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Company Overview

When it comes to academic essay writing assistance, there are lots of questions the college student should ask before placing an order. Is the company reliable? Does it offer revision and refund policies? Is pricing policy transparent? Striving to simplify your task and save your time, I have done a little research on the services offered by a comparatively reputable service. Check out the specifications of Gonerdify.com.com review and double-check whether it is the platform you need. Some aspects may seem controversial, so you should weigh all the pros and cons before making any conclusions. Keep in mind that the information presented on the company website is frequently different from what you get in reality.

Easy-to-navigate website;;
Quick response of the support team.;
Low-quality papers;;
Incompetent support team;;
High costs;;
No transparency in pricing, revision, and refund policies;;
Fake reviews.;

Prices and Discounts

When I read the first Gonerdify.com.com reviews, I was greatly impressed by the professional and responsible approach of writers to each assignment. However, there was one single point that made me doubt the dependability of the platform and the relevance of the reviews. None of the users mentioned the pricing policy, its transparency, and affordability.

So, I could not wait to surf the web and find out the pricing details. You can only imagine how great my disappointment was when I spent over an hour browsing the website and still could not find the necessary data. To tell the truth, it seemed that the company tried to delude users with fake promises. Only generalized phrases and completely no accuracy and transparency made me suspicious.

Fortunately, after my personal experience using the service, I can share some basics with you. First of all, you never know what the final cost of your assignment will be. The only information available on the website is that the minimum price of the assignment is approximately $20; the rest is negotiable. Well, I mean that it is flexible and will depend on the specifications of your assignment.

As for the Gonerdify.com discount code or any other option that would help you reduce the cost, just forget about it. No price reductions, no loyalty programs, and similar things are available. Thus, ordering a 3-page college-level essay, I had to pay over $75, which was an ultimately high price for the result I got.

Services Quality

If you have occasionally come across the Nordify page and decided to place an order here, take some time to do a little study and test the quality of the provided services. Compared with similar essay writing platforms, the company is quite limited. Apart from a restricted list of services it offers, it is inevitable to mention the high costs of the projects, little transparency of the policies, and no guarantees. Would you love to use the services of a similar platform?

I decided to give it a try to have an opportunity to present a comprehensive Gonerdify.com review, mentioning relevant facts and up-to-date data. So, after spending some time browsing the website, I decided to place an order. To be honest, the whole process was a bit weird and confusing, but the paper ordering stage was comparatively simple. I had to specify the requirements for the project with as many details as possible and wait for the writer to be assigned.

Although my project was not complicated, it took several hours to find a writer who would deal with it. A 3-page essay on Social Psychology, titled "Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait," was supposed to be accomplished in 5 days. I did not mention strict and specific requirements, just wanted the paper to be consistent, well-structured, and coherent. Additionally, academic formatting was a must.

As I have already mentioned somewhere in the Gonerdify.com.com review, the final cost of my order was about $75. What did I expect to get? Definitely, something different from what I received.

On opening the paper, I did not have a single word. It was a straight text with 5 paragraphs in total. Are you, guys, kidding me? What about formatting, citing, and other items that are presupposed by "academic" writing? My disappointment was immense, but later, I found out that it could have been worse. The first impression from work was awful, and the situation did not improve later. Instead, when I started reading the text, I realized it had nothing to do with Psychology. The writer neither mentioned a single study or research on the topic nor presented the results of relevant studies. What did he do? Just copied the parts from other papers and made them look nice together. That was the only reasonable explanation for the low quality and high plagiarism of the essay.

Additionally, it is inevitable to mention that content was not the only problem. I was dead sure that the writer was not a native English speaker, as only an amateur could write, "time-management and goal-orientation are a cental and fundament of leedership," or "when it came to leadership, self analizing is important." Do you, guys, know what proofreading and editing mean? Late submission of the assignment seemed nothing compared to its ultimately low quality. Completely dissatisfied with the outcomes of the experience.

Customer Support

The moment I started reading the paper, I knew I would have to talk to the representatives of the customer support service, asking for help. Nonetheless, I did not find any live chat, links to the social media pages, a phone number, or other effective means of communication. Instead, there was an email, which could be used for communication with staff. Well, I was not ready to use it, as I knew it would take an eternity to get a reply, so I decided to test an alternative method.

There was a text line on the main page where I could leave my phone number and wait for the team members to contact me. This option worked well, and the customer support agent contacted me comparatively fast. However, that was the only advantage of our communication, as he seemed to be 100% incompetent and useless. What was the use of sending me the links to the privacy policy page if I had read it carefully and still had questions?

Did he help me solve the problem? Could I ask for an essay revision? Unfortunately not, and I stayed dissatisfied not only with the quality of the delivered essay but also with the work of the customer support team.


According to Gonerdify.com reviews, the company offers comprehensive privacy, confidentiality, revision policy, and a beneficial money-back guarantee. Nonetheless, from my personal experience, I can tell you that none of them function well. Generally, browsing the company website, you will not even find eloquent promises of 100% refund if you are dissatisfied with the quality of the provided services.

Therefore, when I failed to request a revision, I was not surprised at all, as I was ready for it. Unfortunately, I could not receive any follow-up help, which was extremely demotivating, especially as I paid $75 for the assignment.


Irrespective of the claims made on the website and positive reviews available online, Nerdify is not the academic essay writing service worth attention to, especially if you strive to be protected during the experience. As mentioned in a Gonerdify.com review, the service features high costs for the orders, low quality and plagiarized assignments, delayed deliveries, and completely no guarantees that do not contribute to its dependability and safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Nerdify legit? The company is comparatively new on the market, but it seems to be legit. The users get their papers, even though their quality is frequently low.
Is Nerdify reliable? If you want to get high-quality and well-structured paper at a reasonable cost, Nerdify is not the top choice. No transparency, no safety, and no guarantees make the platform unreliable. Additionally, the absence of the Gonerdify.com.com promo code and loyalty program may be demotivating.
Is Nerdify scam? It is impossible to deny that after placing an order, you will get a result. However, the quality of the paper you will receive may not coincide with your expectations. Unfortunately, a revision policy and a money-back guarantee are not really available here, as well.
Is Nerdify cheating? Do you call plagiarism cheating? Then, yes, Nerdify is not 100% honest with its customers, as it delivers low-quality and plagiarized papers with no regrets.

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I ordered a paper, but got a completely different document in the mail. They refused to refund my money without explanation.

by Gayle A.
Nov 24, 2022
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The customer service was unresponsive and slow to respond to my queries. The writing I received was full of grammar mistakes and lacked clarity.

by Vera
Nov 3, 2022
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The writing I received was poor quality and didn't meet my expectations. The customer service was unhelpful and dismissive when I raised my concerns.

by Edna
Oct 12, 2022
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I cannot find any customer reviews for this service. Red flag!

by Aiss IR
Oct 5, 2022
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I have never seen a company so secretive about the pricing and refund policies.

by Ustiel
Sep 2, 2022
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