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Company Overview

Surfing the web, I have come across a few reviews that made me curious about the services. According to the information specified by the previous customers, it is a usual essay writing platform with a few extraordinary features. First of all, the company is supposed to sell pre-written essays at hilarious costs. Besides, it provides students with a chance to sell the works they have already used. Doesn't it sound attractive? Well, I could not resist the temptation to place an order and share the details of my experience with you. Are you ready to find out the basics? Keep reading to get a comprehensive Academon review that will help you make the right choice and avoid critical mistakes.

An opportunity to sell your paper;
Weird website;
No guarantees;
No discounts;
No live chat;
No online calculator;

Prices and Discounts

After reading so many positive Academon reviews online, I was convinced that I fortunately found an online essay writing service worth my attention. I could not wait a moment to place an order, so I entered the website to double prove my hopes. However, what I saw there was a complete disappointment.

The number of pages, academic level, and topic have no impact on the cost of a paper.

If you believe that the first impression matters, you may skip this website right away. It took me less than five minutes to understand the core values and principles of the company’s functioning. Are you looking for an individual approach to your assignment? Forget about it. Here, the team is focused mainly on the pre-written papers that are all sold at $17.95. The number of pages, academic level and topic are not important, as you will still have to pay a fixed price.

Do you want to get an Academon discount code on the custom essay? Forget about it. Instead, be ready to spend at least $18 a page, which is quite a high cost for a custom essay. Additionally, it is inevitable to mention one inconsistency that attracted my attention. As you look at the pricing policy table, you will notice that “no page limit” is offered in papers delivered in more than 15 days. However, later you will notice another sign, “2-page minimum”, so the lowest cost of your assignment is $36.

Services Quality

Once I read the information specified on the website, I did not even try to get an promo code, as it made no sense. Instead, I decided to contact the customer support service to ask a few questions about privacy policy, money-back guarantee and some other issues, as I could not find relevant data about any of those aspects. you can find pre-written essays on any topic.

Once my attempts to talk to the representatives of the support team failed, I just decided to test my fortune and place an order. The process was quite easy, as the main task was to mention all the peculiarities and specifications of the necessary paper. Well, it is necessary to mention that I also take some time to find a pre-written essay on my topic, but one I discovered contained so many typos, grammar mistakes and inconsistencies that I gave up this idea.

Instead, I ordered a 5-page college-level essay on Social Psychology due in 7 days. The final cost of the assignment was $100. What did I hope to get for the cost? An excellent structure, profound research, deep analysis of the topic, coherent paper with the corresponding formatting.

What did I get? A complete opposite of what I asked for. The topic of my essay was “Is leadership an innate or acquired character trait?” and the core request I made was to highlight several critical reasons that prove either point of view. Instead of specifying the results of some studies or the research outcomes, the so-called “professional” writer decided to explain the difference between innate and acquired skills. Why? What was not the topic of my paper! The readers were supposed to know those discrepancies.

The moment I found out those issues in the content of the essay, I thought that nothing else could be more confusing, but I was mistaken. When I started reading the text more carefully, I noticed tons of mistakes. Were they grammar ones? They were everything, starting from grammar, punctuation, style, and all the other possible types of mistakes. Did anyone proofread the paper? How can the essay that costs $100 contain words like “characteer”, phrases like “parts of character” and sentences like “feelings and emotion can predetermines the character”? Well, it was probably the worst essay I ever got.

Customer Support

What do I usually do when I get a poor-quality paper? Right, contact the representatives of the support service, asking for free revisions. Nonetheless, it did not happen with Academon, as the company does not offer live chat or cell phone you can dial to talk to the staff. Instead, the customers have to fill in the form and wait for the reply. How much time will it take to receive an answer? You will never know, as I got mine in more than 3 days.

Is there anything else I should mention in review, considering its customer support service? I am sure it is all clear now.

The only way to contact the support team on is by contact form.


When it comes to pre-written papers, Academon cannot guarantee the quality or dependability of the essays. No revisions or refunds are offered. What about custom written essays? It was mentioned in one review that the customer can check about 200 words of the pre-written paper but can check nothing in a paper created from scratch.

Additionally, it is inevitable to mention that no privacy policy, no money-back guarantee or no plagiarism policy is mentioned on the website, so the company seems to be responsible for nothing. They just sell the papers and care for nothing else.


It is complicated to deny that Academon is one of the worst academic essay writing services I have ever come across. Poor quality of the delivered papers, no information about most policies, high costs and no guarantees make me doubt the dependability of the platform. I would never recommend it to anyone who requires professional assistance with college assignments.

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This is a very cheap service and it is an obvious scam.

by Jonathan Y.
Jul 3, 2022
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The pricing policy is a bit of a con, as it only gives you a limited time to get started. They also have a minimum fee, which is a bummer

by Erm
Jun 6, 2022
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