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Updated: May 2, 2023

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Company Overview

Although the number of essay writing services available on the market is continuously growing, finding the service to order unique content is no easy task. Last time, searching for information about custom paper writing platforms, I came across the Goodmanlantern page and got excited about its peculiarities.

First of all, the intuitive, bright and informative website attracted my attention and encouraged me to keep reading about the service and its specifications. While I was convinced that I finally detected the service to order extraordinary content, I started noticing disadvantageous points that contributed to my doubts. 

If you have ever considered ordering your content from the platform, take your time to read a comprehensive review where I share the details of my experience. It may help you avoid critical mistakes and wrong decisions.

Attractive and easy-to-navigate website;
Numerous communication channels;
Vague pricing policy;
No money-back guarantee;
No live chat;
Poor-quality content;

Prices and Discounts 

What is the first thing you pay attention to when you want to get some services? First, I focus on the quality and convenience of the website use. Next, I check the price-related information that frequently predetermines my further decisions. 

According to numerous Goodmanlantern reviews I detected online, the service offers a flexible and customer-oriented pricing policy. Well, it sounded really beneficial to me, but I never managed to find any information about the costs of the services online. The company makes claims but seems to ignore them. A few people mentioned Goodmanlantern promo codes that could be used to reduce the final price of the project. Did I get one? Never, as there was literally no information about the price-related aspects on the website. 

Services Quality

At some point, I was not interested in the cost of the services anymore, as I was 100% sure I wanted to check the quality of the provided essays. Therefore, I decided to order a blog post writing, titled “Leadership as a Personality Trait Inevitable for Success.” It was a two-page project that was supposed to be delivered in 3 days. statistics

The ordering process was quite simple but took me almost an hour. There were so many questions to answer before confirming the order, so I got annoyed at some point. Eventually, after lots of struggles, I succeeded, confirming the project and choosing the most convenient payment method from the variety of available ones. 

How much did my order cost? I was charged $125 for 2 pages of the blog post writing, which was delivered in 3 days. The price was quite high but reasonable, so I expected to get a flawless paper with excellent structure and impeccable quality. Did the company meet my expectations? My project was delivered on time, which was the first and only advantage. The rest of the review will be devoted to poor-quality services and tons of mistakes in the delivered text. services

On opening the file, I was confused by the plain text without any structure or formatting. I knew that I ordered a blog post, but it still was supposed to be consistent and coherent. Then, I started reading the paper, which did not improve the situation. Unfortunately, the introductory part was as boring as it could be. No hook, no thesis statement, no other writing techniques or instruments were used to attract the audience and keep it interested in the blog post. Instead, the writer decided to use some statistics about the way leadership changed society and influenced the advancement of numerous business companies. The information was taken from a dubious source and did not seem relevant and up-to-date. There were multiple cases I hesitated about the origin of the data used in the text. 

Should I mention tons of typos, grammar mistakes and punctuation issues? The paper seemed to be written by a complete amateur who had no idea about the principles of content writing. 

Online Reputation

Numerous positive company reviews were extra factors that helped me make the final choice and place an order. However, after I confirmed the information, I started noticing negative comments and other disadvantageous moments. As I could not change the situation anymore, I just accepted it. Still, according to some reviews, it was one of the most trusted and reliable essay writing platforms for customers hunting for extraordinary, unique projects. Excellence in every detail was the main aspect I expected to receive, but never did. 


Traditionally, essay writing companies are reviewed on the most popular platforms, including Sitejabber. Nonetheless, as Goodmanlantern is not a trivial service, it was not represented there. Zero comments from previous customers were the information I got at Sitejabber. 


Trustpilot is another reputable review platform that provided me with no details about the company. No reviews were mentioned there, as well. doesn't have reviews on TrustPilot.


Even when other services contain no reviews and ratings of the company, Reddit users frequently discuss the peculiarities of the paper writing platforms. Goodmanlantern was an exception, as none of the people either used the essay writing service or wanted to comment on it. 

Other Review Websites

Fortunately, while browsing the web, I managed to find a few comments about Goodmanlantern and its peculiarities. The first aspect most customers highlight is the extraordinary approach of the company to its customers. The essay writing platform provides clients with exclusive types of writing, focusing mainly on businesses and similar directions. It may be one of the reasons, why it is not reviewed on Sitejabber or Trustpilot. Additionally, the prices here are quite high, so ordinary students will not choose it as the main platform to get assistance from. 

At the same time, it is critical to emphasize that the overall feedback about Goodmanlantern is positive, with only a few customers mentioning late submission of the assignments, poor quality and mistakes. 

Social Media Activity

When it comes to social media activity, the situation is a bit better. The company has accounts on the most influential platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. However, not all of them are really active and worth attention, but some facts can still be gained there. 

  • Facebook. Interesting facts, news and other aspects of the Goodmanlantern functioning were mentioned on the company's Facebook page, but the last post dates back to 2020, which means that the page is not relevant anymore. 
  • Twitter. The situation with a Twitter account is similar, but the company stopped posting there a year later. 
  • Youtube. Youtube is the only platform that is actively used by the company to advance its reputation, contribute to its popularity and attract customers. New videos are released once a few months, but all of them are useful and informative.  

Customer Support

Although people rarely comment on the functioning of the customer support service, if it is good enough, Goodmanlantern reviews were filled with information about helpless agents. When I first tried to reach the representatives of the support team, I had to wait for more than an hour to get a response. The phone line was always busy, so I had only one option, sending an email. The absence of the live chat was a critical disadvantage for me, as it made communication daunting and ineffective. 

You can contact the customer support managers on via email and phone.


After I received a poor-quality blog article, I decided to check the information about the refund policy before requesting one. Did I get anything? Unfortunately, I read all the information available on the website and never came across any facts about the money-back guarantee. Did I get at least a partial refund? Well, I’ve never received a confirmation letter from the company proving that they will consider my request.  


As specified in a Goodmanlantern review, it is not a trivial essay writing platform for college students, but an extraordinary marketing or business-oriented service, which is supposed to offer corresponding services. However, after a single experience dealing with the platform, I can say that it is not worth the attention. Vague policies, dubious services and no guarantees are the core downsides of the platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Goodmanlantern trustworthy? No, you may never be sure you get a high-quality article or paper you asked for.
Is Goodmanlantern a good service? No, the writers do not pay attention to the requirements you specify. The quality of the papers is frequently low.
Is reliable? No, the company does not offer information about its safety, revision or money-back guarantee, which makes it unreliable.
Is scam? It seems so. The company that claims to be a top-tier, experienced business writing platform is supposed to provide users with flawless services, not shallow-quality papers with tons of mistakes.
Is cheating? Yes, the information mentioned on the website does not correspond to what customers really get.

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Paid way too much for the service and it was terrible.

by Cornelius Es
May 12, 2023
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They have amazing customer service, and the prices are great.

by Dominic Ma
May 2, 2023
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Terrible quality, wouldn't recommend to anyone!

by Alberto M
Apr 7, 2023
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Nice prices

by Chadwick S
Mar 26, 2023
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Not bad

by Jefferey M
Mar 24, 2023
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Good value

by Laura D
Mar 22, 2023
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by Peter C
Mar 17, 2023
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I appreciate the quick response time to my questions, but the answers didn't seem to be tailored to my specific needs.

by Burl D.
Jan 12, 2023
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Their website is user-friendly. I am still waiting for my paper so I cannot speak about the quality.

by Dona S.
Jan 5, 2023
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Goodmanlantern provided a decent customer experience - I was able to get the information I needed, but it took a bit of effort to get the answers I wanted.

by Len H.
Dec 29, 2022
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