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  • Updated: Aug 30, 2022
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Refund policy Yes

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Company Overview

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory in the South of Spain, on the shore of the Strait of Gibraltar that connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean. ‘Why does my Handmadewriting.com review start with this helpful tidbit?’ you ask. Because that’s where BrainUp Limited, the owner of the website, is registered. It’s a valuable bit of info to help you understand what sort of a writing company you’re dealing with. Another fun fact: Handmadewriting.com Reddit profile is full of self-congratulatory posts, but not a single customer review. Combine it with the fact that few if any of the writers on this website are native English speakers, and you’ll see why it’s a bad idea to trust them with your homework. But if that’s not enough to warn you off, read on for a closer look at every letdown in store for you.

13% off with a HandmadeWriting discount code;
Rates as low as $11 for high-schoolers;
Poor research and writing performance;
Inconsistent HandmadeWriting reviews;
Weird revision and refund rules;
Unhelpful support team;

Prices and Discounts

At first glance, the rates are pretty affordable, starting at $11 per page, but that’s only for high-schoolers and 14-day deadlines. College and university students are expected to pay a minimum of $14 and $16.50 per page. The prices rise with the shortening of the deadlines, and if you only have 24 hours to submit the paper, you’ll have to pay $26 to $28 per page. 

If you need to estimate the approximate cost of your assignment on Handmadewriting.com, you can use the online calculator.

On the upside, the company is generous enough to offer a first-order Handmadewriting.com promo code. I got 13% off in exchange for subscribing to their newsletter. With a deadline of one week, my 5-page essay cost $85, but the code brought the price down to around $74.

Services Quality

I hate it when essay mills want me to sign up first thing, and that’s precisely what happened with HandmadeWriting. The rest of the order form was pretty standard, with fields for the topic, number of pages and sources, as well as the formatting style preferences and additional details. And the extras were super disturbing. For example, Advanced Writer (+25%) and Additional Editing (+15%) made it clear that most writers are not native English speakers. I should have stopped right there but decided to go through with the order for the sake of this HandmadeWriting review.

The order form on Handmadewriting.com is pretty standard.

I wanted an essay to answer the question, “Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait?” I specified the need for research and analysis, as I needed an argumentative piece. Instead, I got something akin to a personal statement with a few examples of leadership behavior that had nothing to do with my life or the type of assignment I ordered. Besides, it was obvious the writer didn’t know English all that well, as I found at least half a dozen glaring mistakes. And while I’m pretty sure “Additional Editing” could have resolved the grammar issues, no amount of corrections could make the essay pass for a well-researched piece.

Customer Support

I asked the support team to explain if all writers were native English speakers, but they couldn’t provide a clear answer and fed me stock responses and platitudes. I also had questions about the free plagiarism report that wasn’t actually free and the revision policies. I’m pretty sure that by the end of that first chat, the agent hated my guts, but at least they remained calm and professional. Still, I count the support team performance as a con in my Handmadewriting.com review because the answers I got didn’t make much sense, and after I requested revisions and a refund, the managers got even more useless.


The writing company promises a revision if you request it within ten days of receiving the paper. Still, if your instructions contradict the initial order details, you’ll have to pay extra. 

The refund rules are much more convoluted and don’t make much sense. The Grace Period is 10 to 14 days long, but if you don’t respond to their request for clarification within five days, your case is permanently closed. And the rest of the terms don’t make much sense either. For example, there’s no mention of a specific amount you can expect to receive for late delivery or poor writing. 

Revision and Refund Policies on Handmadewriting.com don’t make much sense at all.

One of the few negative Handmadewriting.com reviews mentioned the company refused to refund a poor-quality order, and my experience was much the same. This leads me to believe no amount of convincing will get your money back. At best, you’ll get store credit.

Like every writing service, Handmadewriting.com have both positive and negative reviews.


The company is deemed a bad fit for Trustpilot, and there are virtually no HandmadeWriting Reddit reviews. Coupled with a Gibraltar registration, confusing revision and refund terms, and mostly useless support agents, it should be enough to warn you off. But poor writing and inability to follow simple instructions take this HandmadeWriting review from neutral to all-out negative. The company has earned its place on my shitlist, and I suggest you steer clear to save yourself the trouble of repeating my mistakes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Handmadewriting.com legit? The website belongs to BrainUp Limited, registered in Gibraltar, an offshore zone designed to avoid taxes. Does that seem legit to you?
Is Handmadewriting.com reliable? They can't be bothered to provide clear registration information on the website, and their refund terms are a confusing jumble of conflicting clauses. I wouldn't trust them with paraphrasing, let alone original work.
Is Handmadewriting.com scam? Not really. The writing service works; it's just very removed from the promises made. And their papers are not worth the money.
Is Handmadewriting.com cheating? There's something fishy about this company. They put too much effort into convincing you to order a paper, but too little effort goes into writing it. So expect multiple shortcuts taken with your homework.

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I ended up being charged twice!! I am so upset with this service and cannot recommend it.

by Boyce
Oct 7, 2022
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The customer service is AWFUL!! the essay was plagiarized and the support team didn't even offer return options or refunds.

by Zivie
Sep 17, 2022
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