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Company Overview

Academic writing is one of the most complicated assignments for college students. There are multiple reasons why learners struggle to accomplish similar projects, with the most common ones being the lack of time, skills, knowledge, inspiration, and motivation. However, it is inevitable to mention that most students still manage to succeed with the assignments, even though they are not the ones responsible for the results. How do they achieve the desired outcomes? Finding a trusted and reputable online essay writing service, learners get a chance to deal with the most challenging assignments within the specified while. Nonetheless, it is critical to order from qualified and experienced writers only. Last time, browsing the web in search of a professional custom paper writing platform, I noticed a lot of controversial Essaybox Reddit reviews.Some of them mentioned an unlimited number of advantages provided by the company, while others mentioned a plethora of downsides associated with the service. If you have ever read my reviews, you should know that I love similar cases, and this one has not become an exception. Thus, I decided to place an order, check everything on my own and describe the specifications of my experience in a detailed Essaybox review.

Numerous positive reviews from previous customers;
Easy-to-navigate website;
Irrelevant information offered on the main page;
Poor quality papers;
High costs;
Tons of mistakes;
Misleading privacy, refund, and revision policy information;

Prices and Discounts 

If you are searching for a student-friendly service, Essaybox does not seem to be an option. In the vast majority of cases, learners strive to get affordable assistance at a competitive cost. However, as mentioned in numerous Essaybox reviews, the prices here are pretty high. Traditionally, the price may vary a lot, depending on such factors as academic level, type of assignment, number of pages, and deadline. 

If you need to estimate the approximate cost of your assignment on, you can use the online calculator.

If you strive to get an promo code to reduce the final cost a bit, just give up this idea. Instead, you may increase the price of the order by adding extra services, like hiring a top writer or dealing with a native ENL writer. 

From my personal experience, I can tell that the prices here are higher than average. I ordered a trivial three-page college-level essay on Psychology that was due in 5 days and had to pay around $65. Additionally, I decided to check the work of top writers within the service, so I had to add approximately $25 to the final cost. Did I expect to get an excellent, coherent, and relevant text? Of course, I did! Did I get one? Keep reading an review to learn the specifications of my experience. 

Services Quality

Well, the whole story started when I came across the Reddit discussion, which was quite active and exciting. At that point, I realized that the only way to know the truth was by placing an order. So, I opened the company website and started reading available information. 

At that point, I realized that I should not even try to find a beneficial Essaybox discount code or similar things. Fortunately, there was an online calculator on the main page to estimate the approximate cost of my project. Keep in mind that you will never know the actual price until you go through the ordering process. Finally, when I mentioned all the details of my paper and specific requirements the writer had to meet, I discovered that a single page of a college-level essay on Psychology, written by a top writer, would cost me around $30. Isn’t that crazy? 

Irrespective of the hilarious cost, I confirmed the order as I expected to get a top-tier work worth the highest grade and appreciation of the readers. How great were my disappointment and resentment when I received the paper! As the topic of the essay was “Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait?” I asked the writer to explain the key difference between those two categories and provide meaningful reasons why leadership belonged to either of them. 

Unfortunately, what I got had completely nothing to do with what I ordered. Instead of a coherent and meaningful paper, I obtained a poorly structured text filled with inaccuracies and mistakes. Irrelevant information, weird facts from unknown sources, and an array of similar options made me doubt the professionalism of a person working on my assignment. Besides, a variety of grammar, style and punctuation mistakes made me think that a non-native English-speaking writer was responsible for accomplishing the project. 

“Leadership was always been,” “saying of individuality trates,” “You can not to know the real meaning of a personality feeture,” and a plethora of other phrases were included in the paper. I should not even mention a complete absence of paper structure, the division into paragraphs, and meaningful parts. Besides, the writer did not have the slightest ideas of formatting and similar options. 

Customer Support

To say that I was dissatisfied with the quality of the delivered paper was to say nothing, so I decided to contact the representatives of the support group, asking for a free revision. Surfing the web, I came across numerous ways to talk to the support agents, but I remembered numerous reviews, highlighting that live chat seemed to be the fastest one. 

There are several ways to contact the customer support managers on, but live chat is the fastest.

Although the response was not as quick as I expected, it was not bad. However, the representatives of the support service seemed polite and competent up to the moment I mentioned free revisions and asked about the specifications of the refund policy. 


Even though it is mentioned on the website that the company values its customers and makes the maximum effort to satisfy the academic needs and preferences of each one of them, the reality is the opposite. It was mentioned in one Essaybox review that the students should not trust the claims made on the website, but I still decided to check it once again. has a tricky money-back policy.

When I contacted the support team, I realized that the comments of previous customers were true. Did I get a free revision? Yes, I did. Did it improve the situation? Absolutely not. It seemed that the writer added a few commas and sent the paper back. 


Read an review carefully before you place an order here. You should double-check the information provided on the website to eliminate unpleasant outcomes and unwanted situations. Opt for alternative services if you are not ready to waste money on the poor-quality assistance of inexperienced writers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is legit? It is complicated to answer this question, as browsing the website, I failed to find any information about the official status of the platform.
Is reliable? Absolutely not. It is one of the worst essay writing services I have ever dealt with. Poor-quality texts, high costs, missed deadlines, plagiarism, and a plethora of other issues should prevent you from purchasing papers here.
Is scam? Although the service should not be called a scam, the quality of the papers it provides is not worth the cost students pay.
Is cheating? Do you consider presenting irrelevant information on the website to be cheating? Most claims offered online are not fulfilled, which makes me doubt the dependability of the platform.

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by Marian D.
May 20, 2022
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Are such companies still on the market? These guys are not worth your attention!

by Suman
Apr 30, 2022
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Not long ago I ordered my research paper from this site. These guys made a ton of mistakes and refused to refund my money! Their QA team informed me that they met all the order requirements!

by Avleen F.
Apr 19, 2022
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Is everything really that bad? I ordered an essay from this site and didn't see a lot of errors. However, I can't deny that someone could make a mistake.

by Aimie Wh.
Apr 13, 2022
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