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  • Updated: Nov 21, 2022
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Company Overview

Searching for a top-quality essay writing service, I have come across a lot of different websites, but UnemployedProfessors seems to be the weirdest and freakiest. I do not usually pay attention to the design and usability of the page a lot, but this time I cannot help but comment on it. I felt uncomfortable from the very first minute I opened the page. The overall style and atmosphere on the platform are undisciplined and demoralized. How can I get a well-structured, coherent and concise paper on such a platform? Well, let’s do it and see what we will get. Keep reading a detailed UnemployedProfessors.com review to discover the most critical aspects of my experience, which may prevent you from future mistakes.

Direct communication with the writer;
Tricky and complicated ordering process;
Too much useless information;
Low quality of the delivered papers;
Fake promises and policies;

Prices and Discounts

As a former college student, I know that the vast majority of learners start reading the UnemployedProfessors review to get an idea of the potential cost of the academic assignment. Unfortunately, do not even expect to get the cost of your project up to the moment you place an order. Right, UnemployedProfessors offers a bidding system, which means the cost of your assignment may vary drastically.

Nonetheless, what you may know for sure is that you will not get an UnemployedProfessors discount code or any other type of price reduction. On average, as specified in most reviews of previous customers, the average price is about $20 per page of the written text. Is that a competitive price? I would not say so, especially when it comes to trivial college essays.

Services Quality

As it has already been mentioned in the Unemployedprofessors review, the first impression from the website was not the best. I had to hope that the quality of the delivered assignment would help me change my opinion. Nonetheless, the miracle did not happen, and the situation did not change. There are numerous critical aspects I should single out.

The website design of UnemployedProfessors.com is underwhelming.

The ordering process was ultimately long and daunting. I had to spend over an hour mentioning all the requirements to the paper (which were not met, by the way). Then, it took a few more hours to get the first bids. Finally, I could pick the writer who offered a reasonable cost. The problem was that the writers had no rating or reviews, so you could never predict the outcomes of your collaboration.

Anyway, after I selected the executor, I expected to get a well structured 5-page essay on Psychology, specifying the key reasons why leadership can be called an acquired character trait. I negotiated $19 per page, so the final cost of the assignment was $95. UnemployedProfessors.com promo code is not an option here, so I had to pay the full price. At this point, it is also inevitable to mention the 10-day deadline we discussed.

I contacted the writer in 9 days to learn that only two pages of the paper were ready. Consequently, he asked for the term prolongation but never offered a discount. Finally, after 12 days, I got the essay. Was I disappointed? No, I was frustrated and confused. Instead of a well-structured paper on Psychology, I received a straight text that was challenging to read and comprehend. No paragraphs, no bulleted and numbered lists, no tables and schemes. Should I mention all the formatting issues, like the wrong references and quotations in MLA style?

While proofreading and editing could improve the situation with formatting issues, what could improve the content? Could someone even imagine that time-management, goal-orientation and self-confidence are the innate traits of character that cannot be developed?

A plethora of other reasons proved that the writer was incompetent not only in English but also in academic writing. There are probably several explanations why the professor is unemployed.

Online Reputation 


For a company that's been around for almost a decade, UnemployedProfessors boasts zero SiteJabber reviews. While the profile is claimed, there's no client feedback to analyze. This tells me the service isn't interested in generating genuine reviews, or it's less popular than its owners want us to believe.


Trustpilot deleted the UnemployedProfessors profile along with most other writing services, so there's no way to sneak a peek at old reviews. I only have SiteJabber's claim that the company's Trustpilot rating was four stars before the profile was blocked.


There's plenty of speculation about UnemployedProfessors on Reddit, some of it good, some of it not so much. I found bold claims about the writers' non-ENL origins, as well as some positive reviews. The company supports a lively subreddit, but there's little to no honest feedback.

Other Review Websites

I skimmed half a dozen independent reviews but couldn't find a single one that would be 100% positive. I saw the highest UnemployedProfessors rating of 4 stars on I Hate Writing Essays, who recommend the service with reservations. Other reviewers, including ScamFighter, WritingPaperSucks, EssayServices, and Rated by Students, were less kind, criticizing everything from awkward website design and long email response time to poor writing quality. 

Social Media Activity


Facebook is UnemployedProfessors' biggest social media platform, with over 35,000 followers and plenty of likes and comments. While there aren't any reviews, I didn't find angry posts either. And though most of the posts in the feed were utterly useless, some were entertaining, so I'm willing to give them credit where it's due.


UnemployedProfessors' Twitter account mostly mirrors the Facebook page but with less entertainment value and fewer followers (barely over 4,000), and they have yet to comment or retweet with helpful feedback recently. Still, I'm surprised the company has stuck around for so long‒its Twitter account was registered in 2011!


The UnemployedProfessors Youtube channel has a dozen videos spread over 11 years and under 300 subscribers. The service tried to compensate with shorts, but most were sloppy and weird, not funny or helpful. The channel reminded me of the creepy website design, so I wasn't a big fan.

Customer Support

Another problem I faced during my experience was the lack of help and support from the unbiased party. In fact, the service is just an intermediary between the student and the so-called professor. As specified in numerous Unemployedprofessors reviews, it will take hours and even days to get an accountable answer to a question. Besides, it is indispensable to mention that you are not going to find a contact phone number on the website. Live chat is also unavailable, as the only way to discuss certain issues is through email.

You can contact support agents on Unemployedprofessors.com only via email.


After reading the Unemployedprofessors.com review, you will not be surprised to hear about no guarantees the company offers. In fact, it does offer some revision and a money-back guarantee, but it is an illusion more than reality. What is more important, the service mentions a 38% fee you will have to cover, even if you get a refund.

Revision and a money-back guarantee on Unemployedprofessors.com is only an illusion.


From the variety of reliable and time-tested essay writing services available on the market, UnemployedProfessors seems to be the least influential and trusted. The unlimited number of Unemployedprofessors.com reviews prove my point of view. Therefore, if you are not ready to pay a considerable sum of money on the poor-quality paper, you should better opt for an alternative platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Unemployedprofessors.com legit? The first impression from the website is contradictory, as well as the information mentioned there.
Is Unemployedprofessors.com reliable? Unfortunately, it seems that the company is suitable only for high-school students, who do not care about grammar and formatting a lot. College students may have considerable problems ordering papers here.
Is Unemployedprofessors.com scam? Placing an order here, you will get the result, but its quality is likely to be low.
Is Unemployedprofessors.com cheating? As mentioned in a few reviews, users get not only poor quality but also plagiarized papers from time to time.

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Cool concept, but delivery time is not as fast.

by Carol Andersen
Nov 29, 2022
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They charge way too much for subpar writing.

by Bert Mcknight
Nov 29, 2022
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Their customer service is terrible.

by Vince Dennis
Nov 23, 2022
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Interesting service.

by Jayne Lam
Nov 22, 2022
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Through direct contact with the writer, I was able to achieve a good quality of writing

by Jane T.
Aug 15, 2022
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The lack of discounts affected the price, it is somewhat inflated. To my mind, the quality of papers is poor for this price.

by Patricia L.
Jul 5, 2022
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Direct contact with the writer is certainly good, but why is the quality of the essay lower than expected?

by Bill D.
Jun 6, 2022
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I disagree that the ordering process is too tricky. They may have added some non-obvious steps, but you won't spend more than a couple of minutes figuring out the details.

by Kayan Mcke.
May 4, 2022
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Now I know how to avoid the pitfalls! Thanks for your honest review.

by Lara Dunn
Apr 7, 2022
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What a terrible site! Are there still people who want to spend time on such writing services?

by Cleveland Correa
Mar 18, 2022
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When I first ordered an essay from this site, I had no idea how badly each paragraph would be written. Perhaps these guys are not interested in making money?

by Stephanie Ram.
Feb 17, 2022
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