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Updated: Apr 15, 2023

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Company Overview

What do people usually see when they read reviews? Maybe it's a pretty website and empty slogans. But I decided to say no to the general trend of praising such writing services, and I'm ready to tell you the truth. Essaykeeper is a writing service created in 2020. BrainUp Limited owns the website. This company is based in Gibraltar and targets the English-speaking market. Now I will tell you more details, so fasten your seat belts!

User-friendly ordering window;
Poor paper quality;
Expensive additional features;
Unclear refund procedure;
Fake Essay Keeper reviews;

Prices and Discounts

I wouldn't call paper prices high. The minimum cost per page is $10.49. However, this price is relevant if you are willing to wait about a month. If you want to receive your assignment within an hour, the minimum price will be $38.68. At the same time, you can activate the Essaykeeper promo code and save up to 15% on your first order. I would call the pricing policy acceptable if it were not for the high prices for extra services. For example, why do I have to pay an additional 70% for the editor to double-check my paper? In addition, a 1-page summary is $25. In general, I have doubts about the Essaykeeper rating parameters. But let's talk about other aspects.

Services Quality

The ordering process was quite simple. I did not feel any difficulty or discomfort. But, at the same time, I am extremely dissatisfied with my order, and here's why. For this review, I commissioned a 2-page college essay on Sociology. I chose the "Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait?" topic and gave the writer clear instructions. My goal was to analyze leadership as an exclusively acquired quality. I also put together a list of important research to keep the writer in line with the overall research strategy.

Order form on

Unfortunately, the expert focused on the wrong factors and even mentioned the religious aspects of leadership for some reason. Also, my paper was poorly written, even for an ESL writer. The expert used illogical verbal constructions that are not typical for native speakers. And I found about eight typos and grammar mistakes. Surely you understand that this fact negatively affected the results of my review. And now, it's time for the next important information.

Online Reputation

In preparation for reviewing this writing service, I read hundreds of Essaykeeper reviews. My goal was to understand people's opinions. I have many students' opinions, so I am ready to share some thoughts with you.


I love it when companies brag about ranking high on Sitejabber with only a few dozen reviews. When writing this Essaykeeper review, I found only 16 comments on Sitejabber. Surely you understand that these statistics are not enough to talk about some global trends. reviews on SiteJabber.


The company boasts a high rating on Trustpilot. But you will laugh for a long time when you learn that only three people have left reviews on this site. Is the opinion of three students enough to start a marketing campaign? Instead, the company owners want to say, "Hey, guys! Trustpilot says we are an outstanding writing service! But I can't write my Essay Keeper review based on such data! That's why I visited Reddit.


When I saw the Reddit reviews, the truth became clear. People are extremely negative about this company. More than half of the comments I saw were negative. This trend explains why the company hides behind Sitejabber and Trustpilot like a front. But I decided to go ahead and check other forums and websites.

Other Review Websites

I have checked dozens of websites like, Quora,, and others. People complain about late delivery, poor paper quality, and plagiarism. This trend did not surprise me since I could already compare the results of the writer's work and the marketing slogans of the company.

Social Media Activity

Typically, writing services actively use the SMM strategy to promote the services. That is why I decided to check how actively Essaykeeper uses social media.


It is unlikely that I will be able to please you with any interesting information because the company decided not to create a Facebook account. In a way, I understand boss decisions. Why take advantage of the world's largest social platform and promote academic services in a highly competitive business environment? But these guys forgot that now is not the 13th century, and everyone can write papers. You do not need to look for a priest or a court chronicler for your essay!


I also didn't find the company's Twitter account. Most likely, such a page never existed. Anyway, the Internet doesn't know anything about their Twitter account. I even wonder how the company's management decided to popularize academic services. How can a young company expand its influence if no one knows? Unfortunately, I don't have an answer to this question.


The company didn't even waste time creating videos for YouTube. I didn't find their channel or any affiliate videos. YouTube knows nothing about Essaykeeper. Perhaps this strategy makes sense since I've seen quite a few cringe videos created by other writing services.

Customer Support

You can contact support agents via hotline, online chat, and email. I would not say these guys are quick to answer questions, but at least they try. Unlike academic writers, I liked them more. But you should understand that support agents are unlikely to give you answers to provocative questions and will not disclose legal information.


The company offers free revisions and refunds. The first option is indeed real, while refunds are unlikely. The company did not indicate a clear algorithm and terms for the money return. A dedicated QA team will investigate if you have any quality claims. But I did not find the timing of such an investigation, the amount, and the procedure for a refund.

Refund terms on are incredibly vague.


I wouldn't say I liked this writing service. Moreover, I believe that this company could hire more professional writers. In addition, I am extremely disappointed that no one guarantees you refunds. In other words, I have seen more reliable writing services, so you should find an alternative. Play it safe and order your papers from websites you trust.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Essaykeeper trustworthy? I don't think this is a trustworthy website. You'd better pay attention to more reliable companies.
Is Essaykeeper a good service? No. I can hardly call this company good, given the service quality.
Is legit? Yes, this is a legit company registered in Gibraltar. However, this fact does not affect paper quality in any way.
Is reliable? I don't consider this a reliable company as my paper was badly written.
Is a scam? No. It is not a scam company. But, at the same time, you should not rely on well-written papers.
Is cheating? Given the tricky refund procedure, this company loves cheating!

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by Irving Espinoza
Jan 29, 2023
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The website does not have enough information about the writers.

by Aaron Boone
Jan 22, 2023
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I had to wait way too long for my essay to be delivered. When I finally got it, it was full of mistakes and errors.

by Penelope M.
Dec 11, 2022
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I was not impressed with Essaykeeper's turnaround time. I received my essay days after the promised date, which caused me to miss my deadline.

by Maryellen H.
Dec 8, 2022
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