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  • Updated: Aug 30, 2022
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  • Author: Davy Jones

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Company Overview

This writing service is similar to Pandora's Box in that you don't know what's inside until you open it. I spent about a week finding out something about the parent company, but my searches were unsuccessful. WeTakeClasses claims to help students with any online courses. But can they cope with more difficult assignments? I checked whether their experts could craft superior papers and was very disappointed with the quality of the delivered assignment. So let's start this WeTakeClasses review, and delve into all the details.

Free quotes;
No clear price policy;
Poor paper quality;
Fake WeTakeClasses.com reviews;
A small range of services;

Prices and Discounts

I was extremely surprised when I did not see a single mention of pricing. The company chose the most cunning and dishonest strategy. Let's say you want to order an essay or article. Then you will have to indicate the type of assignment and answer a series of questions. It is worth noting that support agents report the cost of each assignment via email. For me, this is the most stupid and unproductive approach.

However, I was able to find out that the minimum cost per page is $17 if you are willing to wait about 14 days. If you need to receive your paper within 24 hours, the price will go up to $38. It is worth noting that I have not found a single mention of the WeTakeClasses.com promo code or any bonuses. Most likely, the company is not interested in wasting time on such options.

Services Quality

If I were a student, I wouldn't even write to these guys. However, my goal is to create the most honest WeTakeClasses review. I have ordered a 2-page college marketing essay since this is the most common type of paper in college. If these guys cannot cope with a regular essay, then the online course will be an impossible task for them.

So I have ordered a 2-page college marketing essay. The writer's task was to describe the modern aggressive marketing methods and the main disadvantages of such an option. I asked to have my paper written in five days.

Writers on WeTakeClasses.com are unprofessional: even if you sent detailed requirements for your paper, they provide you with low-quality work with tons of plagiarism and mistakes.

It is worth noting that I decided not to ask about the WeTakeClasses discount code to count on revisions or refunds if something goes wrong. The problem is that local writers are extremely unprofessional. According to their definition, "aggressive marketing is a set of actions aimed at the rapid formation of a positive image of the company." Unfortunately, this is a fundamentally wrong definition. Aggressive marketing is a way to make a company more famous in the shortest possible time, using all available methods, including mass media and instant messengers.

In addition, the writer made more than seven grammar and spelling mistakes. I could have ignored the lack of transition words and the weak introduction, but the so-called expert continued to write about aggressive marketing based on misidentification. 

Customer Support

Let's delve deeper into the details in my WeTakeClasses.com review and speak about the support team. Get ready for the fact that the online chat is not intended for communication with support agents. Here you can ask a standard question and indicate your email address. Unfortunately, these guys can only write you a letter after a couple of hours. Unfortunately, I did not find any other way to contact company representatives. That is why you will have to use email whenever you want to ask a question.

WeTakeClasses.com has an awful communication strategy: you can contact a support agent only via email, but don't forget that answer will take a couple of hours minimum.

I've read dozens of WeTakeClasses reviews, and people don't understand why the company has chosen such a communication strategy. This approach is highly suspicious. If I were a student, I would hardly dare to order anything from here. However, I have to take risks so that you do not have to. Let's continue this WeTakeClasses.com review, and I will tell you about even stranger aspects.


And here's the most amazing aspect I've ever seen. This company decided not to waste time and did not even specify the rights and obligations for customers. I couldn't find any information on refunds or revisions. In addition, the company declined responsibility for possible errors or inaccuracies and did not guarantee originality.

On WeTakeClasses.com, you won't find any information on refunds or revisions to their customers, so its a sign to not trust this writing service.

That is why you should always open the "terms & conditions" page to read all the points. Most likely, the owners of the writing service decided that no one reads this information. However, I have not found any legal information, so this site looks like a fake one. Therefore, you should be very careful if you decide to order anything from here.


It is difficult for me to be unbiased, as I am extremely dissatisfied with the result. The problem is that I got a terrible paper and can't even ask for a refund. This site has become a disappointment for me. You should find an alternative as these guys are only focused on getting your money. Many companies offer more transparent terms. Don't waste your time with scammers! Find an alternative.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Wetakeclasses.com legit? I didn't find any information about the owner, registration date, or head office. That is why I cannot claim that this is a legit site. Try to find another company as this is a very suspicious website.
Is Wetakeclasses.com reliable? No, this is an unreliable website. Local writers don't even take the time to read all the requirements or find a clear definition of terms. Therefore, I find it easier for you to find an alternative writing service and not risk it.
Is Wetakeclasses.com a scam? This is very similar to a scam. The company does not even provide an opportunity to ask questions to support agents in an online chat. You should think twice before ordering anything from here. Find another writing service.
Is Wetakeclasses.com cheating? These guys (the site owners) look like cheaters. The main problem is that you will not find a clear pricing policy, a list of papers, or detailed information about the owner. Besides, the price can change depending on the mood of the support agents.

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This writing service looks like a total disappointment!

by Brenden M.
Apr 23, 2022
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Thanks for your review. Now I know more about the pitfalls and will definitely save my money.

by Katrina G.
Apr 21, 2022
read more

I don't think this company is paying for fake testimonials. Moreover, I know people who ordered papers from there and they were not disappointed with the results.

by Jamie-Lee
Mar 19, 2022
read more

God, I completely agree with an author in the context of the quality of assignments. These guys are hiring amateurs who can't handle sentence building and data interpretation!

by Lilly-Mae Dickens
Mar 15, 2022
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