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Minimal price per page $12.99
Deadline 6 hours
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Refund policy Yes

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Company Overview

CanadianWritings is a relatively new writing service targeting Canadian, American, and Australian students. NetFix LLC is the owner of the site. To me, this website is more like the landing page of some not-so-successful online store than a writing service. However, now I will start my CanadianWritings review, and you will find out all the details.

Loyalty program;
Fake reviews;
Writers exceed deadlines;
High prices;
Low paper quality;

Now let's talk about the company's pricing policy. The minimum price per page is $12.99. However, you will have to wait 14 days. But what if you're in a hurry? Then local writers can complete your assignment in six hours, and you will have to pay $35.99 per page. It is worth noting that most of the writers are Canadians. This is why you have to pay 10% more if you want a US writer. You can also choose an expert if you know a specific ID. In this case, the order price will increase by another 10%.

Support agents can give you a CanadianWritings discount code so you can save up to 20%. Unfortunately, even such a bonus will be insignificant if you need additional services. For example, an originality report costs $29.99. How about a 1-page summary for $18.55? By the way, for $6, you can activate advanced customer support. I believe that all of these options are quite expensive, and the promo code cannot significantly reduce the cost of your paper.

Services Quality

Now let's get to the fun part. I decided to order a 2-page college geography essay. The writer's main task was to describe the prospects for the colonization of Mars in this century. I asked for an emphasis on the duration of the space flight, the lack of a habitable atmosphere, and the difficulty of establishing a Martian base. In addition, the writer had to focus on the meteor showers that bombard the planet's surface every month.

Ordering the paper on, you risk facing tons of plagiarism, mistakes in grammar and spelling, and huge problems with information analysis.

Unfortunately, my CanadianWritings review will not be positive as I am extremely dissatisfied with the quality of my paper. First of all, I didn't understand why the writer copied the intro from another sample. Plagiarism is not what I expected to see. The second problem is the ridiculous description of the problems of the colonial mission. Most likely, the writers could not express their thoughts. 

I also didn't see transition words and about a dozen commas. Grammar and spelling are two other factors that are problematic for local writers. If you see positive CanadianWritings reviews, then don't believe everything you see. The cherry on the cake is the fact that the writer was 25 minutes over the deadline.

Customer Support

The main problem is that the hotline is constantly busy. I'm not sure if the phone number listed on the website is being used to receive customer calls. The only available way to ask support agents a question is through online chat. When I started writing this review, I decided to ask for a discount. The support agent said that I could save 20% on my first order.

You can ask support agents on for a discount code for your first order.

Overall, I cannot say that I was disappointed or experienced negative emotions. Local support agents are quite welcoming and friendly. But it would help if you didn't forget that this is the direct responsibility of these people. Plus, agents can't influence the quality of your paper. That is why I focused on other aspects and did not evaluate the quality of services solely based on the friendliness of the support agents.


The first problem is that the company does not provide a 100% refund if you ask the writer to correct any detail in your paper at least once. This means that the lack of professionalism of local experts equates to a partial acceptance of quality. In addition, you must provide proof if you find plagiarism. Imagine that you have a sample or a website page with the original text.

This proof is not enough for the company. First, you must provide a Turnitin report. Only in this case, your claim will be reviewed by a special QA team. But the problem is, these guys are not interested in losing money. So prepare for the fact that even half will not be returned to you. My real review will save you from undesired repercussions. I wouldn't say I like it when companies cheat on their customers.

Another great feature is late delivery. If your writer did not meet the deadline, then you are unlikely to receive any compensation. The fact is that the company has indicated a whole list of force majeure situations when a writer has the right to send a paper at any time. To me, it looks like an attempt to justify unprofessionalism. Why should I put up with the fact that the writer does not have access to the Internet? Or is this expert facing a planned power outage? These problems do not concern me. I want to receive my assignment on time.


It is difficult for me to be objective as I am extremely disappointed with this company. Why is it so hard for writers to handle simple essays? Am I asking for something extraordinary? It seems to me that this company decided to save money and hired amateurs. Otherwise, I don't know how the poor quality of my paper can be explained. You should most likely find an alternative. I do not recommend that you order anything from here. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is legit? It is registered in Canada. However, this fact does not guarantee you quality services. Find another company; otherwise, you risk wasting your time.
Is reliable? No. I think this is an unreliable company. Local writers don't stick to deadlines and are extremely unprofessional. Please find a more reliable company and don't risk it.
Is a scam? Is a scam?
Is cheating? I am not ready to claim that this is a total scam. You can get your paper. Unfortunately, you are unlikely to be happy when you read the first paragraph. Find another company.

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The company's website is very easy to navigate but they have terrible support agents so don’t expect high-grade for assignments.

by Nola
Oct 13, 2022
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I love the fact that they accept credit cards and pay through the website. But if you want your money back - forget about it!

by Monty
Sep 9, 2022
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