing the fortune. I selected the last option and regretted my choice several times.

After the standard ordering process, I had to wait for over an hour to get the first quotes from the writers. The prices varied a lot, but none of them seemed hilariously low. Finally, a 3-page college-level essay on Psychology due in 14 days cost me around $65. Is that cheap? I doubt it.

Homework-Lab.com was created to make students' life easier but became a huge disappointment.

Services Quality

Placing an order, I knew that Homework-Lab.com promo code was not an option. Anyway, I proceeded to the order placing section. A 3-page college essay on Psychology, delivered in 10 days, cost me approximately $70. The cost is quite high, so I expected to get corresponding quality. However, it never happened, as what I got was a complete mess.

“Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait” was the title of the paper, and the core goal of the writing was to help readers understand basic information about leadership and its nature. Well, I could not predict that the writer did not know anything about the notion. Right, only the person who has no idea about leadership can mention physical and emotional health, diligence, and time-management as “fundamental factors that influence skill development.”

To tell the truth, that was the least of the problems, as the text had no paragraphs or other types of divisions. How was it possible? I wanted to ask for explanations, but the live chat was unavailable at the time. Should I mention grammar mistakes and punctuation issues? Just think of the phrases, like “people who wanted to developped leadership skill, should have worked more harder,” or “there are a little chances to success with leadership skills; especially if you are not hard-working person” to understand what I am talking about.

Finally, when I was ready to write a comprehensive Homework-Lab review, I decided to check the paper for plagiarism. You know what? Over 30% of the work was just copied from another paper. Unfortunately, it turned out to be one of the worst essay writing services I ever dealt with.

Customer Support

In the overwhelming majority of instances, even if academic writing platforms cannot guarantee the high quality of the papers, they provide learners with excellent customer support, privacy policy, and confidentiality guarantee.

On Homework-Lab.com you can contact support agents via live chat and email.

Reading Homework-Lab reviews, I found a lot of thankful notes, mentioning fast response and impressive assistance of the support team. Nonetheless, browsing the website, I noticed neither the contact phone number nor email. The only option available there was a live chat that was unavailable at that time. So, I had to fill out the form and wait for the response.

When the representatives of the support team replied, the specifications of the essay I wanted to add were irrelevant, as I already had to ask for a refund.


In fact, it was mentioned in numerous Homework-Lab.com reviews that the platform worked as an intermediary between the student and a writer. Nonetheless, according to those comments, the company was held responsible for the quality of the delivered papers, providing learners with a 100% money-back guarantee, a comprehensive revision policy, and similar options. The reality turned out to be the opposite, though.

It was my mistake to pay so little attention to the revision and refund policies before placing an order. The corresponding sections on the website made me think I would not have problems with those aspects. However, once I received my order delivered, I realized that all those reviews were fake.

Homework-Lab.com has tricky revision and refund policies.

When I started reading information about the money-back guarantee offered by the company, I found some general phrases only. So, I contacted the support service asking for details, and I was offered a few ways out of my situation, with free revision being the first one. Well, do they have a revision policy? Surprise, surprise. Finally, my paper was revised several times, but it did not add to its quality.


As mentioned in Homework-Lab.com review, the service has nothing to do with responsibility, dependability, and quality. Instead of a well-researched, structured, and coherent paper, customers will receive poor-quality, plagiarized papers, and zero guarantees. Thus, college students hunting for platforms that offer professional assistance with college assignments should better search for alternatives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Homework-lab.com legit? Unfortunately, the quality of the delivered papers combined with the dependability of the provided services, help me say that the company is neither legit nor trustworthy. Additionally, it is inevitable to mention irrelevant information and fake company reviews available on the web.
Is Homework-lab.com reliable? No, definitely not. It seems that the company does not care about customers at all. The goal of the platform is to connect the client with the executor, get the charge, and that’s all. Even though some policies are mentioned on the website, none of them are fulfilled.
Is Homework-lab.com scam? Plagiarized passages, grammar and punctuation mistakes, formatting issues, and poor content are the main features of the essay I got. Well, yes, the service can be called a scam, as no actions were taken to improve the situation. Neither revision nor refund was offered at first.
Is Homework-lab.com cheating? From my personal experience, I can tell that the service is the worst match for those who strive to get a well-structured and formatted academic paper. Irrespective of the claims made on the website, the service just connects students with writers and is not responsible for the quality of the delivered papers.

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Thanks for the great review! Now I will not waste time on such companies.

by Diane F
May 4, 2022
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Are these guys getting paid for their services? I'm surprised you had the patience to write this review.

by Zayd How
Mar 9, 2022
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Guys, I confirm the absurd wording and vague information about refund and revision policy. You won't understand a single word even if you read the "Refund & Revision" page three times!

by Eamon Ke.
Feb 25, 2022
read more

I would not say that communication with support agents caused me inconvenience. Also, my paper wasn't bad, although I spotted a few typos. Don't you think you're a little biased?

by Husna Bailey
Feb 14, 2022
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