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Updated: May 2, 2023

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Company Overview

It took me a few tries to put this Trustmypaper review into words. Although I honestly believe this writing service to be legit, it has failed me too many times to consider it a coincidence. The writing is passable, but only after a revision or two. The chatbot is pleasant, but the support agents are slow. And the prices are only affordable on your first order with a decent discount, so nothing is compelling me to come back for another go. Read on, and my rant will start making sense, I promise. 

You get 17% off your first order, no questions asked;
Plenty of genuine independent reviews;
The writing isn’t bad, but you need a couple of revisions to get there;
The support team is excruciatingly slow and useless;
Even $14.99 per page seems too high for the writing you get;
The refund policy and terms of use are suspiciously vague;

Prices and Discounts

At $12.99 per page, the rates seemed reasonable. But once I set the paper parameters straight, the cost skyrocketed. After all, shorter deadlines are always more expensive, but as a college sophomore with only five days to spare, I was asked to pay $18.99 per page. Admittedly, that is not the highest price I’ve ever paid, but it’s definitely in the upper range of the spectrum.

The cost of a paper on depends on the deadline and academic level.

The one good thing about being a first-time customer is a generous promo code for 17% off. It lowered the price of my essay from $76 to $63. Still, I wish the company’s rates were more affordable. Considering the sloppy writing, I wouldn’t be willing to pay the full price.

Services Quality

The order process is as simple as it gets. In step one, I filled in the basics, like the subject and topic, as well as the formatting style. In step two, I input the number of pages, the deadline, and the number of sources. I had to uncheck the “Not needed” box for the latter, which was annoying. There aren’t that many assignments that do not require any sources, after all. The add-ons seemed a bit overpriced, so I opted out. And the last step was creating an account. Overall, it took me a couple of minutes to send my order and cover the price.

If you need to estimate the approximate cost of your assignment on, you can use the online calculator.

“Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait?” was the topic of an essay I ordered before writing this review. It was supposed to be an argumentative piece with plenty of evidence to prove the acquired nature of leadership. The writer did a good job outlining several core points, but the evidence was lacking. Besides, the writing style was all over the place. I had to demand two revision rounds before the writer fulfilled my initial requirements. Although the revisions were relatively quick, they still added an extra day to my deadline.

Online Reputation


With nearly 90 Trustmypaper reviews and a 4-star rating, the company’s SiteJabber profile looked impressive. Unfortunately, many negative posts complained about the same things I’d encountered: unhelpful support agents, lousy writing, and non-refundable services. The company representative responded to some of the negative comments, though they offered partial compensation at best.

Like every writing service, have both positive and negative reviews on SiteJabber.


Trustpilot does not consider Trust My Paper a good fit for the platform, or so it said on the profile page when I ran a quick search. Many writing services suffered the same fate, so I wasn’t too alarmed. Still, it would have been great to skim the reviews before they were deleted.


I found a couple of Reddit reviews and more short comments on this service. Most are neutral or negative, and the complaints are the same across the board. As usual, there are plenty of comments promoting other writing companies but little real information.

Other Review Websites

Independent reviews are divided on whether Trust My Paper is actually worthy of your trust. Some, like ScamFighter, I Hate Writing Essays, and Writing Paper Sucks, are harsh and accuse the service of poor quality, missed deadlines, and more. Others, like Omnipapers and Top Writers Review, praise writing quality and pleasant support experience. I guess it comes down to how lucky you are in the end. 

Social Media Activity


The Facebook page has been half-dead for years, it seems. The last post was published in February 2021, proclaiming the writers continued working on papers remotely. Amusingly, the only comment under this post complained about overpriced writing with many mistakes. Considering the page has less than 300 followers, the lack of likes, shares, and comments shouldn’t be surprising.


The Twitter account has been suspended due to activity that goes against the platform’s rules. Judging by the Facebook page, the Twitter account wasn’t much of a loss for the company or its followers.


The Youtube channel boasts two subscribers and ten videos. It seems the company made an effort to create a handful of animated tutorials but did not see the desired returns. Since then, the channel has been abandoned.

Customer Support

If you were hoping this Trustmypaper review would take a turn for the better, you were wrong. The chatbot did seem surprisingly helpful, but the human agents were anything but. They took forever to answer my questions, and I had to repeat myself several times to get the point across. At times, the agents would randomly disconnect or switch, and I would have to start the questioning from the top. That’s not how a support team is supposed to work.


The refund terms are so vague and unhelpful, it isn’t funny. For example, if you set an extended deadline and the writer misses it, you can only get 7% of your payment back. But the transaction fee is $10, so any refunds below this sum are not processed. In other words, you get nothing. And lousy quality claims seem impossible to prove since the company does not accept low grades as evidence. Only a Turnitin report with a high similarity percentage can guarantee a refund, but getting your money back will be the least of your worries at that point.

Refund terms on are vague and unhelpful.


If you feel confused after finishing this review, imagine how I felt throughout my every interaction with the service. Even now, I can’t say if the service quality has gone downhill or if it has always been so poor. You can get decent writing help, but only if you’re lucky and persistent enough to demand revision after revision until you’re happy with the paper. If you don’t have the time for such an endeavor, consider using an alternative service like GrabMyEssay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is legit? I can’t be sure because the website does not list the company name, registration, or address. And the lack of transparency makes me question some of the company’s promises and guarantees.
Is reliable? It was reliable until recently, but many students are now criticizing missed deadlines and unsatisfactory service. Considering the vague refund terms, it may not be the best writing company to rely on if you need urgent help and are short on cash.
Is a scam? No, it’s an established essay mill that’s been around for years, though its reputation has taken a few hits recently.
Is cheating? There’s definitely something fishy about this company. If you’re unlucky enough to get saddled with an incompetent writer, you will feel cheated.

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Prices are reasonable and there's a money-back guarantee.

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The writers at are not qualified enough to produce high-quality work.

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Dec 9, 2022
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The quality of my essay was not what I had hoped for. I asked to make changes to the essay, which was not responded to. I got a refund with tremendous effort.

by Al
Nov 22, 2022
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I tried to get help with an essay, but I found it difficult to get a response. I feel like the customer support is the most important part of any business and that is why I decided to stay away from trustmypaper.

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Nov 15, 2022
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