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Updated: Apr 15, 2023

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Company Overview

When I started working on this review, it was writing itself: high ratings, lively social media pages, and spunky support agents set this essay mill apart from others. But the closer I looked at the website and the company, the more questions arose. Why is the site full of broken links? Why is the Youtube channel blocked? And why would Kevin from "management" be willing to call me, a doubtful first-time customer? 

There's more to Peach Essay than meets the eye. Read on to learn what I've discovered.

Endless free revisions on demand;
Prompt and honest customer support agents;
Nice free writing tools;
Overpriced mediocre writing;
Convoluted money-back clauses preventing refunds;
Broken links and blocked profiles all around;

Prices and Discounts

If you were hoping for affordable rates, look elsewhere. The prices start at $19 per page for high-schoolers willing to wait 30+ days. If you're in college, your rates start at $24 per page. And as soon as you set a realistic deadline, the cost turns astronomical. For instance, my 4-page essay with a 7-day deadline cost me $116. That's the most expensive I've ever paid for such a short piece. 

With prices as high, I'd expected to find a Peachy Essay coupon code front and center on the homepage, but I had no luck. There is, however, a coupon for 10% off the first order posted on the company's Twitter account that was still valid at the time of writing. 

Type of service Price
Academic writing from $19 to $84 per page (250 words)
Tech Assignments from $85.50 to $1,620.00
Problems Solving from $71.25 to $1,656.00

Services Quality

As I've mentioned, I got a 4-page essay before writing this review. It was an argumentative piece titled "Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait?". With a week to spare, I expected the writer to deliver a masterpiece for the price I paid. And while the paper I got was mostly fine, it was not worth the money. 

So the structure was good, and there weren't many mistakes or typos, but the arguments were extremely lackluster and weak, and the writer didn't seem to be too bothered with finding solid evidence to support their core points. All in all, I could have written something similar in half the time, and it wouldn't have cost me anything. Unfortunately, the company declined my revision requests, claiming the writer had fulfilled the requirements and that my complaints were subjective. 

In the end, I got a B-. So while I don't have a problem with the writing quality, I am not willing to pay that much money when I could get similar results for half the price.

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Online Reputation 


It was one of the rare occasions when the SiteJabber rating on the website was true to form. I found over 1,500 reviews on the Peachy Essay SiteJabber page, most of them positive. The weird thing is that even negative posts with one or two stars were mostly praising. Only a handful of reviews held actual complaints like late delivery or instructions not followed. The company representative was quick to address these with a personal note and a suggestion for compensation or store credit. On the other hand, the agent labeled one of the negative reviews a fake and threatened legal action, which seemed like overkill.

Like every writing service, have both positive and negative reviews on SiteJabber.


After the deluge of positive feedback on SiteJabber and a hint of a 4.7-star rating across other platforms, I expected to find a similar outlook on Trustpilot. Unfortunately, the Peachy Essay Trustpilot page was blocked. Like many other essay writing services, Peachy Essay is considered a bad fit for the platform. 


Most of the Reddit reviews had the same major complaint - unreasonable prices, and I have to agree with the sentiment. Other posts were mostly neutral with an even scattering of pros and cons, so I'm guessing the Redditors had experiences similar to mine.

Other Review Websites

There seem to be conflicting opinions across other independent blogs and platforms, just like in my Peachy Essay review. For instance, Top Writers Review, UK Top Writers, and Rate My Writers were not huge fans of the writing quality and prices. On the other hand, Education Planet Online and Essay Review King were all for it. And the Essay Scam forum users had an even split between negative and positive experiences.

Social Media Activity


The company boasts a lively Facebook page with over 2.7K followers and an occasional like under one of the regular posts. The most prominent are 150+ reviews. Most are positive and recommend the writing service to fellow students. 


The Twitter account mirrors the Facebook page, with the same mix of promotional and informational posts. For all the activity by the profile admin, there are still under 200 followers. That's nothing for an account that's been around since 2018. The promo code for 10% off the first order is the only reason good enough to visit the Twitter page.


There's something weird about the company's Youtube channel. The link at the bottom of the homepage leads to an account that's been terminated for violating Community Guidelines. In addition, there are a few broken embedded videos peppered around the website connected to this channel. However, I found an active Peach Essay Youtube channel. It boasts a dozen videos, all posted within the last eight months. The Q&A session with the founder, Kevin, is the weirdest of all. 

BTW, there are some embedded Vimeo videos on the homepage, which tells me the company tried to switch platforms after their first channel was blocked on Youtube.

Customer Support

The customer support agent I talked to was surprisingly candid in their responses. For example, they did not try to convince me that all of their writers were native English speakers. And when I asked why a London-based company was registered in Wyoming, their response was "tax purposes". But while I appreciate honest and prompt answers, the support team was not at all forthcoming when I started asking uncomfortable questions about revisions and refunds. I wonder why none of the PeachyEssay reviews I skimmed mention anything about the weird customer support experience.

I have a weird customer support experience on


Considering most of the Peachy Essay reviews are good, I didn't expect many mentions of refunds, but still, I'd hoped to find at least one person who got their money back. Unfortunately, the refund policy is highly confusing, which may be a conscious decision on the management's part. For instance, you can only claim a refund if you receive a failing grade. And bad grades are considered subjective, so even if you're one point above not passing, you get no money back. have convoluted money-back clauses preventing refunds. 

Plagiarism is only grounds for a refund if you have proof the similarity percentage is above 30%, which will doubtless cause trouble for you at school. All in all, I got the impression that Peachy Essay isn't keen on giving your money back.


Are you more confused after reading my PeachyEssay review than you were before? Well, imagine how I'm feeling. I'm out over $100, a week of my time, and a couple of sleepless nights trying to make sense of this essay mill before putting my opinion out there. It's not all bad, though it will likely never be my first choice. So I say give it a try if you feel lucky, but don't blame me if you don't like what you get.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Peachy Essay legit? It seems so. The company has an office in London, though Peachy Essay LLC was also registered in Wyoming in 2020.
Is reliable? You can rely on their writers to deliver a paper, though there's no guarantee it will be good or on time. I wouldn't trust them with an urgent assignment or one that could seriously damage my grade.
Is a scam? Whatever else I may think of Peachy Essay scam it is not. The company is a bit shady, but they won't steal your money to disappear into the sunset. Their writing may be overpriced, but it can get you a passing grade.
Is cheating? The company is forthcoming and honest enough to admit to hiring non-ENL writers and using US registration for tax purposes. And while their services may be overpriced, Peachy Essay will not cheat you out of your money or a passing grade.

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Had a really bad experience with PeachyEssay. Took much longer than they said it would and the quality of the paper was terrible. Avoid if you can.

by Connie S
May 29, 2023
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They definitely don't live up to their reputation. Just bad

by Peggy G
May 25, 2023
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Don't buy from them if you need good result.

by Connie M
May 24, 2023
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The Peachyessay experience was okay for me. I got my paper on time and it met my specifications.

by Tyron D
May 20, 2023
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I was really pleased with how efficient PeachyEssay was. All of my needs were met in a timely manner.

by Penelope S
May 19, 2023
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I just got my essay back from Peachyessay-com writing service and I am so glad I chose them over other services. My essay was exactly what I asked for, it was delivered on time and without any errors.

by Shane B
May 18, 2023
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Had very bad experience with them, unfortunately.

by Spencer
Dec 11, 2022
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The writing was sloppy, full of mistakes, and didn't meet the specifications I provided.

by Brooke
Dec 9, 2022
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Although the customer service team was responsive quickly to my questions, I found that the pricing was more expensive than other essay writing services.

by Tyler R.
Dec 7, 2022
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I don't know much about this service. But after reading this review I'm not sure this is for me.

by Jewel S.
Nov 13, 2022
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I scored decent grades in my biology assignment for the 1st time. I was always scolded for a late submission. Thanks to peachyessay, they helped me submit on-time.

by Kennedy K.
Oct 27, 2022
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Peachyessay was disappointing. Peachyessay's customer service was poor and the work they provided was not of the standard I expected.

by Cedric G
Oct 15, 2022
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My paper about time management from the company is impressive. It is well written and also original. There are some creative ideas mentioned. I will d order from this company again when I need help.

by Teagan P.
Oct 6, 2022
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Cool essays! I have used your service 2 times already. Clear texts and everything accords to the subject. All necessary requirements were definitely met. I'm glad I got high marks due to you.

by Brody G.
Oct 2, 2022
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I really appreciated the support with my assignments. I have problems with some math issues, and this service helps me to find out new method and solutions for the tasks. Thanks.

by Lyric K.
Sep 20, 2022
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