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Hi buddies! Today I’ll show you my Assignmentconsultancy review. Take a note that this service is a scam! So be careful. We’ll start with the pros and cons of it, but frankly speaking, I don't want to write about the advantages of this company. So let’s start.

The wide range of types of work;
Annoying support;
ESL writers;
Threatening managers;
Obscure order form;
Fake testimonials;
Annoying WhatsApp icon;

Usually, the paper price depends on multiple factors:

  • the number of pages;
  • the deadline; 
  • the academic level;
  • the spacing (double or single), etc.

But in Assignment Consultancy, price depends only on the number of pages. Deadline is ignored. So I’ve ordered a four-page essay, and it cost me $60, but it doesn’t matter whether I set a 24-hour or a seven-day deadline. 

So the minimum price per page is $15. I can say that it’s okay. But in fact, the quality that you’ll receive doesn’t cost any dollar… If you receive your paper at all, of course. The deal is that one user in their feedback said that they paid for this service but didn’t receive anything. The support team ignored a user. 

You can get the Assignmentconsultancy discount code for the first order — 20% off. But surprisingly, you have a 20% bonus for all the next orders too.

On, you can ask for large discounts for yor orders, but its not more than bait to attract new customers because you surely will not ask for help again in this writing service.

But it isn’t worth being happy as when writing companies have large discounts, and it means that they almost don’t have returning customers and try to attract new users all the time. So to get the promo code, write to the customer support. But I don’t know who’ll ask this service for assistance again. 

Services Quality

First, let’s talk about the order form. It’s unusual and unclear as it doesn’t contain fields with the type of your assignment, the formatting style, the number of pages, and the list goes on. So it says that the service doesn’t specialize in writing papers; therefore, their quality will be mediocre. 

Order form on is unclear because there aren't main questions like type of paper ond formatting style.

So let’s explore the quality of my essay. I’ve ordered a 4-page essay on Literature on the topic 1984 Novel by George Orwell and Issues of Today’s Society with a 7-day deadline. And as I expected, my paper was delivered late. I received it on the 8th day. 

When I read a paper, I understood that it was written by a non-native as it contained atypical constructions for the English language. Moreover, it had grammar mistakes that ENL writers don’t make even by chance. 

Likewise, I ordered a paper with the MLA citation. And guess what? Guidelines weren’t followed at all. For example, I didn’t see pages’ numbers. Also, my essay was written in 14pt font size instead of 12. Okay. But what is the most awful? My paper was thoroughly plagiarized; in my review, I can say that some paragraphs were copied from other websites. 

I asked for using certain sources; my writer didn’t use them and found unreliable ones. A specialist didn’t try their best when performing my piece of work.

Customer Support

In my review, I have to say that I’m unsatisfied with the support team’s work. One of the things that help you detect a bad service is support. And in our case, it’s one of the worst teams that I’ve seen. When I opened the website, I was attacked with many messages suggesting assistance. 

On, you will face annoying support agents that offer their help too intrusively.

After a few minutes on this website, I received a fourth message. Oh my God, these guys are annoying. 

Also, communicating with the support, I lost trust in this company as agents made mistakes that weren’t acceptable for people who know English well. For example, my support manager said, ‘What IS your requirements?’ Also, during our talk, he lost some articles where they were necessary. So when a writing service can’t hire a well-qualified manager, I think it’s a flag that they didn’t spend enough money on well-qualified writers too.

Support agents on can't give a clear answer, so all that you can have is vague answers and no relevant information about your assignment.


As any writing company, this one guarantees you top-notch papers. What about the refund policy? Revision one? Yes, it has them. But they’re mock as the company doesn’t follow them. For example, if you send your paper for revisions, you’ll get it without changes. Okay, what about a refund? If you claim it, support ignores you.

Of course, you can go in another way by making strident actions and saying that you’ll complain. But if you say it, the support team will start threatening you that you’ll have problems, and your institution will be aware of your turning to this service. Users in their reviews said about it. So they advised people to avoid this organization as they can face problems.


So this company is awful. I’m glad that many users know about things that detect a low-quality service quickly and know that such services have to be avoided. And after spending some minutes on this website and talking to customer support, I understood that there is no point in waiting for something good from it. Thus, I hope that my Assignmentconsultancy review will be useful for you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is legit? It doesn’t hide its origin, but it’s a scam; therefore, it isn’t legit.
Is reliable? No, it isn’t; it has fake Assignmentconsultancy reviews.
Is a scam? Yes, it’s a scam as one user didn’t receive their paper.

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The website looks as terrible as their support team works. This company is a complete joke and I would never recommend them to anyone.

by Travis S
Oct 14, 2022
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I tried this company and all I got were some lame, mediocre essays. I am not impressed.

by B.T.
Sep 16, 2022
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