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  • Updated: Feb 2, 2023
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Company Overview

I discovered Wordsdoctorate by accident while looking for new writing services. This company was created in 2015 for those who need a Ph.D. thesis, dissertation, or other academic papers. The company carefully hides legit information, so I was intrigued. Why such a conspiracy for a typical academic service? That is why I decided to write this Wordsdoctorate.com review. Get ready to be surprised because I have saved up a lot of interesting facts for you.

Useful blog section;
No price charts;
Mediocre paper quality;
Late delivery;
No refund procedure;

Prices and Discounts

First, let's talk about pricing policy. I was extremely surprised when I started crafting my Words Doctorate review. The fact is that the company does not disclose the final price until you contact them. Moreover, you are prompted to enter your price when submitting the order. But get ready that you will be asked twice as much as you offer. By the way, I paid $300 for my paper! And do not even rely on the Wordsdoctorate promo code because the company does not offer any welcome bonuses. For me, this strategy is strange.

Services Quality

The first problem is the weird order form. I was under the impression that my great-great-grandmother developed the design and process of ordering papers during the civil war. People who want to make money will not offer such a chaotic design and inconvenient ordering process. You will not be able to attach all the instructions at once, nor will you be able to clarify the details. All the nuances can be discussed only by phone because the manager had probably already died of old age.

Wordsdoctorate.com order form.

I ordered a 7-page doctoral research paper on Law and asked the writer to describe gun control procedures and violence. The expert had to describe the relationship between gun bans in some US states and the rise in crime. I also attached links to relevant sources for the writer to use my data.

But my Wordsdoctorate review didn't go as planned. Firstly, the writer took two days more than I expected. I was not warned about the delays, which is outrageous! Also, the writer ignored some of the references to gun control studies. I also saw discrepancies with general instructions and problems with formatting. By the way, the conclusion was terrible! I can't imagine how an expert could make many logical errors and typos. So, as you can imagine, my Wordsdoctorate.com review turned into a fiasco.

Online Reputation

As an experienced reviewer, I understand how important it is to read other people's comments to find out all the pitfalls. That is why I decided to check as many Words Doctorate reviews on the Internet as possible. Usually, such a strategy helps to learn more about the company and the expected paper quality. Here's what I found after a few days of diligent analysis of the forums.


Have you ever seen a website created in 2015 with only 15 reviews on Sitejabber? Even though most of the comments are positive, such statistics should not be taken seriously. Moreover, all reviews have a similar structure and are overly positive. But I decided not to be biased and check other websites. Perhaps my case is isolated, and other people were more fortunate.


Here I found a few more Wordsdoctorate reviews, but their number was still insufficient for a full-fledged analysis. However, I found the first negative comments. After that, people described their negative experiences in detail and noted the same problems I encountered. From that moment, I began to understand that the Wordsdoctorate rating was broken, and the company desperately tried to look like a successful writing service. That is why I decided not to stop and check other websites.

Wordsdoctorate.com have negative reviews on Trustpilot.


A search for Wordsdoctorate.com Reddit reviews turned up little to no results, as this site contains almost no comments related to the company. I found only a few references to this brand in a neutral way without any details. This situation looks strange since the company has been operating on the market for many years. Can't I find honest Wordsdoctorate.com reviews? However, I decided not to give up and continue the search.

Other Review Websites

After studying Reviews.io, Quora, BBB.org, and about a dozen forums, I realized I was not mistaken. The reviews were mostly mixed, and people complained about the low quality of the paper. So it turned out that the company was not as good as it had imagined. However, I already know this thanks to my order.

Social Media Activity

Usually, social media analysis does not affect my reviews but helps to understand companies' policies, goals, and positioning on the network. That is why I decided to find out what SMM strategies this company uses. What if I was wrong, and these guys are ready to offer subscribers something special? Here's what I found during my web searches!


For some reason, the company decided to ignore Facebook. Perhaps the brand owner is an 80+ person who prefers pigeon mail or the exchange of stone tablets. Otherwise, I don't understand how this brand could have overlooked one of the biggest social media platforms.


In the case of Twitter, the company still decided to create an account. These guys have over 400 subscribers and post links to articles from the blog. Also, I found a lot of fake testimonials here. These guys couldn't think of anything better than making a photo collage with comments describing the company's advantages. It's just as ridiculous if King Charles III awarded himself a medal for courage after having a tasty breakfast.


I also decided to check if this company has a YouTube channel. After some searching, I found their profile. Unfortunately, these guys did not come up with anything smarter than publishing one review. The channel was created in 2016. And the only video was uploaded in 2022! Within 22 seconds, some girl praises the company for the written paper. Someone, please pinch me because it seems I'm dreaming. Even I know what steps should be taken to promote the brand on YouTube!

Customer Support

I had to contact the support agents by phone since the manager had probably died of old age. As a result, my dialogue with support agents was long and not very productive. These guys answered three simple questions for half an hour. It also took me about 25 minutes to explain what type of paper I needed and what instructions the writer should use.


As a customer, you can count on free revisions if something goes wrong. But do not even hope that you will be returned the money if the writer does not cope with the work. Please take a look at the screenshot I made. These guys declare that they owe you nothing and guarantee nothing. They're saying, "Dude, all we want is your money. Pay the bill and get the hell out of here!" I am not ready for such conditions and would never have made even the first order if it were not for this review.

Wordsdoctorate.com have tricky refund terms.


Surely you already understand what my verdict will be. It's a terrible writing service that tries to look elitist. Unfortunately for me, this positioning looks like a mating dance of a peacock whose tail has only three feathers! Don't delegate your papers to these guys or risk losing your money. Find an alternative as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Wordsdoctorate trustworthy? No. I advise you not to waste your time with this company as it does not guarantee a positive result.
Is Wordsdoctorate a good service? No. Get ready to get poorly-written papers and a lot of problems!
Is Wordsdoctorate.com legit? I'm not sure about this. The fact is that I never found legit information about this company.
Is Wordsdoctorate.com reliable? No. This company may ignore your instructions, deadlines, or important paper aspects, so don't risk it!
Is Wordsdoctorate.com a scam? It is a scam website, and I cannot explain such a dishonest pricing and refund policy.
Is Wordsdoctorate.com cheating? Yes. This company can change the rules for ordering papers at any time, and there is nothing you can do about it.

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