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Updated: Apr 16, 2023

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Company Overview is a British writing service created in 2015. The company positions itself as a top custom writing service helping students achieve A grades. That's a bold statement, to put it mildly. But the most interesting fact is that I could never find out who owns the brand. This company doesn't even have a "terms & conditions" page! But I will not broadcast negative emotions immediately. Let me start my review with neutral information about this brand.

Student-friendly prices;
Mediocre paper quality;
No paper extras;
Tricky refund policy;
No direct contact with writers;

Prices and Discounts

And here is the first thing I want to talk to you about through my Assignment Tutor review. The company offers reasonable prices. You will have to pay at least £5.99 per page if you are willing to wait 15+ days. At the same time, the price can go up to £33.99 if you need your paper in six hours. But that's not all I want to mention in my Assignmenttutor prices review. The company also provides discounts for those who are willing to order 15+ pages. In this case, you will receive a 5% discount.

If you need to estimate the approximate cost of your assignment on Assignmenttutor, you can use the pricing table.

If you are ready to order 51 pages or more, the discount will increase to 10%. If you're a crazy person who didn't find Assignmenttutor promo code online but is willing to pay for 100+ pages, you'll get a 15% discount. However, I do not know anyone who would order more than a hundred pages. That is why I believe this company provides pseudo discounts that only less than 5% of all customers can use.

Services Quality

First, I want to share my impressions of using the ordering form. The website is very inconvenient, and the process of selecting paper instructions is very primitive. There is not even an option to select writers or any extras. That's why I had to attach a file with instructions. But let's get back to the main part of my review. I ordered a 2-page college argumentative essay on Sociology and selected the "Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait?" topic.

The writer had to analyze leadership as one of the most important personality attributes. I also asked for solid arguments that this is an acquired personality trait. By the way, I added links to relevant research so that the writer does not go astray while crafting my essay. Unfortunately, I am disappointed with the result, and now you will find out why. order form.

If you ever see positive Assignment Tutor reviews, you should ask yourself, "Why are these guys so happy?" The fact is that the writer coped extremely badly with my assignment. Firstly, my essay was written as if, instead of an expert, a ten-year-old child did all the work. The paragraphs were illogically structured, and the arguments looked like the assumptions of the ancient tribes about the structure of the Earth.

In addition, the expert ignored my references to studies and did not indicate why leadership is an acquired personality trait. This state of affairs surprised me because I created a list of five points so the writer could not be mistaken! By the way, I found seven grammar mistakes and ten unclear sentences. If the writers do the same with all the other orders, it looks like a total scam!

Online Reputation

Brand reputation is a good indicator for all young students who decide to use writing services for the first time. At the same time, I understand that even a high rating and enthusiastic reviews cannot testify to the reliability of this company. However, I will still analyze the most popular websites so that you can form your own opinion. And I promise to be open-minded, even though you already know about the terrible paper I received.


You probably know that Sitejabber is a top review aggregator trusted by millions of people around the world. That's why I decided to check this website to find some information about the brand I'm interested in. Unfortunately, when visiting Sitejabber, I found only two Assignmenttutor reviews! This company was founded in 2016, guys! Why is no one writing about the quality of the writing services provided by this company? reviews on SiteJabber.

Over the years, at least a couple of thousand students have had to at least partially describe their experience on forums or review sites. Perhaps the company is not popular in the academic community, or it may have recently deleted its old Sitejabber profile to reset its negative rating. In any case, I decided to check other review aggregators.


I also checked Trustpilot as I want my Assignmenttutor review to be unbiased. Here I found seven reviews that also look like a bad joke. In my writing services analysis paradigm, the minimum number of comments for an objective brand evaluation cannot be less than 100! That's why I have two versions, just like Sitejabber. The first assumption is based on the fact that the Assignmenttutor is an outsider of the academic market, and no one wants to order papers from there. The second idea is that the company periodically removes pages with ratings, so newcomers do not see many negative reviews. In any case, I'm going to find out the truth, so let's move on.


Analyzing a couple of Reddit reviews didn't give me many results either. I didn't find forums to help me learn more about this company. It looks like Assignmenttutor is a website that no one needs, and I'm surprised that the writer crafted my paper and didn't go to the nearest pub for a drink!

Other Review Websites

I also checked dozens of sites like,, and Quora. Overall, the company has a mixed reputation. However, the total number of reviews I found does not exceed 30, so I will not comment on the results. However, most of the negative comments on the network concerned poor paper quality.

Social Media Activity

I also decided to check how the company's management approached the promotion of services on social media. That's why I checked all the accounts associated with this company. Finally, I am ready to share the results of my searches with you.


The company has a Facebook account, although almost no one subscribes to it, and does not follow updates. For me, this stillborn page contains nothing but marketing posts and dozens of hashtags.


Considering the number of subscribers I have found at the time of writing this review, about 18 people follow this brand every year on Twitter. Most likely, the company owners are trying to test some SMM strategies, as some publications receive hundreds of likes. However, about ten people react to each new post.


I found a YouTube channel that was created in 2015. Two short promotional videos are posted here offering to order services from this site.

Customer Support

Do not expect that you can quickly contact support agents. Probably these guys are very fond of drinking tea ten times a day, as is customary in some radical British communities that worship the tea god. If you think I'm sunstroke and delirious, try contacting them via email or the hotline. They will not answer you even if King Charles asks them about it. But you may be answered via online chat a couple of hours after you ask a question.


The company provides free revisions but does not describe the cases when you can qualify for such an extra service. At the same time, the situation with refunds looks like a bad joke. You can ask for a refund only if the company does not send your paper on time or if you find plagiarism. But you should not count on refunds if you get a badly written paper.


I am extremely disappointed with this writing service. My paper was badly written, and the writer ignored some of my instructions. Plus, I couldn't even get my money back. That is why I believe this scam company is not worth your attention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is the Assignment Tutor trustworthy? No. I don't think this is a trustworthy writing service. How can you trust a company that ignores academic instructions?
Is Assignment Tutor a good service? No. It is a bad writing service that can't handle a simple essay. I am extremely surprised that this company still exists!
Is legit? I'm not sure about this. The fact is that I did not find any legit information on this site or online. The company hides all legal information well.
Is reliable? No. I don't think this is a reliable writing service. The company does not guarantee you polished papers.
Is a scam? Yes, it looks like a scam company. Anyway, their refund policy is like a bad joke!
Is cheating? Yes. This company loves cheating activities and will not even refund your money if the quality of your paper is terrible.

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