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  • Updated: Aug 30, 2022
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Minimal price per page $28.99
Deadline 6 hours
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Refund policy Yes

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Company Overview

With time and patience, the leaf of the mulberry bush becomes satin. Unfortunately, this saying doesn't apply to the writing service I'm going to tell you about. Homework Help USA Inc. created the site several years ago and made many efforts to popularize it. But why, then, does the writing team consist of amateurs? Anyway, I'm going to start this HomeworkHelpGlobal review and tell you all the details.

Good samples;
Fake HomeworkHelpGlobal.com reviews;
Poor paper quality;
Very high prices;
All support agents are constantly busy;

Prices and Discounts

First, I want to talk about the pricing policy, which is very strange. Most likely, the company believes that it has the right to choose any price. Otherwise, I can't figure out why I should pay $26.99 per page. This price is relevant for those who are ready to wait more than five days. If you are in a great hurry, then the deadline can be reduced to six hours. After that, however, you will have to pay $51.99. Fortunately, you can ask the support agents to give you the HomeworkHelpGlobal.com promo code. Then you can reduce the price by 10%.

HomeworkHelpGlobal.com has tricky pricing, so ordering paper, you may be confused by price changing.

The price per page is relevant if you agree to hire an average writer. If you want an expert, then get ready to pay an extra $34.99 for each order. It seems that it is too expensive, and even the HomeworkHelpGlobal discount code will hardly help reduce the price. But let's not stop there and move on to the next aspect. Plagiarism report costs $19.99. Are you ready for such expenses? It seems to me that the company overestimated the quality of its services.

Services Quality

This time I decided to experiment and ordered a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation on History. The writer needed to analyze the key events leading up to the American Civil War. To ensure that this HomeworkHelpGlobal review is not biased, I have attached a file with detailed instructions. The writer only needed to divide all key events into ten slides and add images.

It is worth noting that I received my assignment on time. But this is the only positive aspect for me. The first problem is plagiarism. The writer simply copied some definitions and even entire sentences from other samples. This is unacceptable for me! Why couldn't this so-called expert be able to rephrase terms and sentences?

Paying a high price for paper, you can receive a poor quality paper with tons of plagiarism and mistakes in the basic information.

Another problem is poor image quality. There are many photo stocks where all photos are available for free. Didn't the writer know about this? The main problem was that the writer was wrong with the dates. For example, the first slide indicates that the American Civil War began in 1862, although this event happened a year earlier. There are about five such inaccuracies in different parts of the slides. In addition, the writer was clearly in a hurry, and I wouldn't say I liked how the information was organized in each slide. So, my HomeworkHelpGlobal.com review won’t be full of praises because the delivered presentation was far from being perfect.

Customer Support

It was difficult for me to be objective because I could not talk to the support agents. When I ordered my slides, there was no one on the site to answer my questions. It should be noted that the hotline was also busy. I left a message, and these guys answered via email in five hours. What's the point if I've already ordered my slides?

Customer Support on HomeworkHelpGlobal.com leaves much to be desired, if you need answers from support agents, you must wait for at least 5 hours before they contact you.

Perhaps these guys are saving the world, and they have no time to communicate with customers. Then my claims are groundless. However, it seems that the company decided to save money and not hire many support agents. It is worth noting that a couple of months before my review, the site had a fully automated online chat, and customers could choose answer options without even talking to company representatives. Why did the company decide to abandon this technology? I've read dozens of HomeworkHelpGlobal reviews but couldn't find an answer.


In general, I have no complaints about the aspects that I read on the site. The only problem is that the company guarantees the original assignments. As you know, I found plagiarism. In addition, the writer may refuse to correct any mistakes. Then a dedicated QA team or an independent expert will analyze your assignments to make the final verdict.

Despite the fact company guarantees the original assignments, you risk receiving papers with tons of plagiarism and being refused by QA team in your refund.

I also want to talk about the refund policy. The problem is that you are unlikely to receive the full amount since the QA team that I mentioned earlier has the right to refuse you. This is a big problem for me, as any writing service must provide guarantees. That’s why I won’t sing praises to this service in my HomeworkHelpGlobal.com review. No doubt, all writing services must provide transparent terms for refunds and revisions.


I do not recommend you to order anything from here. This company wants too much money and is not ready to provide the highest quality. There are quite a few other websites where you can get great assignments for half the price. This is why you should find an alternative. Don't waste your time on this site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is HomeworkHelpGlobal.com legit? Yes, this is a legit company. However, this fact should not be fundamental for you since this writing service cannot provide quality services. Find an alternative.
Is HomeworkHelpGlobal.com reliable? I don't think this company is reliable. The first reason is plagiarism. Moreover, the writer did not even bother to double-check some dates and facts. It seems to me that this is unacceptable.
Is HomeworkHelpGlobal.com a scam? This website does not look like a scam. Unfortunately, I also cannot tell you that you should order anything from here. The company is not interested in providing quality services.
Is HomeworkHelpGlobal.com cheating? I would not say that this company will deceive you at every step. However, it would help if you first read all of the assignment ordering conditions. The company is not interested in refunds, so you should think twice before ordering anything from here.

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Writer just ghosted! After I made my purchase, I was already feeling very nervous. I emailed the seller and asked a few questions, but they never got back to me.

by Phil
Oct 1, 2022
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I was really worried about plagiarizing my essay and I had to submit it to my professor quickly. I ended up purchasing a paper at the website and it was a DISASTER! The paper was riddled with plagiarized content, there were citations in the wrong places, and the paper was riddled with mistakes.

by Margret M.
Sep 8, 2022
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