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  • Updated: Aug 30, 2022
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Refund policy Yes

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Company Overview

I don’t trust writing companies easily because I’ve been burned one too many times. So when I found 5homework, I was suspicious about an NYC-based company that charges as low as $10 per page. It looked too good to be true, but the clear refund and revision guarantees made me change my mind and give them a try. I had an important assignment coming up, and it felt like a perfect opportunity to test the new writing service. So did they measure up or let me down? You’ll have to finish this 5homework review to find out.

5homework discount code for 5% off your first order;
High school level writing at best;
Poor choice and use of references;
Shady, contradictory contact info;
Unfulfilled moneyback and revision guarantees;

Prices and Discounts

The 5homework rates are fairly moderate, ranging from $10 to $58. My 4-page essay cost around $60 because of a 5-day deadline and college-level writing I expected to get. Besides, I landed a 5homework.com promo code for 5% off my first order (FIRST5). It was a nice touch but only saved me three bucks.

On 5homework.com price depends on the assignment type, deadline, and academic level.

I didn’t notice any bulk or lifetime discount offers, but there are plenty of extras to waste your money on. For example, a plag report would have been useful, but I wouldn’t waste another $10 on it. And the Advanced and Premium writers added even more to the total, so I settled for a ‘Regular’ writer.

On 5homework.com, you can choose the category of writer.

Services Quality

I had barely a week to write an essay about the effects of industrial air pollution on crop yields for my Ecology class, so I decided it was a perfect chance to kill two birds with one stone. I’d get a paper and write a detailed 5homework review.

The order form was straightforward enough, and it took me all of ten minutes to fill in every field. I was a bit wary of the warning saying, ‘no particular writing quality may be guaranteed.’ I had a bad feeling about it but decided against paying extra for premium writers. Looking back, I’m not sure it would have saved my essay.

There weren’t too many 5homework.com reviews online, but most were cautiously positive. So I expected a couple of typos or a missing comma at worst. What I got were 4-page-long ramblings of a middle schooler. I have no other explanation for the lack of a proper structure and a missing thesis statement. Besides, the writer included car exhaust fumes to the mix, though I clearly stated I needed only industrial pollution accounted for. The repetitions of the same phrases and ideas increased the word count but they didn’t provide any evidence. Instead of leaning into facts and figures, the writer settled for opinions and generalizations, like ‘acid rains cause lower crop yields.

I would never submit a paper like that to my Ecology professor. She’d eat me alive. I wasted another day on a useless revision that didn’t do me much good. Finally, with 24 hours left before the submission deadline, I wrote the paper on my own.

On 5homework.com, no particular writing quality may be guaranteed.

Customer Support

I’ve seen 5homework reviews praising their support team, but my experience with this company was wretched through and through. The agents annoyed me with stock responses and questions, and it felt like talking to a chatbot. They were pushy and insistent on me placing the order and paying up. And you wouldn’t believe the sweet promises they made!

Of course, once I started complaining and demanding revisions and refunds, they changed their tune. I had to waste a couple of hours trying to press the issue because I needed the revised version asap. I finally gave up on getting a meaningful response.


One of the few good things I can mention in this 5homework.com review is the moneyback guarantee. It’s surprisingly direct and specific. For example, you can get up to 10% of your payment back if you prove formatting mistakes. And spelling and grammar mistakes can land you up to 30% back. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too successful in proving my point to the Dispute Manager, and they offered store credit instead of cash, which I refused because I don’t plan on using their services ever again.

Another fun fact for 5homework regulars: you don’t get free revisions if you have an open dispute. So while the rest may claim free revisions within ten days of getting the paper, those who want a refund aren’t privy to this perk.

Money-back guarantee is one of few good things on 5homework.com.


I could keep pointing out all the inconsistencies and small ways 5homework lied to me. But I think you get the gist from my short 5homework.com review. The company makes bold promises and doesn’t keep them. I realize I might have gotten their worst writer, and the rest could be perfect. But I don’t want to play another round of Russian roulette with my grades after I lost the first one.

Don’t let them handle any critical assignments if you are enticed by the rates, discounts, and support team’s promises. You will regret it in the end. Better yet, find another writing service you can trust.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is 5homework.com legit? Their website has two addresses. One is in Midtown Manhattan (575 Lexington Ave) another one is in Cyprus. I’m pretty sure they couldn’t afford an office in a Manhattan highrise, so their promises are suspect as well.
Is 5homework.com reliable? The short answer is no. The long answer is hell no. Don’t trust them to write anything you want to turn in for a grade. Don’t trust them, period.
Is 5homework.com scam? They don’t steal the money outright, but they don’t keep their promises, and the writing quality is not worth the expense and the waste of time.
Is 5homework.com cheating? I don’t have proof of their cheating, but the paper I got looked like it was written by a middle schooler or a person who has no idea what pollution actually is. If you want reliable results, stay away.

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I am not sure what to expect when I order a paper.

by Blake
Nov 17, 2022
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This is an unethical company that does not fulfill its promises and does not provide refunds for dissatisfied customers.

by Ralph I.
Oct 19, 2022
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I can't say much about this service because I haven't used it. I will say that I feel that the guarantees are not clearly stated.

by MM
Oct 9, 2022
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