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Company Overview

I want to tell you about a site that made a negative impression on me. Don't trust positive Paperap reviews that promise you perfect paper samples and assignments. The fact is that the owner of the website is RATATATA LTD. This Bulgarian company has already created dozens of writing services and does not even think about stopping. Plus, I am extremely dissatisfied with the quality of my paper and am ready to start this Paperap review to tell you more.

Free plagiarism checker;
Annoying pop-ups;
Fake reviews;
Mediocre paper quality;
High prices;
Fake writers;

Prices and Discounts

The main problem is that you are unlikely to find out the real price per page. The company has created a great way to defraud customers. First, let's talk about the bidding system. The site has only freelancers who supposedly can fulfill your order. That is why you should specify your requirements and choose one of the experts. I found out that one page will cost you about $15.35 if you are willing to wait about 14 days. If you want your paper to be completed in six hours, the price will rise to $54. provides the opportunity to choose the expert who can meet your project requirements.

As you can see, the pricing policy is rather unfriendly. In addition, you will not be able to use the Paperap discount code since the company did not provide such an option. Plus, the site has a few extras like the $12 outline. If you need a 1-page abstract, then the price will go up by $18. In addition, the company offers a personal manager and VIP support for almost $13. Without a promo code, the services of this company seem too expensive.

Services Quality

I decided to order a 2-page college argumentative essay on music and picked a two-week deadline. The main task of the writer was to describe the basic principles of making music. I asked to concentrate on generating a melody, intro, searching for samples, and choosing musical instruments. Unfortunately, my Paperap review will be scathing, and now you will find out why. The writer did not specify a clear process for creating music from idea to final mastering in the studio.

In Order Summary on, you can check the correctness of the order and add some extras.

Plus, I didn't see the editing and mixing stage of the music tracks in the studio. My writer sent me the original paper, but I am not happy with the mediocre quality of each page. Why did the so-called expert make about a dozen grammar and spelling mistakes? Besides, I didn't see any solid arguments why composing music begins with an idea and separate samples. Perhaps the writer was in a hurry since many sentences are illogical, and each paragraph does not have a smooth transition.

Customer Support

You can contact support agents using the online chat. These guys respond quickly. However, I was a little upset that they lied to me. The support agent said that experts would write my paper, and I had nothing to worry about. But why, then, weren't all my requirements met? Why did I find so many grammar and spelling mistakes? My review won’t be stuffed with words of gratitude because I'm not used to being deceived. Most likely, all support agents have no idea who works for the company. Otherwise, these guys are nothing but liars.

On, you can contact support agents via online chat, but most have no idea who works for the company.


To begin with, I want to say that the company uses rather vague wording, and it will be difficult for you to understand what rights you have. In addition, the final decision is entirely up to the QA team. These guys will decide if you are worthy of revisions or refunds. I wouldn't say I like this format of interaction with the company. I paid money to be provided with perfect quality. So why should I put up with these guys screwing up? does have not the best Money Back Guarantee - customers only have responsibilities and no rights.

My review will be irate as I'm not used to companies being so arrogant. However, take a look at the "Terms & Conditions" page, and you will see that customers only have responsibilities and no rights. In addition, I only found a refund procedure if the writer has not yet started work. Another interesting aspect concerns that you should partially confirm the quality of the paper by getting only short text parts. How can I rate the quality of my paper if I can't see all the paragraphs?


This company made a negative impression on me. Firstly, I did not understand why thousands of samples on the site were unoriginal and mediocre enough. The second negative part is the bidding system. The company is positioning the website as a place where students can find writers. Legally, the site is not responsible because you received poor-quality services. In addition, the parent company is registered in Bulgaria. This means that Americans, British, Canadians, and Australians will not defend their rights in court.

You should think twice before ordering anything from here. Perhaps now is the best time to find an alternative company. The point is that you are unlikely to be satisfied with the quality of the papers. So don't waste your time with these guys. There are many more reliable writing services out there. Plus, you'd better pay attention to American or Canadian companies. This site will only bring you frustration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is legit? Yes. It is a legit company registered in Bulgaria. Unfortunately, this means that you are unlikely to defend your rights in court if you are from the USA, UK, or Canada. Find another writing service.
Is reliable? No. This is an unreliable company that does not guarantee you will meet all requirements. That is why you had better find another company and not risk it.
Is a scam? I would not say that this is a total scam. But the company is not ready to provide customers with the declared quality level. So find another writing service as quickly as possible.
Is cheating? Company owners are very similar to cheaters, as they use the bidding system as a screen for the illusion of choice. It seems to me that local writers are fakes. Find another company.

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I barely got a refund! I have even had to threaten them with a bad review because they have not been doing what they said they would.

by Rue D
Nov 22, 2022
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They advertise as "affordable" but it's not. They also advertise as "quality" but it's not. This site was a total waste of time and money. I was so disappointed with the quality of work that was delivered.

by Odell
Nov 3, 2022
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