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Company Overview

When I came across the first review and read the information on their website, I had no doubts, I wanted to place an order immediately. A nice website, comprehensible data about the privacy, refund, and revision policy were too appealing to miss the chance. However, I am not a fan of rash and thoughtless decisions, so I did a little study before diving into the experience. Well, just after 20 minutes I spent reading the comments of previous customers, the service did not seem that beneficial. Anyway, I had to test the platform to acknowledge where the truth was. Are you ready to read the peculiarities of my experience? Keep reading an extensive Domyessay review to weigh potential pros and cons and make deliberate decisions only.

Easy-to-navigate website;
Quick response of the support team;
Delayed paper delivery;
Low essay quality;
Incompetent support representatives;
Obscure pricing policy;

Prices and Discounts

There is no reason to deny that most college students strive to find a unique online essay writing platform that would offer top-quality papers at hilariously low costs. However, in the overwhelming majority of instances, the quality of the essay corresponds to the price.

If you need to estimate the approximate cost of your assignment on, you can use the online calculator.

When it comes to the pricing policy offered by Domyessay, it is truly weird. Right on the main page, the customers can see an online calculator that helps to estimate the cost of the order. But what is the use of it if the service uses a bidding system?

Some customers are also looking for a Domyessay discount code, and they find some price reduction options, which are also of no use, as they are relevant during the paper ordering process. Believe it or not, but these are not bare words, as I have examples.

On the website, you can find price reduction options.

Right before I placed an order, I used the online calculator to understand the approximate cost of my assignment. Three pages of a college-level essay on Psychology, due in 14 days, was $30.78, including a 10% discount. However, when I specified the requirements for the work and started receiving the first bids, the minimal one was $60. It is twice as expensive as estimated. Do you, guys, call it a transparent and clear pricing policy?

Services Quality

To tell the truth, all the quotes I got were ultimately expensive, but I still did not want to choose the least costly. Thus, I selected a highly rated writer to work on my assignment and agreed to pay $85 for three pages of a college essay. Did I mention the absence of the promo code or alternative ways to reduce the cost?

Well, spending around $28 per page of a written text, I hoped for the excellent quality. However, that was the most disappointing experience I had ever had. Before I tell you about the paper I received, I want to note that I provided a lot of requirements and details that could help the writer deal with the assignment easily. He just had to follow the instructions to create a coherent and well-structured text.

"Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait" was the topic of my work, and the writer's task was to give brief information about two types of character traits, emphasize key discrepancies between them, and relate leadership to either. I did not require tons of references or citations, just relevant information and sound arguments.

What did I get? When I first opened the paper, I was impressed. Not a single mistake, not a single typo. The first page was divided into paragraphs and looked perfect. Nonetheless, when I proceeded to the second and third pages, I was devastated. Grammar, style and punctuation mistakes, data inaccuracies, and a plethora of other issues could not be left unnoticed. It seemed that the second part was created by a completely different writer.

I could not hold my resentment, so I contacted customer support immediately. How could a native English-speaking writer with years of experience say "from most personality trates leadership have been central," or "there are no division of innait and acquires trais when we talked about leadership"? These are only two cases out of a hundred.

I should not even mention the content of the paper, as there was nothing to discuss. It was not a well-structured, relevant, and consistent academic paper but rather an obscure reflection on the topic. Why could not you accomplish it faster and deliver on time? I had too many questions but too little explanation. will refund the appropriate amount in case of late delivery.

Customer Support

There are two ways to contact the support team, either using the live chat or a special form. It was mentioned in one review that the second option is the top choice for students who have plenty of time and strive to spend it waiting for the reply from the customer support team. Consequently, I decided to use the live chat and discuss the possible ways out of my situation.

On you can contact support team via live chat or a special form.

The response was quite fast, and the online assistant was friendly. However, these were the only advantages of our communication, as he seemed completely incompetent. The only thing he could do was copy the information from the Privacy and Refund Policy section. Could not I read it myself?


Browsing the website, I noticed a separate refund policy section with detailed information about the peculiarities of the revision and money-back guarantee. It is inevitable to mention that the presented data is rather convincing, and the customer may feel protected. There are numerous situations when the client can get a 50-100% refund and cases when no refund is presupposed.

As I have already explained, the quality of the paper I got was ultimately low, so I wanted to get my money back. After contacting the customer support service, I was offered unlimited revisions that were supposed to help. However, no one even mentioned the terms and conditions of the money-back guarantee. At some point, I started asking questions about it, but they were ignored. Later, the representative of the support team explained that I could not get a refund, as my case was not entitled to it.

Searching for Domyessay reviews before I placed an order, I came across similar stories but could not believe my eyes. Now I know for sure that the customer will not be protected dealing with the service.


Irrespective of a well-designed website and detailed information about the customer's safety and dependability dealing with the platform, it is one of the platforms that deludes the customers. As specified in a Domyessay review, the claims made on site do not coincide with reality. Instead of a coherent and consistent paper, customers should be ready to get low-quality text with tons of typos and mistakes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Domyessay legit? Although the information presented on the company website is meaningful and appealing, the reality is different. From my personal experience, I can tell that Domyessay is not the service you should trust. Dubious revision policy, confusing money-back guarantee, and no relevant privacy policy are the issues that might bother you as you deal with the service.
Is Domyessay reliable? I would recommend everyone to start looking for a better alternative right away. Domyessay is the service that should never be used by college students, as the level of the papers they offer is maximum high-school. A complete waste of time and money.
Is Domyessay scam? It is impossible to deny that after placing an order, you will get a result. Nonetheless, you cannot predict the quality of the delivered paper. As mentioned in numerous reviews, the submitted essays have nothing to do with academic writing.
Is Domyessay cheating? The essay writing service features a bidding system, which means the customer can never be 100% sure of the essay quality. Besides, most claims made on the website are fake, as the writers usually offer completely different services and prices.

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