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  • Updated: Dec 6, 2022
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Company Overview

WePapers is a strange website, and I don't know why people still order anything from here. The company was established over 13 years ago. However, you are unlikely to find any data on the parent company or headquarters. So for me, this is a ghost site that does not provide any guarantees. But let me not be unfounded and start this WePapers review so that you can find out the whole truth.

Easy-to-use website;
Tricky refund procedure;
Missed deadlines;
A bunch of grammar and spelling mistakes;
Fake WePapers.com reviews;

Prices and Discounts

The minimum price is $10 per page if you are willing to wait more than 20 days. It’s ok for me. If you are not ready to wait long, local writers can cope with some assignments in three hours. After that, the price per page will rise to $39. It is worth noting that if you need an advanced writer, the price will go up by about 15%. You can also choose the so-called top expert. These guys are considered the best of the best. In this case, the price of your order will increase by about 30%.

On WePapers.com cost of the paper depends on your academic level and deadline.

Newbies can activate the WePapers.com promo code and save 11%. In general, this is a good option, although I recommend reading my review to the end and finding out all the pitfalls. For example, a plagiarism report will cost you almost $10. If you need a table of contents, then the price of your order will increase by $10. These are average prices, although I do not believe that they are affordable for all students. Don't forget about the WePapers discount code to avoid paying more.

On WePapers.com, you can use a discount code to avoid paying more and save your money.

Services Quality

To test the quality of services, I decided to order a 7-page college research paper on Biology. The writer's main task was to describe the effect of radiation on degradation processes inside the cell. I asked to describe the main factors and the rate of degradation depending on the duration of the radiation exposure. It's worth noting that I chose a 14-day deadline, so the writer had plenty of time to find all the data.

The main reason why my WePapers review is irate is plagiarism. The writer copied about 17% of the text from another sample. Don't these guys know what paraphrasing is? Even first-year students can rewrite words to achieve originality. The second negative aspect is the calculation error. The writer pointed out that 300 mSv is enough to state the first symptoms of radiation sickness. However, it should be noted that the real level is 1000 mSv.

Another reason why I decided to craft my WePapers.com review, is the messy set of facts and the lack of a clear structure in the body paragraphs of the delivered paper. The cherry on top is a bunch of grammar mistakes. Couldn't the writer have read all the sentences at least a couple of times? This life hack would allow avoiding all those typos and inaccuracies that I found.

Ordering a paper on WePapers.com, you may face plagiarism even if your deadline gives the writer time to find all the data for your paper.

Customer Support

Support agents are a bit slow. These guys need about 6-10 minutes to answer your question. In addition, they always require additional data before sharing any information with you. I asked if I could count on local writers to do my assignment. The support agent replied that I had nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, you already know that the writer did not cope with my assignment.

Support agents on WePapers.com are slow and may give false hopes about your paper.

Plus, I've seen a lot of negative WePapers reviews. Most likely, the support agents do not know anything about the professionalism of the so-called experts. I think the company has hired third-party agents as the first line of customer support. However, let's not dwell on this aspect and move on to the next part.


The company has detailed all cases where customers can expect revisions or refunds. However, I wouldn't say I liked that the company has the right to refuse you, referring to the fact that the so-called QA team did not find any problems in your paper. This is unacceptable for me. So, I’ll tell all the truth to you in my WePapers.com review. It should be noted that I am not going to criticize the company groundlessly. 

WePapers.com has a tricky refund procedure: they can refuse your complaint for no reason as they see fit.

At the same time, I do not understand why I cannot get the full amount back if the writer does not cope with my requirements. Technically, I cannot count on more than 50% if at least once I ask the writer to correct any paragraph or add certain data. But what if my original requirements weren't met? This is exactly the reason why I don't like this company.


My verdict is very simple and concise. You should find another writing service. This company is not interested in hiring professionals and providing guarantees to all customers. Find the site where you will surely get the perfect paper. This company is only interested in maximizing profits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Wepapers.com legit? I cannot answer this question because the company's website does not have any information about the owner or place of registration. Most likely, this is not a legit company. Either way, you'd better find another writing service.
Is Wepapers.com reliable? I don't think it's a reliable company. Local writers can't even find real data to back up certain claims. So be prepared that you will not get a good paper if you decide to order anything from here.
Is Wepapers.com a scam? I'm not sure if this is a scam company. But I also do not recommend that you take risks. Instead, find a more reliable writing service. Then you will have a chance to get a good assignment.
Is Wepapers.com cheating? This site remains a mystery to me. The company owners are likely cheaters because they keep all legal information secret and create a very tricky refund policy.

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I agree with every single word mentioned in the review. I wish I could read it earlier and avoid dealing with the platform. Unfortunately, I had to waste over $80 to understand that the company was not worth attention

by Rose208
Feb 11, 2022
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